The Finals Continue To Impress Me

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Welcome back to another article today, and today we are covering the finals, specifically season 2, and all the things that it brought with it, what I like about it, what I dislike, and why, in general, the finals continue to impress me, and what I think the future of this game could potentially be. Anyway, let's get into it.

For season 2 of the finals, they dropped a brand new map called Horizon. I love the synth-wave aesthetic of it. I noticed that this map tends to feel more vertical than the original maps that came out, because I barely found myself ever really touching the ground of this map. I enjoy it a lot. I think it's added a little bit of dynamic to it, and also, the color palette makes the enemies pop way more compared to the original maps.


There's not so much hiding in the shadows like you tend to get on some of the other maps, like Monaco or Soul. This map is so bright and vibrant, and there aren't a lot of props going around it. really pops those enemy characters up to make it a little bit smoother. Smoother is also the first. This is the first map where you actually feel like you're in a article game arena; the other ones kind of make it feel like a realistic environment, which I guess is kind of the case because you are putting on these virtual reality goggles, but this is the first map where you almost feel like you're in that Ready Player One Tron type atmosphere, like I said, pure synth wave style and aesthetic feel a little bit more.

Gamified now let's go into the new things that they added to the game that help with the replay value and just general content addition to kind of keep people playing and going, and that new game mode is Powers Shift. It is a great addition to the game. I thought it was very much needed. Before this game mode.

I found it very difficult to play this game solo or with two people, and I know I'm not the only one who felt that way, especially with the game chat issues that the game was having, and honestly. I'm still currently having them. I don't know if I'm just stupid or what, but it just seems like game chat just doesn't work consistently.

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And on top of that, I feel like no one's ever really talking; very rarely do I ever come across people talking and just playing this game. Is It can be very unbearable without exactly three people all working together in a uniform. It can be really tough, so I think this game needed that game mode, where you can play by yourself and grind by yourself, or if you just need one other person.

I think player shift was a great addition. I really like's take on this style of the game mode where they embrace the destruction; the platform goes through all the buildings and destroys them, and I think that adds a lot more variety to each game and how you tend to approach it, especially like after something's destroyed, something is destroyed, there's something that is continuously changing because.

It adds that certain variety in how you want to approach the strategy because now that this building is broken all right. I can't just camp on top of the roofs or get high ground; you kind of have to come at different approaches. Sometimes it can be really tough, whether it be on the attack or the defense.

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The only thing that I find annoying so far with the game mode is that there tends to be a lot of snipers, more so than you see in the regular game modes, because obviously, you can now afford to have that player kind of sit back and try to pick off people, and look. I know that's just the nature of being a sniper.

It's like this in every game. There can be an issue to deal with. Personally, they piss me off so much, but I understand that's just part of the game you can't really change. Also, they added private matches, which is a great addition to the game, especially if you plan on, really if they plan on really pushing the eSports side of the game.

As for the new weapons that they added. I found the new Famas to be absolutely terrible, and honestly, when I first hopped into the new season. I didn't really see people use them after the first couple days, and I'm not surprised. The same thing happened with the 93r, and the shotgun almost never really came across anybody using it, but generally, it's just not as good as the base weapons that are already there, which is a little disappointing.


I think the best would probably be the 93r. I've used it myself, but it still doesn't really compete with some of the other weapons that you could use for the light character, and it is a little disappointing. The gadgets, I think, are a great addition. I think the new gadgets can add a lot more strategy to the game, but I also think they're a tad bit underwhelming.

But i think, as people tend to feel it out and understand how to use it, they can be pretty good. I honestly like the dematerialization specialty. I think that's a really great one to add, especially for moments when you don't really have it, because sometimes when I play medium, you don't have that destruction explosive that can really break down walls, and I think this gives a little bit of an element for that medium character to be able to do some things even if you don't have that explosive on hand.


The only thing that I found to be a nuisance in regards to the gadget was the reverse gravity cube, but then again, I don't think it's a big deal. I think it's fine. I just think it could be like, H, all right, you're trying to get on to the point and then everything starts lifting up, but then again, I don't really come across it much honestly.

It seems like people are generally tending to stick to the original stuff, so while I think the new things are great additions. I'm not seeing a whole lot of people use them, and I would like to see more gadgets and more weapons that end up being more useful to the game and can add a little bit more dynamic play style to it.

From what I'm seeing around the finals community, a lot of people seem to be enjoying the new map, and some of the new things that they added don't seem to be a bad start for the postlaunch. I thought it was. Decent addition, but some of the things that came across I felt weren't changing too much.


I think the biggest upgrade was definitely adding that new addition to the game mode. I would like to see some more game modes. I know the general concept of this is to be tournament-style, and I would like to see them add more tournament-esque game modes because they are called the finals. I know they want to push this as the standard game mode that this game started with, and I actually still really enjoy that game mode very much, so I love how different it is, but maybe you do a final of a finals of a new game mode or some sort of single-life game mode where you plant the bomb.

In this video, I review Season 2 of The Finals! I give my thoughts on what I love about the season 2 in its current state as well as if I think this game can last in the hyper competitive FPS space.