How To Attract More Players To The Finals


the clock is counting down, and the Retros need to make a move to avoid getting knocked out. game, First, I want to clarify that this is solely my opinion. I've noticed many discussions on Discord and Reddit where people speculate that the reason we don't have more players is because many are unaware of this game's existence.

However, I disagree with that. I believe that even with marketing, the game's current state wouldn't attract and retain new players effectively. According to Steam charts, approximately. 250k people try this game up on release. Major streamers and YouTubers were also playing this game during the initial release; even the trailer for season 2 gets over 5 million views on the official YouTube page alone.

Therefore, it's evident that people are aware of this game's existence. The question remains: why do we only have around 25k active players, and what discourages people from liking the finals? I don't believe there is just one significant reason why people left this game. There are numerous factors that contribute to player departures.


Initially, upon release, the game was completely unbalanced. Because this game was new on the market, players were unaware of the broken mechanics. However, as time passed, more imbalanced weapons and gadgets emerged, leading to issues such as heavy nuke meta and a mediumly overpowered Recon sense ability, essentially granting a free legal.

Wall. This is a joke. How is this balanced? It's so crazy. Fortunately, the Embark responded with commandable efforts to balance the game through weekly updates. Season 1 felt more like another beta phase, with each patch primarily focusing on balance and fixing the game There was a lack of substantial new content, with a few additions feeling like low-effort, limited modes rather than fully developed and balanced modes.

Consequentially, many players uninstalled the game due to these reasons. Developers worked hard and managed to fix many of the unbalanced guns and gadgets. With season 2 approaching in a few days, I was hopeful that both old and new players would start returning to this game. The trailer for SE season 2 was released, revealing plenty of new content, including new guns, gadgets, a new map, and even a completely new game mode called Powers Shift.

best class

On the first day of the new season, we did see an increase in the number of players speaking, around 40K. However, it fell short of my expectations and hopes for a large revival in player numbers. Even with all these balanced changes and new content within the next few days, we were back to our usual 25 dedicated players.

After reading more on Discord and Reddit, I've come to my own conclusion about why people don't like this game. My personal opinion is that this game can never be a mainstream game with a large player base. That doesn't mean this game is bad; it's just not made for everyone. You all need to understand that the finals are a team-based game, that you need coordination, and that you need a microphone.

All balance is made around team play, not individually. Like many people here think, I see a lot of people comparing light against heavy against medium, but that is not how this game works. All three classes have their own cons and pros, and the point of this game is to make them work together and play as a team.

best gun

This game has a high time limit to kill, and you can't play single-handedly. Kill all three enemies. No matter how good your aim is, you need to stick together and play around your team. This game has three slots for gadgets, and sometimes you don't even have to kill enemies to win. With good gadget placement, you can win rounds with basically zero kills.

If you want to have fun in the finals, you need a team with the mics, and that is a fact. I've had some discussion with people on Discord who say I sing to Diamond, and I enjoy it. Sure, you can solo to Diamond if you are unemployed and have 6 hours every day to grind, but can casual players really do that?


Of course not. They even suggested I go on Discord and look for a team. But you can't expect players to use third parties just to enjoy your game; that's not how it works. That is just stupid. Do you really expect new players to go on Discord looking for teams? I mean, come on guys, let's be honest, this game already has 25k dedicated players who love it, and that is fine; the game is not that; however, if you expect this game to become mainstream.

Embar needs to find a way to make it more friendly for new casual solo players. I know they've tried with these limited modes, but I don't think that will work. The game is just not balanced for solo plays; we see that in new player ship mode and even in Quick Cash, everyone plays the game like a team-dead match; no one cares about the objective.

This is why we see a lot of complaints about light invisibility, stun combo, and, of course, that it is overpowered when you play the game like a team-dead match and you are not with your team. The light class is designed to eliminate solo, isolated players. This is what happens with Light when he attacks you when you are with your team, and only a few seconds later, when I'm isolated, he just kills.


On power shift, we can see Five Lights camping with snipers or only Heavies and Mediums with 50 Shields and Turs. Any attempt to create a casual solo mode will not work unless they balance guns and gadgets specifically for that new mode. If you ask me what I would do to bring more solo casual players into this game, there is only one answer to this question, and that is team based matchmaking, in team based matchmaking algorithm considers the team size you are queuing with, so if you are queuing with three friends, you will compete against other three stack teams, and if you are solo queuing, you will play with and against other solo queers.

This would provide everyone with an equal chance. Putting three stack teams against solo randoms In games like the finals, where communication and coordination are essential, it will never be easy or fun for either side to find the balance between skill-based and team-based matchmaking, as well as maintain a good connection.


With only 25k players, the player base will be challenging. However, I would rather endure longer que times for a better solo experience and hope for more new solo casual players in the future. A good game requires a healthy and fair environment to grow. Ignoring the solo casual player base just limits the game's growth and potential.

I don't work for Enterprise, so I don't know their plans. I just hope they somehow find a way to bring in and keep the new players engaged. If you guys have any ideas, please leave a comment or provide your feedback on the final Discord page.

Today i just want to talk about the reasons why The Finals doesn't have more players and why it's not a mainstream game.
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