You're Using The Wrong Controller Settings The Finals

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Using the wrong controller settings is the difference between getting high-kill games or missing your shots, and you can't just copy somebody else's settings because everybody else has a different play style or controller than yourself. So today I'm going to be telling you how you can find the settings that work best for you and also show you my settings that allow me to get high-cool games and win more matches, but first there is one key skill that separates the good players from the great.

This is a skill because their crosshair is always in the center of the screen. This is a skill that seems very easy to do, but it's very hard in practice because you don't get strong enough aim assist when aiming from the hip, so making sure your crosshair is centered and looking at where a potential enemy might be is where I start on my controller sensitivity.

First, I start at 150 on my horizontal sensitivity, and then I run around the map as a light or medium build in the firing range. My goal is to make sure that when I look towards the enemies in the firing range, I can easily switch between two of the dummies. My choices are the right one in the boxes and the closest one to the player.

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The speed of getting between the two isn't important; what is important is how accurate my center crosshair is. When I switch between the two dummies, this small drill allows me to see how accurate I am and if I would be undershooting or overshooting when I'm in a gunfight. I do this for a good minute or two before I make my decisions, so I allow myself to get used to the change sensitivity.

The general rule of thumb is to have fast sensitivity without sacrificing control over your aim, and then I will repeat the process on my vertical Sensitivity: I like to use the house in the center of the arena. I find two windows stacked on top of each other, and I repeat the drill, but looking up and down, I do play with a slower vertical compared to my horizontal.

But there are people out there who have the same numbers for both vertical and horizontal, so it is whatever works best for you when you complete both of these steps. I like to get into quick play and see if my sensitivity in settings feels right in an actual game, but here's the most important part: when you find the right sensitivity that suits you, you have to stick to it.

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It isn't spoken about enough in these kinds of articles, but the best settings do not exist. Everybody plays to their advantage and has different play styles; instead, you need to trust that your hard work in finding your right sensitivity and all of the quick drills you've been doing in the firing range are going to pay off, and you want to focus on your motor skills and your muscle memory in order to make sure you're working at the optimum level.

Level Pro players and even pro athletes know this by practicing with the same settings or the same drills day in and day out until it becomes second nature. If you start switching your sensitivity too much, you make it so much harder to develop good hand-eye coordination. And muscle memory, but the good news is that, from my experience, once you've mastered the basics of sensitivity, you can make adjustments down the line and still be incredibly successful in gunfights.

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Okay, so let me show you the settings that I'm using right now on the finals, which are allowing me to win more games and get more kills. So let's move on straight to the controller settings. As you can see, I have a stuck PlayStation 5 controller. I haven't got any paddles or anything like that, so how am I able to do so much good movement without any paddles?

Well, the quick and simple way of doing this is to make sure that my Quick Melee is on Circle. My crou slide hold is on R3, and my aiming-down sight weapon is on hold now. You can also change this around so you could actually go ahead and make jump L1 and make your pingers X the only issue. The only reason I don't do this is simply because there's a bug going around right now with the finals where you're not able to respond unless somebody revives you or unless you press X on the controller.


So that's the only reason as to why I'm still using jump, as my ex, rather than pressing with L1, because if I can just show you real quickly what it's like to play, on just using L1, as you can see, the movement is so simple and clean that you're able to keep control of your player keep control of the movement as well, and you know you obviously can jump out as many people as POS possible, you can bunny H, you can do absolutely everything.

With this, but unfortunately, like I said, when you die, you have to respawn by pressing X, so that's the only reason why I haven't changed that setting. When they do eventually come out with a patch, fingers crossed for it to actually work. When you can press any button whatsoever, then I will definitely be switching my X to L1 and vice versa, but anyway, moving straight up to my sensitivity.

I'm rocking a free 230 on the horizontal and 240 on the vertical, as I said previously. I do use two different ones. The only reason why is because I want to make sure I conflict people left and right, and I rarely look up and down, especially in gam, so all I need to do is look left and right nice and simple.


I'm just able to have good sensitivity, and 330 is perfect for me just so I can go in between enemies, which is so nice and simple. Bish bash BOS going on over to my zoom sensitivity multiplier; I keep this at 50 scope. Zoom sensitivity multiplier is 41, focal length sensitivity scaling is set to zero, and horizontal look boost You don't really need this; you know it's not necessary, especially if you find the perfect sensitivity for you, so I have both the horizontal and the vertical turned off on this look-boost ramp-up time I had, which is 0.5 seconds.

I'm pretty sure that's the default, and I haven't had any problems whatsoever. Zoom horizontal look boost: I just have that on 40, and I have that on 40 as well. I think all of these are pretty much the exact same; if they haven't, then obviously just make sure you change them yourselves. Invert vertical look inut I have this turned off.

I don't know why people sometimes want to play inverted, like, No, that just feels weird. Let me just move that back to what it was. Just look at the response curve. I've heard that exponential is going to be the best one for this. There are a couple of people who do play as linear and swear by linear, but for me personally, exponential is still the best one.