The Finals Got Even Weirder


The Finals is a hard game to describe; it does a lot of things right, like encouraging teamwork, utilizing destruction physics, and keeping me very humble, but it's tough to explain to a stranger. With the season 2 update, it's now even more difficult. Explain that one of the big complaints heard around the internet is the lack of maps and modes, and while the selection is still limited, the new maps in mode are a sign that Embark Studios has big plans for the future.

The big plans and the new player equipment have brought a lot of new ideas to the table, and I'm sure everyone but your insatiable Uncle Tim will be excited to explore the good things first. There have been some interesting temporary game modes here and there over the past few months, but none really floated my boat.

Season 2's new mode The power shift is exactly what you'd expect from the finals: a moving King of the Hill game mode where a floating platform powered by the love of loose change barrels straight through countless residential buildings. This mode has only two teams, but with five players each, it's a big detour from the typical Three Stooges mentality.

It's an absolute death festival built on a sniper paradise, but hey, you get to ride on a giant hoverboard through a stranger's living room, so that's pretty. Neat i had been waiting for a long time to use my maxed-out in-game currency to get new equipment, and all those gems burning a hole in my wallet have finally found an outlet.


All three of the classes have new weapons and abilities to try out for a few minutes. Realize there's a tiny learning curve and go back to your original setup. It's awesome light has a new burst fire machine. pistol medium has a burst fire Famas and Heavy have a shotgun with all the spread of a.

Peashooter, there are new gadgets for every class, and Medium even got a new specialization because apparently they're the teacher's pet. But most of the new additions are not only useful for you and your team, but they can also be advantageous for your enemies. They're often not as earth-shattering as the trailer made them seem, but there are some pretty nifty tools that can easily turn the tides when used by someone other than yourself.


For me, little details have been added all over the place to enhance even the most basic mechanics. I used to get lost watching my teammates cameras, forgetting that I could have responded 5 minutes ago, but now the Press Start option is much more obvious and inclusive to all. Lifestyles: There are also some changes to Reviving that I'm not completely in love with, but we'll get to that.

A new addition to the elimination screen is the opportunity to look your rival in the eyeballs; it's a good way to know exactly who was responsible for your death, but when you start seeing the same profile picture over and over, it's a little more debilitating than usual. There are new music tracks that feel in line with their current vibe, as well as new sound effects that alert you to a teammate's demise and a special effect for when you're the last player standing.

In case you needed a reason to be even more nervous, now on to the Noto Fantastic. Things The biggest problem with season 2, as everyone already knows, is the devastating reduction in the use of pink in favor of purple. I know I'm not alone in saying that this was a tragic step in the design of their color palette.


As is typical when being manually revived using the force. I guess you're back in the fight right away, but now if someone uses a defibrillator, your resurrection will be broadcasted to everyone in a 4-mile radius. This is a great way to ensure that you die twice as fast. I understand that the defibs had to be nerfed in some way, but this is not my favorite solution, unless the enemy is using it, in which case I'm all for it.

One of my favorite moments in the finals is the game-ending slow-motion sequence. No matter how well I play, it's always fun to throw something or jump through a window just to see it in super slow motion, but now this sequence isn't nearly as slow and doesn't last half as long. It could easily be changed in another update, but my disappointment cannot be overstated.


Most classes play the same as you remember, but one slight tweak has resulted in the heavy now moving slower than a narcoleptic. The new map has a very different feel to it that I'm not entirely infatuated with. I understand the connection to the Glitchy Blocky aesthetic, but it seems like you've stepped into the wrong game and will naturally get punished for it.

I also found myself much more taken aback by the AI-voiced commentators, something I don't usually pay attention to. I'm all for having robots take on all of the jobs, but do it quietly. You know, have some. If you're familiar with the finals and haven't played season 2, there's no reason to be weary; it's just as infuriating as ever.

Good luck with your exams, everyone.

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