The Finals Is A Great Game (overview/mechanics)

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Finals, as always. I'll give you an overview of the game structure; we'll talk specifically about gameplay mechanics and features; and finally. I'll give you some opinions based on my experience so that we can find out if this game is a must-play.

Game overview

Game overview

You, let's go, The Finals is a free-to-play competitive multiplayer first-person shooter developed by Embark Studios and is available on PC, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox One S. Set in a televised virtual combat game, players form teams of three to compete to collect the most cash, with players utilizing their weapons, gadgets, and abilities against opposing teams to accomplish them.

Each match takes place within an arena where almost everything is destructible, and players can choose between a handful of different game modes to play, so with all that being said, let's go ahead and take a closer look at those game modes.

Game modes

now the first one we'll talk about is called Quick Cash, which serves as the foundation for all other game modes in Quick Cash.

bank it

Three teams with three players per team compete to collect $20, 000. Within the arena, there are vaults containing cash that players can collect with the risk of being eliminated. Once collected, players must deposit the cash at Cash Out locations. Cash out in progress: it takes around 20 seconds to open a vault and collect the cash and 2 minutes to deposit it.

cash out, and while depositing, teams must defend the area as rival teams can attempt to steal the deposit, which takes about 5 seconds to do. As stated previously, if your team is the first to secure $20, 000 or have the most money, when the time runs out, you win an exhilarating match, but now our game is over.

Now, for a more competitive experience, you can play the tournament game mode. Builds on quick cash and introduces a fourth team along with more ways to earn money, like opening a vault or eliminating an entire team. Tournament mode also incorporates limited respawns via tokens and two additional rounds, so if your team is in first or second place at the end of a round, you qualify and move on to the next round until the remaining two teams face off in the final round.

It's the final round, and there's a ranking tournament, which dials up the intensity even more. It's all over, folks. That's a wrap. Now, if you prefer a more casual game mode, you can play Bank. Foundation, similar to Quick Cash. Players collect cash from vaults and deposit it at Cash Out locations.

However, in Banket, teams play for $40, 000, and you can earn money by eliminating enemies, where all the money that they were holding gets dropped in the form of coins, which you can collect. Better not leave that unattended for too long. Also, depositing cash within the banket game mode only takes 5 seconds.

So if your team is the first to collect $40, 000 or has the most money at the end of the round, you win. And as a side note, the developers will be adding more game modes in the future, as they recently tested out the solo banket game mode for smoking guns, and with season 2, they introduced a 5v5 game mode.

But now let's move on from talking about the game structure and talk about the game play and what you can actually do.



starting off with traversal You can do basic movements like running, sprinting, jumping, sliding, crouching, climbing, and basic parkour like vaulting over objects and pulling yourself up. However, you can also do more advanced movements like ziplining horizontally and vertically; grappling, hooking, and taking lifts; setting up your own zip lines and launching yourself from personal jump pads or jump pads built into the arena; Additionally, the arena features destructive environments, so the landscapes can change drastically, zip lines and ladders can be destroyed, and you can charge through basically anything from floors to windows to walls and other things like that.

Character classes

Enemies, and that'll do it , For traversal, let's talk about the different character classes, where you can choose between three different classes. light, medium, and heavy, with each having stereotypical attributes like heavies being slow and tanky, lights being fast but have low health, and mediums being between the two, each class has unique gadgets and abilities like light classes have a breaching charge to easily blow up structur, and a grappling hook to Traverse the environment quickly, medium classes have a defibrillator so that they can revive their teammates immediately, and they have a device that heals their teammates, and heavy classes can throw up Shields to block incoming bullets, and use rocket launchers to eliminate enemies but more likely to destroy the environment for. Team RPG away, and along with these gadgets and abilities, each class will have their own specific weapons, which we'll get into now as we talk about the combat where you can use primary weapons like pistols, submachine guns, assault rifles, light machine guns, and shotguns.



Snipers, grenade launchers, melee weapons like swords and sledgehammers, and a flamethrower use gadgets like different types of grenades, mines, C4, and barricades.

Barricade deploys along with abilities like evasive dashing, going invisible, and shooting everywhere. Additionally, you have telekinetic powers that let you pick up items to throw, like explosives, poison gas, smoke, fire, and goo. One last thing to note about combat is that with all the mentioned weapons, gadgets, and abilities, you'll have unlimited ammo and uses; however, they'll need to be recharged or reloaded, but that'll do it for combat now.



Regarding customization, specifically cosmetics, you can change the look of your character or weapons if you spend money or buy the battle pass.

Favorite times

Without spending money, you won't have many options, and while some cosmetics can be earned, there aren't many, so you'll most likely be looking pretty bland, And now some of your favorite times playing the finals will be when you can get stuck in goo, get invaded by aliens, avoid a meteor shower, experience low gravity, get blasted by orbital lasers for standing, and still watch your teammate try to revive.

You pick up your revivable token, but instead they pick up a barrel that's about to explode, and finally watch your teammate score a buzzer beater to keep you in the game.