The Finals New Update Is Great But It Needs More


It's been a little bit of a turbulent season 2, as you might have noticed. Now Embark is doing stuff to improve it. We got brand new rank changes, but along with that, they're also making it easier for rank tournaments for both console and PC. However it appears that there might be a little bit of a you know let down when it comes to the marketing campaign and whether or not the publisher behind, the finals will actually be able to turn the ship around and help give the finals the support that it needs but without further Ado let's talk about what's going on with this game so there have been recent backend changes to matchmaking in the finals at least in ranked tournaments aimed at easing the wos of connecting to ranked tournaments, this is by allowing more Xbox PlayStation and PC players to filter in with each other and by widening the pool for matchmaking between PC and console players the company is taking a bold steps to ensure a more vibrant and Competitive Gaming environment and Oscar's message has a ton of optimism dedication, and lets us know that the studio Embark has a lot of care for this game and hopefully a very bright future but there is something a little concerning.

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About this new matchmaking update and other than just the fact that console and PC will be able to play with each other more easily now it does lead to a question of is there also the fact that the player count is a little bit lower than usual and this is a way to more quickly fill up the queue and that might have something to do with Nexon the parent publisher, of the finals and what's been going on with that because behind all of this progress with the matchmaking lies a glaring void that was supposed to be filled by a robust marketing campaign promised by Nexon of the initial excitement and anticipation, surrounding the finals was absolutely massive when it launched setting steam records and got a ton of hype behind it so it was no surprise that Nexon said that they were going to go very heavily into the future with making sure that this game had all the support that it needed in terms of marketing efforts.

However, it does seem that reality has fallen short of expectations, at least when it comes to the player base, because in the digital age, visibility and outreach are absolutely critical, and there's a lack of a sustained marketing campaign for embark. Now, don't get me wrong, there were a lot of content creators myself, including myself, who even got a test of final season 2, and it was a ton of fun, but outside of that.

I've really only seen web page ads with no actual trailers or gameplay elements seen on the internet. If you look at social media platforms, there's a dark contrast between the game's potential and its actual reach. This game really should be played on Twitch. Rivals: There should be content creators who are enticed to hop on this game and play in major tournaments.


We do know that there is some eSports stuff going on in the future, but right now the game needs more from its parent publisher, and there is that Reddit thread discussing the missing marketing campaign that shows that this isn't just something that content creators are noticing, but the general player base is also grabbed, and users are expressing their disappointment and frustration at the disconnect between Embed's technological prowess and the underwhelming marketing.

Presence by Nexon The absence of promotional activities like Twitch Rivals, a proven platform for generating buzz and engaging audiences, further accentuates the company's marketing missteps. There's a great market there, but the only content creator I see regularly promoting this game is Otter, who's a fantastic content creator.

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He came over from Apex Legends, but he's the only one I see doing really regular uploads for a channel his size and the ramifications. These marketing laps extend beyond just mere numbers and metrics; the players's confidence will erode and undermine the potential for growth and sustainability. In the competitive gaming landscape, when you look at other games, even something like Apex Legends, I am bombarded with ads constantly for it.

This also goes hand in hand with the rampant issue of cheaters playing the game, so what could be done to actually fix this situation? Well, firstly, Embark and Nexon definitely need to revisit their marketing road map and allocate resources towards a comprehensive and sustained campaign. There's tons of new content coming to this game, but they need to find a way to market it to a larger number of people.

There's the new Discord Quest, and there was the Easter event, but there was nothing online, on Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube to really promote that at the level it needed to be. It doesn't matter how much new content you come out with; it's great to spread by word of mouth, but you will also need to just show players who aren't hearing about it.

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Along with that, you're going to need to address the issue of cheaters decisively and transparently. The only way to keep the current player base happy and growing is if you address the issue of cheaters; otherwise, people are going to jump ship on this game because they're tired of getting aim botted and wall hacked.

Overall, I think Embark has done an absolutely phenomenal job on the developer side of things, and they will continue to do so. I have no doubt, but it's up to Nexon to do that marketing campaign with what Embarc is releasing to truly make sure that this game succeeds and thrives for a very long time.

The game play is pretty great, and the game overall is awesome. However, being plagued by cheaters, a lack of media marketing, and other issues might spell a little bit of an issue for the upcoming months of this game. Also, don't forget to check out these articles right here on this channel, where I cover things like Hell Diverse Power Worlds, X Defant, and so much more.

Until next time, everyone. Thanks for stopping by.

The Finals New Update Is Great But It Needs More as The recent back-end change to matchmaking, aimed at easing the woes of connecting to ranked tournaments, stands as a testament to Embark's commitment to inclusivity and fair play. By widening the pool for matchmaking between PC and console players, the company has taken a bold step towards ensuring a more vibrant and competitive gaming environment. Yet, behind this facade of progress lies a glaring voida void that was supposed to be filled by a robust marketing campaign promised by Nexon, Embark's parent company.
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