The Finals Weapon Customization With Meta Reworks

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And today we're going to go over what the likelihood of that is and what other quality of life updates we can expect without further ado. Let's jump into it. The evolution of first-person shooter games has been marked by constant innovation, whether it's in terms of gameplay mechanics, graphics, or customization options.

You can look at pretty much any title and you'll always see at least a little bit of something new coming to the game, and one crucial aspect that you pretty much see in every game nowadays, at least in FPS games, is weapon customization. However, fans of the finals have noted a significant absence of this feature, though I will say that the game does have really unique gameplay mechanics that you don't see in a lot of other games, so it's kind of a give and take, but there have been discussions about its impact on the game's overall experience and its competitiveness.


It's a pretty big deal because it not only adds a layer of personalization. To your particular gameplay style but also play a pretty vital role in enhancing tactical decision making on the battlefield, say you had an akm with a scope but you had less bullets well would you want to do that trade-off or do you think that the way that they have currently designed it is totally fine the way it is and you should just go use the F car but that being said customizing weapons with different attachments like scope sights grips and barrels does allow players to adapt their firearms to various combat situations, and make it feel a little bit more unique in like you're playing the game the way you want to play it and it also kind of gives you a strategic advantage and a sense of ownership over your loadouts so you can really go ahead and deep dive into the lore Watch some articles and figure out exactly what the optimal way is for you to play this game, since the finals have drawn a little bit of attention for their lack of gun customization options, particularly the absence of sight and scopes for most weapons.


This limitation meant that players were constrained to using iron sights, which does impact their ability to acquire targets efficiently and effectively. It would make sense now why the AKM has so many bullets because you're probably not going to hit many because you can't really see anything. The reliance on iron sight not only obstructed a lot of people's visibility, especially in chaotic combat scenarios Thankfully, the gun Bloom doesn't seem to be that bad in this game, but it also limits players precision and accuracy, which is why the F car has gone on to reign supreme because it is one of the only weapons that has a scope, plus it does a pretty good amount of damage.

Comparisons have been drawn with other popular games like Battlefield 1, which, as you know, actually came from Dice, which successfully integrated weapon customization, including scopes and attachments, into its gameplay mechanics. Battlefield 1's approach demonstrated how customizable. Weapons contribute to a more immersive and dynamic gaming experience, and we just recently got the final season 2, which did give us a bunch of quality of life updates.

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We got new features like a new game mode, 5v5, in which fantastic private matches were added, which are also a ton of fun, and there is a brand new list of gadgets, which are a really fun way to play the game and do give you more options on how to build out your character class. However, once again, we do have the absence of weapon cust customization, which is once again missing, and there have been some players expressing concerns about the impact of this missing feature on the game's long-term appeal and competitive viability, especially in an era where FPS games are striving to offer deeper customization options to engage players and keep them invested.

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One great thing this game does is that you can mix and match really any skin you want, which is something you don't see in a lot of other games. Looking at Apex Legends, I think they absolutely hit the nail on the head. I wouldn't be opposed to a little bit more gun customization in this regard as well, especially because you see your guns a lot more than you see your skins, and you can see this trend actually taking over in other parts of the gaming industry, particularly in titles like Fortnite, which actually just went ahead and is doing new weapon customization through features like weapon mods, and Fortnite tends to be the first and foremost to hop on these things or at least follow trends now.

I'm not saying I want this game to be like Fortnite at all; I don't really particularly enjoy Fortnite, but I will say that when you do look at long-term successful games, they're always willing to adapt and not necessarily stick to the ways that they were created in and willing to adapt and try new things.

Overall, I think that the finals, no matter what, will have a great balance between its current weapon metaclass builds and just how fun the gameplay mechanics are. I will be interested to see if Embark Tinkers or toys have the concept or idea of eventually adding in weapon customization.