The Finals - Something Big Is Coming. New Patch Update 2.5.1. More


The finals just got a brand new update, 2.5.1. Now of course as always we do have that opening statement on Discord however we do have an additional opening statement that happened yesterday now they went over to say that they weren't releasing a regular update this week but it was a smaller patch they're getting a much larger patch in the next week or two obviously we're still seeing the regular store update along with some ongoing adjustments to the anti-che, and security, here's something pretty big though they went on to say here that something very cool is in the works in addition to bug fixes and the balance tweaks we mentioned last week we roll out those various changes to make ranked a better experience for all obviously they wanted to set expectations, for this week now we do have that opening statement for 2.5.1.


That first statement there was done by Imark Dusty, however for the patch notes we do have Imark Oscar coming back saying as we mentioned yesterday we're not releasing a regular update this week instead we are going full steam ahead towards a larger content patch in the next week or two what you'll find this week is further behind the scene improvements to our security as well as a new store which includes a certain sort of after kitchen utensil, which yeah we finally did get that comically large spoon that was being teased, now as for the opening statements, on the patch notes they are very small and limited here I wanted to say that it's just a store update they have no update just a small patch with the live new store content and provide a fix for the server crashes that have been happening lately you haven't seen the servers even crash yesterday, and the day before I believe as well as maybe even a couple days prior to that so yeah hopefully that does stabilize the servers there because they have been crashing on and off obviously we have that new 2.5.1.

Update article where they go over all the new store items and went in here to say that we added improvements and adjustments to the security and anti-che, and that's basically it for the patch notes, so obviously that was a very brief patch. Now again for the store update, we do have that broth Bruiser, which is that spoon again that will apply for the sledgehammer.

On the heavy side, obviously, and following that is the Techno Honeycomb set, which does include some new various weapon skins that look pretty cool. We also have an individual item here, the smokeout mask, and last but not least, we do have the memory refresh set, which has a really cool item here, the key command, which actually does work with your keyboard.


If you press the Zed and control keys, they will actually work. That's just a really cool detail there, so you can have that actually apply. Again, an actual decent store update is that we did get a lot of items there, and of course people still want that goth girl skin. I don't think people have been waiting on that for weeks.

I'm guessing that's going to come in the next week or two, as with a bigger patch and soonly with that higher content push, we'll probably see that skin as well. Again, when that does come out, of course I will cover that. Now there are some new voice lines that have been happening within the finals.

As someone pointed out here, Scotty and June have been going over some new voice lines. One of them, being a contestant's elimination streak, has heated up and shows no signs of slowing down. It just shows how fast they can incorporate some new voice lines and some new tricks. There's a few more here that people have pointed out.


I'll link down to the threads so you can go through all of them and see some of the new voice lines if you haven't heard them already. Again, it's really cool to see some of the tech they're using here as well as how fast they can incorporate these voice lines. I definitely think it adds another layer of dynamic to the finals.

I do quickly want to go over this threat, as it pointed out some of the alpha footage. I have covered this before, and this was pointed out right before release. I believe that although some people might be new to season 1, now we have this thread here that says, How do you feel about the scooters and cars coming to the finals?

I think they add some excitement to the game, and yes, if you haven't seen from the actual Alpha footage of the finals, there were cars and motorcycles. Maps really aren't big enough for these, although I think overall it could add some dynamic to the maps or it could add a little bit of fun. It seems like you might not be able to get around much, especially on some of the older maps.


I had some comments here that people wanted them to add it to the ranking and just shake things up. Again, I'm not entirely sure we'll have to wait and see how they incorporate this stuff or what they do add or don't add. It would be kind of cool to see something new, so we'll have to wait and see.

I had another big thread that's kind of blowing up on the final subreddit. Right now, where this person went over that the finals are basically losing player numbers, articles are a big problem. We have a lot of discussion on the finals and Discord about player count numbers on Reddit as well as YouTube.

It's kind of all over the place right now, and people are really discussing that. I've had a lot of comments about this as well. We did, of course, have that big spike up with season 1. Some people were hoping for it to be a little bit more than it currently is. However, I think this game just needs time in the oven overall.


It seems like it's actually really hard to build a player base right now, if you look over at X Defiant. It looks like that game's also going to struggle with that as well, at least in my opinion. People are basically sitting on old games and not really moving to new ones like Apex Legends and Destiny, which have been kind of burnt out as of late.

Unfortunately, people still sit on things like CSGO and League of Legends as well. Right now, we're in a period of gaming where people are just sitting on old games because the old ones were made better than the new ones, which doesn't account for the finals. The finals are definitely one of those games, but people in change don't really mix, so it does take time for things to kind of sway.

An example of this being a recent one was the World of Warcraft 2 Final Fantasy 14. Exodus now it seems like things have flipped back and people have gone back to World of Warcraft. However, if you are an MMO player like myself, there was quite the dramatic change with that, and really the only reason, in my opinion, at least, that came back was because of how much content they released with World of Warcraft Classic again.