The Season 2 Battle Pass For The Finals


Season 1 is coming to a close and is highly anticipated. Season 2 is just around the corner now. Well, I'm going to be brutally honest, and it definitely does feel empty. Something that I've been saying and my theory behind it all is that I feel like it's a pre-release, a test where the developers kind of wanted us to try the game and see where they could kind of fix a few things before making it fully complete.

This is sort of why I feel like it's kind of empty. It does feel like there's a lot missing. Their UI seems a little basic. They don't have a chat function. You can't tell if your friends are playing the game or not. You have to make groups outside the game on a Discord server. Their shop feels empty; it doesn't even feel like they want us to spend any money, which is pretty weird.

I don't know if you guys have felt that either, but usually games want you to keep going to the shop, and even in the game modes, we have quick play and tournaments. Now let's wrap up season 1. I am curious to know what you guys think about your experience so far, but we're going to be jumping into the theme of season 2 and what I believe is going to happen now.


I haven't really dove deep into it. I'm a huge lore nerd. I love knowing the story behind every game, but I didn't expect this one to have any, to be honest with you. For instance, the three characters that we get to choose to play with are called light, medium, and heavy.

That's very, very weird for me. That's why I didn't bat an eye at it, but apparently. We have something of a hunger game, sort of, going on, and there's apparently these hackers, the resistance, that have been sending us messages or trying to disrupt the game to kind of set us all free now. That's what got me thinking that if it's similar to The Hunger Games, where we have this upper class and the resistance going on with the hackers, then maybe the Smoking Gun event has a little bit of an Easter egg of what season 2 could be now.

I'm not sure if you're reading those superhero comic books or if you're keeping up with the Marvel timeline universe, but there's this new villain coming up in their movies called Kang the Conqueror. Now he disrupts the timeline, and he has his own stronghold. And his stronghold is called Chrysopoulos.


Basically, this area called chronopoulos is like a flat-earth type of visual where it has certain time periods. Why did I mention that? Because smoking guns is the event that was just presented to us and has two very visual and interesting timelines, it has a little bit of a film. Noir kind of look that's why our Cosmetics looks all that raspy and like kind of breaks a bit it also does have that old West look now the hackers might be trying to disrupt whatever is going on in this hunger game type lore story going on it might bring us back in time and different time periods where we might have a battle pass representing, all of that having 12 sections and each section be a time period it'll be really cool to have a cosmetic where I'm a knight or a glader type thing imagine ancient Egypt a pharaoh look and we might be actually going into like the Middle Ages ancient Greece ancient Rome the '90s and so forth we might have different varieties, of different sections of timelines.


Actually, some of the maps that are coming into season 2 are my idea of what the theme of season 2 could be, but I'm just speculating. I honestly don't have any proof. It's just me kind of geeking out about the possibilities and what could happen. I don't know about you guys, but I am getting hyped for the new season, and I'm very curious if it's even going to be anything remotely close to what I said or if you guys think otherwise.

For those who don't know, I also stream on Twitch and YouTube Live, so come say hi and let's talk more about the finals and discuss the future of this game. That's it for the article. I hope you guys enjoyed yourself, and I'll catch you guys on the next

Season 2 is ALMOST here, and I can't wait to see the new theme for The Finals. Season 1 was all about Las Vegas, and with all the weird things that have been happening in-game and out. I believe this is what we will see in Season 2! See you all on the next one.