The Finals New Patch Is Crazy.2.2.0


This new mode is an intense 5v5 version of power shift, with all players dressed up as bunnies with pre-made classes. The map has also been entirely remodeled to fit the Easter theme. This game mode was a nice breath of fresh air, and my team had found a great strategy using these barriers that the heavy got, which ended up winning us the entire game.

In this game, using the anti-graft grenade efficiently is very important for the heavy. You can not only use it to lift up yourself and your enemies, but you can also use it to lift up the cover that they are using to protect themselves so that you can get a better view. One of the biggest changes to come in this patch is the Nerf to the fan-favorite F car.

While this was used time and time again by the medium class to absolutely obliterate their opponents, the akm and Famas seem to be making a comeback in this ever-shifting. Meta: In this clip, you will see just how effective using the dematerializer correctly can be between winning and losing a cat, so make sure not to underestimate it.


All right guys scrolling through some of the patch notes we can see that the ks23 was changed just a bit with some balances, these changes increased the fire rate but decrease the damage from 120 to 100 forcing players to be more accurate with their shots, we can also see that the fcar recoil pattern has worsened and that the damage falloff multiplier has been decreased giving more room for the Famas to take over from mid to far range, finally we can see that the 93r had an increase of fire rate from 240 rounds per minute to 260 rounds per minute and that the glitch gadgets duration both the mine and the grenade duration has been half, the rest of the patch was mostly just that patches minus the increase in Daily Quest XP from 500 to 1, 000 which should help new players level up a lot quicker I managed to go ahead and capture some gameplay with both the akm and the new meta, as well as with the 93r in the new game mode, so you are all welcome to stick around to see how badly I perform.

This has been great. I wish you all a happy

The Finals Season 2 is popping off with an insane start! Experience more chaos with a new map, abilities, weapons, and gadgets all for free.
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