The Finals Season 2 Is Crazy


The final just dropped the season 2 trailer, and with the trailer come the steam notes, which give you a sneak peek of what's to come on March 14th. Starting off the trailer for season 2 was done super well. What I really care about is the steam notes, so just showing you a general glance of what's to come into season 2, you're going to have new weapons for each class coming this season, a new map called Horizon.

A new 5v5 game mode that is similar to that of TF2's payload, a new skill-based league system for ranking, and the long-awaited private matches are here. Finally, there's a new hacker play style that lets you step into the shoes of the CNS, and if you know anything about the lore, that's what the CNS is.

With this new play style, you get new specializations and new gadgets. The new gadgets that are coming out are the dematerializer, the anti-gravity cube for heavy, the G Gateway for light, and the data reshaper for medium. Starting off with the dematerializer for medium, from what we saw in the trailer, it's very interesting that it just removes a surface.


Similar to the heavy smash in a way, it will basically erase a surface floor or ceiling, creating new ways to move around the map or get rid of certain objects. I see this as a super plus for medium, as it allows a lot more versatility. Of what you can exactly do as a medium for the anti-gravity, Cube for the heavy class, I mainly see this as another stall mechanic that can have on the cash out.

For instance, instead of having C4 on the cash out, you would throw the gravity cube, lifting up the cash out so it could no longer be stolen. I'm not really sure this will replace the RPG or C4, but it definitely allows for more mixing and matching of what you want to do next. For light, it's the Gateway, and I personally think this is really cool.

It's a pair of limited-range deployable portals. The best comparison I see for this is the Wraith Portal, but you can't shoot or see through it. Lastly is the data reshaping for mediums: the gadget changes, enemy fortifications, or any other object into something entirely new. For instance, you could turn C4 into a chair, which I think is very cool, and lastly, we're going to be looking at some new weapons coming to the new season.

season 2

So at the beginning of this season, there's going to be three weapons introduced: the 93r burst pistol for light, the medium is getting the burst rifle, the Famas and Heavies are getting the KS23, and the Slug shotgun. As someone who played the OG Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops 2, the 93r looks amazing to play with if it operates in the same function.

This gives lights another medium- to close-range weapon, and it grants you another type of play style. Whereas mediums are getting the burst from Moss rifle, this hopefully gives you another option to use this gun instead of using the F car. I'm really hoping this weapon is on par with the F car so that you're still able to swap between the two, and lastly, the heav is getting another shotgun, the KS23, which is going to be a slug shotgun.

I'm really hoping that they Nerf the other shotgun so that the slug shotgun can see a lot of light. Another game mode is 5v5. Casual mode, which honestly, to me, seems really fun if any of you have played Team Fortress 2, seems like a similar game mode to Payload. Finally, I want to talk about the custom games.

the finals

I'm not sure exactly how the custom games are going to work; I just know that they are coming to this game besides playing it in scrims and other tournaments. If I'm allowed, I'm going to try to make custom games for my community, playing with subscribers and followers on Sundays, just trying to have a good time.

With Season 2 right around the corner I am giving you my tips so you can climb the ranked ladder.
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