The Finals - Massive Bug & Ranked Issues. Community Event Update. More


The finals have some massive situations that we need to talk about, including a community update as well as some of the server updates going on in Discord, and even a pretty huge game-changing bug. We also have some stuff to go over about the current ranking system, some of the recent cheating problems that we'll go over, and a whole bunch more.

This is Utopia back in with another article. Today we're checking out all things final. Okay, so first off, let's just get into the community update stuff. What's going on there with that? Now there's two postings or two updates to the current situation, both of which are by Embark. Oscar, first up here they said it's time to announce the first badge of t-shirt winners for the community event so it seems like as always with these community events they will be giving away some T-shirts, now again that Community event is to play Powers shift and push the powers shift 10 times around the world in a week again that is calculated, based on your team's performance as well as the other team's performance so of course as that unit is pushed in Powers shift the more it will gain in meters and this also does apply to yourself so it doesn't matter if you are the one that's actually standing on the platform, you will actually gain all of your teammates efforts on your single leaderboard.


Or single leaderboard rank; however, this is a cumulative effort, and this will apply to the entire goal itself. As of this time yesterday, it was around 80 perish. However, that has since been updated again. They did announce those five winners for the t-shirts in that last post. In the second post, Oscar said time is running out now.

This is for both the Discord Quest as well as the community updates, so first up, the community event is also drawing to an end with about 24 hours remaining and 6% left of the goal. However, that is now 5%. Overall, since we gained about 15% in those 24 hours, it looks like we'll more than likely make that 100%.

Again, they did announce additional t-shirt winners for those, with the last t-shirt winner being the eighth winner, which will be announced tomorrow, so again, currently, as of recording this audio, we are at 95%. Again, more than likely, with the 12 hours left, we will reach that 100%. And if you're wanting to check your own individual progress on this.


Again. UTC, time which is a bit earlier for some people, that's around 8:00 p.m. Hopefully, the problem will be resolved soon. Take care, and have a nice day. So again, we don't know for sure if it's going to be in this Wednesday update, as we are coming up on that for tomorrow. Maybe this is a hot fix down the line, or at least in a couple days we'll have to wait and see on all that there again.

For sure, I will update you guys if this does get fixed or if it's fixed with tomorrow's updates. There is definitely a pretty massive game-changing and game-breaking bug there, so hopefully it is addressed soon. I actually didn't know this for sure, but in North America, there aren't any west or east servers currently.

I figured they were separated, but it seems like North America only has one server. A lot of people are hopefully asking for East and West servers. I do hope they bring that in because the ping difference there is quite significant, especially if you play MMOs like World of Warcraft or Final Fantasy.


You do know that they usually denote or at least have separate east and west coast servers, and people are constantly asking which servers are going to be east coast and which new servers are going to be west coast, as they typically will always choose one or the other based on how their ping is, and I know if I choose one or the other, usually West Coast servers are very high ping for me.

This could also be a lot of those hitr issues that we've seen with either melee or a few other instances, so maybe if they do eventually add east and west coast servers, we will eventually see that kind of pick up there or at least the hit regge get fixed, especially with the melee issues. It could be that they're waiting on a player-based jump or waiting for the player count to at least significantly increase.


Again, obviously, Embark has all the numbers there on who's playing where and where, so it might not be financially viable for them to have East Coast and West Coast servers. However, this game does eventually pick up significantly in numbers. I do hope that they add those. Of course, we do have people asking for Europe West and East, as well as a few other servers that just aren't there.

As of right now, our next big topic, a lot of people have wanted me to cover the whole cheating problem going on in the finals currently. I try not to cover exploits or cheating too much on this channel, at least as far as everything goes with that there, as I have already covered it in previous articles, and it's just kind of putting more and more pressure on it where it's not really adding to anything.

Running on this game, they recently added Nexon's anti-cheat to the game as well as easy anti-cheats. Now, games like Fortnite also have easy anti-cheats. Usually, they're fairly good with cheaters; they don't have a ton there, at least from what I've seen; however, with a lot of these games, they've had EAC tuned and fine-tuned a lot better for those games.


The reason being that they've just been out longer, so they've been able to fine-tune that EAC for that game specifically, as typically EAC has to be fine-tuned for each game. Also, Fortnite does use two anti-cheats, Battle Eye and EAC. If the servers for EAC get overloaded or there are too many players, they eventually switch people over to Battle Eye.

Also, if people can't run EAC properly, they switch to Battle Eye as well. Again, I'm not sure if there's any significance. Basically, Epic Games has had way more time to actually fine-tune EAC. With that, I know people want me to keep bringing up the cheating problem because, again, it is pretty bad, or at least it is more in your face than most games.

I think the unfortunate part there is that we have to just give time for it to be eradicated, or at least time for it to be fixed. It seems like they obviously want this going too, as it's just hurting the game overall. If there are any more updates on the cheating stuff, I will go over that for sure now.


Quickly A last-minute mentionable thing is that we do have the new rank counter or the new rank indicator. Where people are saying it's useless, that they've had the three stripes and they thought that it was equal to ranking up; however, it seems like those indicator stripes. Be sure to keep you guys updated on everything overall, but if you like today's article, like, subscribe, and until the next one deuces, *

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