How To Cashout Better The Finals


I will go through some of my best recent clips to show you and demonstrate how high-ranking players strategize, organize, and implement their cash-out captures in the most efficient way possible. In the heat of the moment, approach this in a way that I haven't seen on YouTube yet, and instead of focusing on the big picture, focus on the smaller details that you might have missed out on so you understand the mindset of high-ranked players and how they actually approach this victory.

In this specific episode, we're going to focus on the defense aspect of the game, which is a key factor in the finals, and we'll do so in future episodes. Focus maybe more on the offensive side of things on a separate note, we've only cashed out $3,330 right now, and we desperately need more for victory.

Let's push six. Okay, let me start by explaining how we're going to do this. We're going to stop and go on the article so that I can take the time to explain to you exactly what is happening in the game, what my teammate's mindset is, and what I am thinking about doing. The point here is to give you a full explanation of the details hidden behind every action and every callout we make throughout those clips.


Please bear with me for having to pause the article a few times. Let's start here with this simple one: Every single second counts in the finals, so make sure to use yours and your teammates' gadgets properly to gain that precious second that could lead you to victory. Very interesting fast, we got it; this is actually quite important.

My teammate here believes that one minute means the end of the game and that we have already lost. If you're always aware of the time remaining, this gives you the possibility to create a plan that is actually realizable within that time frame. Make sure to always stay aware of how much time is remaining and what is doable within that time frame.

got, close now, and they're trying to open it right now. This is what I call looking for information ahead of time here, thanks to this very precise and concise call out before entering the room that there is a team trying to do the exact same thing as us, the possibility to react instead of feeling the pressure once inside.


At least they got the barricades up. I'll put it at the last second. Yeah, this was quick, but you might not have realized we have just made a plan we've called out that we will put the cash out at the last second to shorten the time of the cash out from 130 seconds down to 71 seconds. It's critical for our victory down to the last 30 seconds.

It's okay it's okay we have time. Throw it i'm here i'm here, and my teammates know that being the one moving the vault means that I will probably and surely be the last one in line. They are trying to support me in any way possible, and that's why they are asking for me to throw the vault so that they can put it in and keep me safe while I'm under.

Attack, I'm going to wait till the last second. Let me explain this concept a little more in depth. The normal time for a cash out is 130 seconds, and the maximum time for the extra time period is 60 seconds. If you wait for the last second before the end of the match, the system will automatically shorten the time frame of the full cash out from 130 seconds to 61 seconds because this is the only available time remaining in the match.


On top of that, the loading of the cash outs doesn't change depending on how much time it takes to take the full load. This means that most of the time, the other teams could be caught off guard thinking that this is a 130-yard cash out, when in reality it will go down twice as fast, which can lead to an easy win.

Yeah, 30 seconds left, and we're good. Online IPS on me if you want. We will see better examples in future clips, but always make sure that this time frame where you're waiting for people to attack you is used correctly. Set up your defenses in the strongest possible way to make sure that you have everything it takes to resist that final push.

Good evening, B. How you going doing my boy Thanks for joining in, guy, somewhere. Yeah, I hear him on the left side somewhere they're capturing. no, thinkink team here just behind the house. Okay, Shield Guy is dead at this moment. We know that we're only a few seconds from achieving our victory.


Out of those four enemies spotted, the only one that could have been a real danger to capturing the cash out is the one with the shield, which is why we set priority as to which one should be targeted and actually don't even care about the others. We got it, boys. We got it there. You go, yeah, let's; I don't know.

Yeah, this is a golden opportunity. As you can see here, we have two full teams facing off against each other without necessarily having seen us, which gives us the huge advantage of having a very strong flank but also a very strong high vantage point. There is a war here. I'm getting the last ping.

There's two pings left, one left. This is important for risk management. Always make sure to evaluate the potential risk of death to gain towards capturing the objective. If one is dead, make sure to assess the situation rapidly and always prioritize the easiest person to kill, or at least the one with the most value.


Here, the one capturing tank is dead, and the GG boys and purple are coming back. Hell me up! This is similar to the previous clip. Use this calm time to analyze the situation and regroup, as well as reform your knowledge. But after that run, they still want to push us. Are you joking? As you will see in the next few seconds, here we have a sort of relay action where one takes the hits, uses that time to fire at the enemy, and then backs behind the barricades to defend himself while healing the other one, who takes over the DPS action for a few seconds.

Elimination is heating up, showing no signs of two dead. There's a pink team here. Get back, CH. As I'm sure you know, the finals are a very team-oriented type of game, and because of the heat of the action, players will tend to ungroup or face themselves against the rest of their team, so do not hesitate to call out regrouping as often as possible.


Outting: OPP, I'm dead. I'm dead i'm dead i just use my DEFI BR. I can't get Dr. Yeah play cash if there is one thing you should take away from this clip, it's probably this one: do not forget that the most important thing for your victory is the objective, not the kill count. At this specific time, we know that we only need to resist a few more seconds to win, and it doesn't matter if we kill the enemy; all we need to do is make sure they lose as much time as possible and disrupt them however you want.

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