The Finals Season 2 Will Change Everything


So I got the chance to play the new season 2 of the finals early, and there are so many huge changes coming to this game. All of them are pretty good and are things that the community has been asking for. We're getting new weapons, a new map, a new specialization, and new gadgets. New game mode-ranked updates.

Bug fixes, you know things like that, and then when season 2 came out, they were really going to push this game; they're going to start marketing it hard, and honestly, it all makes sense now with these changes that they've done the devs have listened to so much player feedback, they've made a ton of good changes over season 1 and with the direction that they're going I think season 2 could be huge this season is going to be like a hacker theme you know sort of cyber Punk theme the new cosmetics, and the battle pass all look really sick.

The new weapon skins look really good. I'm a big fan of this style, and I think it fits this game really well. It looks really good. Next up in the medium class is getting a brand new AR. It's the Famas. It's a burst AR. It was pretty fun to use, but overall, it felt slightly weak in our class compared to something like the F car or the AK, but it is pretty unforgiving.


Weapon If you miss a couple of shots on your burst, it's going to punish you way harder than other weapons, but overall, it's a decent weapon. I don't think it'll be meta right now unless they end up buffing it. Medium is also getting a brand new specialization, called the dematerializer. Now I don't know if this will be in the full release, but in the preview version that we played, this replaced Recon senses.

They didn't say if they were removing Recon; they didn't touch on that might be in the patch notes, but if they did, that would be such a huge win for the game, but what about the dematerializer? Does it let you open up walls, shoot through them, see through them, walk through them, and jump through them?

I think this will be really good when you're holding high ground and the cash out is a level below you. You can just open up a little hole and put a free side into it.


Medium is also getting a new gadget called the data shaper, which basically lets you turn anything into anything, so like, you could turn minutes into a table, you could turn a turret into a table, you can basically just neutralize all the enemy gadgets, which sounds pretty cool. We'll have to see how it works out.

The light class is getting a brand new burst pistol called the 93r. I used this for a while, and it was actually pretty fun. I don't see it being meta right now with how it is, but still, it was fun to use. I've just never really been a huge fan of burst weapons, but if you hit every shot, it can shred, but because it's burst, it's a little bit unforgiving.

If you miss light, you're also getting a new gadget called the gateway. It's basically just a portal; you throw one of them down at one location, and then you throw another one down where you want the other end of the portal to go, and you can just go in and out of it back and forth freely. It's a really cool idea.

new content

It'll mix up rotations a lot for light players, especially when it comes to getting high ground. High ground heavy class is getting a new KS23 Slug shotgun. After using this for a while, it's okay. I still think the SA2 is slightly better because this one is a single shot. If you do miss one, it's going to be way less forgiving, but you can do insane damage up close.

It'll be really good for bubble fighting, as heavy. It kind of reminds me of using a peacekeeper in Apex Legends. When you're doing a Gibby bubble fight, they're also getting a new gadget called the anti-gravity cube, which was kind of interesting to see in Play because half the time when my teammate threw it down.

I was kind of getting trolled. I was getting lifted up into the air. It was messing up my aim, but there were also a few times when it came in clutch. When it gets to that very last part of the cash out and you throw it down, it just goes up in the air, and they can't do anything about it. There's going to be a new map called Horizon.

new gameplay

After playing it for a while, I can say that it plays pretty well. It looks really nice. It's pretty basic-looking for the most part because it is sort of futuristic. Cyber theme map It's got this cool thing that, when you break the glass in a window, the glass doesn't actually shatter.

It's a pretty open map. When you're rotating from cash out to cash out, there's not a whole lot of cover between the buildings, but inside the buildings, they are laid out pretty well. There are a lot of flank routes. There are a lot of ways to get around the building, so I think it'll be really good for light players.

My performance on the new map was actually really good too, because there's not a whole lot of stuff going on and it doesn't stretch your hardware as much, so you get better fps. It feels a lot better to play, but because it's simple, that doesn't mean it looks bad at all; it looks really good. It's very colorful, it's very bright, and it's very pleasing to look at, but overall, I think it played pretty well.

new map

We played a couple of good games on it. There's also a brand new mode called Power Shift; it's a 5v5. It's casual; it's not ranked play, and the objective is to get the platform further on your end than the enemy does, so you stand on the platform and it moves toward your goal point on the map, and if they're on the platform, it moves the other way towards their goal point.

The more people on your team that you have on the payload, the faster it moves up to three people, and how you win is basically just whatever team ends up pushing it the furthest, or whoever reaches their goal. First, if you guys have ever played Push and OverWatch, it works almost exactly the same; it was just a very chaotic and fun game mode.

There's a lot of stuff going on; all the buildings are getting destroyed because the payload just rips through everything on the map. I had a lot of fun playing it. The developers joined us for some games; they were all having fun. It was just a really good time playing this game mode, and then a change that a lot of people have been asking for, especially myself, are the new ranked updates.

new season

They didn't go into much detail yet, but they say that they've updated matchmaking. To get better and more fair matches, hopefully this means it's less MMR-based and more ranked-based, so you know, diamond players fight diamond players, and platinums fight platinums. Golds fight Golds I know it's not possible to perfectly do that, but in the state that it was in season 1, it was horrible.

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