Secret Tips Diamonds Never Wanted You To Learn. The Finals


But one thing for certain it will be, fun, it will be. Fun! After a very rocky season 1, the final season 2 has kicked off with its own set of difficulties and challenges. To help you reach diamond without having to sweat your tears out. I've built a straightforward tips guide that high-ranking players wish they could keep for themselves, whether you are starting the game for the first time, a 500-hour veteran, or somewhere in between.

I guarantee you that you will learn something by the end of the article, so make sure to stay until the end. There is no time to waste. Let's get into the article. General tips for season 2, Dematerializer. Now that the dematerializer is part of the game, tracking player positioning has never been this important.

The concept of flanking is much more important, and at present, learn to position yourself vertically so as not to be caught off guard. Medics, healing, and respawning have been at the center of the finals since the beta, but it is obvious With the changes brought by season 2. Embark is trying to rug the boat by making unexpected changes to the support aspect of the game, even if at high ranks.


The meta is still revolving around two mid-class classes plus one heavy The concept of healing is a bit less present than it used to be. We more often see one medic plus one dematerializer, the user. It is vital to time your attacks to the dots and remain aware of your team's health at all times if you want to avoid an instant team wipe.

Verticality with flanking is a real risk in the current meta, and you should take into consideration that the healer is probably going to help you focus on healing on the tank most of the time. Support role: the support role should now be considered a full-time job if you enter with a healing beam.

You need to fully dedicate your time to healing if you play Heavy. Your role is to be a frontline shield and a damage bruiser rather than a killer. This seems to be getting more and more true as time goes by, as we are seeing Embark Nerf the sa 1216 over and over reduce its ability to be a murderous weapon, even if it is still right now on the S tier of the finals weapon list for the light class.


The accent is still disrupting defenses and enemy shields with the recent buff of the glitch grenade and the gateway grenade. Ranking system the ranking system is being reworked. Since everyone is being thrown back to placement matches and the placement matches themselves do not precisely set players on an adequate rank, the beginning of the season can be difficult to apprehend for season 1 lower ranks.

Waiting a few weeks before starting their season can help them avoid being put in matches with Smurfik players. On top of that, the rank-up or-down system is quite unclear with the removal of the progression bar, rendering the concept of climbing the ladder quite frustrating at the moment. Explosive, Nerfs season 1 was built around the concept of explosives with high-damaging C4s, breach charges, strong RPGs, and the infamous nukes.

Season 2 seems to have brought doom to the explosive era of the finals. With a strong Nerf to explosive Splash damage on all types of exploding weapons, the wobble effect on any attachments, including nukes, but not limited to, and the division by two of the number of C4s a heavy can put down at once, we can consider that Embark is trying to put more emphasis on team builds and actions rather than solo damaging, load-out skills for season 2.


Anti-gravity the anti-gravity, is far better than expected the unforeseen strong effect beyond the obvious possibility with the verticality, aspect of the tool is that it slows players traps in its Ray of action this can immobilize a player or even up to an entire team because of the rages of the action because the effect comes from under it can take up to a second or a couple of seconds for the player to realize he has been trapped into an anti-gravity grenade, meaning that the attacking player will have a strong position over its victim and start taking a good chunk out of the player.


Health, meta-team composition. As it stands, the team loads out with one heavy and its mes shield plus SA 126. One midclass with a dematerializer and the second midclass with a healing beam are completely broken and far beyond any other option. This enables a strong defensive sync for team stacking together but also a very strong flanking offensive side to it with the dematerializer, bringing a new level of complexity to the attacks that a team can perform quite simply.

Past respawn, defibrillators do not instantly respond anymore. That was surely intended as a Nerf, but the reality is quite different and would arguably end up as a shadow buff of the middle class. While the respawn is loading for a total of 3 seconds, the player has the possibility to look around freely.

This fact, allied to the 1-second immunity you get after reappearing, makes for a great source of intelligence for the rest of the team but also a much stronger comeback than what responding was for season 1. Also, we have seen bugs emerge; some have already been fixed, like the possibility for Heavies to use their shields while on the 3-second loading or jump pads being able to be placed too.


Decking, the dematerializer, can not only remove a wall but also replace it. While the first one is obviously strong, the second can sometimes be thought of as secondary. In reality, the possibility of putting the wool back can basically be considered a second specialization, or gadget, and should be used as such.

You can make crazy Cash Out steals, escapes, or even attacks by canceling your wool hack or even the ones that the enemies are using and completely breaking their momentum. Gateway grenades, these grenades are debatably not as good as one would have expected watching the trailer or taking experience from other games like Apex holds a secret trick for some unconscious reason.

Once a gateway is opened, a lot of players will feel the will to try using it, thinking they will have a strong chance at flanking the enemy team with it. If positioned smartly by the defending team, this gadget can completely trick an attacking team into chaos by making them fall into an unexpected hole or positioning the exits at a very disadvantage.


Point, objective, tactics, Starting cashouts. You might have realized that some teams wait for a weird amount of time before inserting the cash boxes into the cashouts. This is because the respawn engine calculates where to respond to a WIP team based on what is happening on the map at the time of respawn.

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