The "new" Best Light Build After The Finals Season 2 Update

best light build

So the final season 2 update is finally out and it is jam-packed with content, so I've been already playing for a couple hours and I have the new best light build for you guys today. I'm going to be going over the build and how to use it, and I'm also going to be talking about why I'm doing what I'm doing, basically an inside the mind as I'm playing.

We're going to be rocking a tournament here on the brand new map for season 2, and I'm also going to cover all the key changes that were in the pass notes throughout this entire article, so without further ado, let's get into it. So this new map looks insane. By the way, it is so bright no matter where you go; it's either super purple or super red, but I love it.

I love the aesthetic of it. I love the look of it. So we obviously got, like I said, a ton of new content. We have new gadgets in every class, with the heavy getting the anti-gravity cube and the medium getting the dematerializer. I believe it's called where it changes any item into a different item, and then obviously the light with this Gateway portal that we're going to be using this entire article.


This 93r pistol, as you saw right there, is the new weapon for light, and it absolutely melts up close. I've been loving it so far. It does take a little getting used to; it feels a little different, I think, just because it's a burst gun and because the range on it is so close. You really have to play a certain style of play to use it effectively, but I've been loving it so far.

We also have a new weapon on medium, which is a burst assault rifle, and a new pump shotgun on heavy, so, like I said, a ton of stuff to try out on this Gateway portal. I'll show it off right here. I like to use it, so what I've learned is you can't really throw it that quick midf fight, so I like to use it as like a setup for a fight, so I would throw one here.

throw one over here now as I'm fighting. I would probably throw it a little closer to this fight than I did on this particular fight, but now, like as I'm fighting. I can use that gateway to get out if. Needed, this wasn't a great example, but I'll definitely be sure to show you guys throughout the article how to use it.


This guy's trying to get a refund. We're going to make sure we do not let that happen. Nice little clean-up. Pink has one more player, but I really like the Gateway portal. If you know how to use it correctly, I think it's going to be really good for getting in and out of repositioning in 1v3s and stuff like that, as well as just quickly moving your team across the map.

So as we're sitting here, we'll also talk about some of the more some more of the changes from the patch. Nerf the Dome shield on heavy, so it lasts for 12 seconds instead of 20 now, which I think is a great change because heavy was just a little broken. I was going to go ahead and fake him out with the door closed; he wasn't even thinking about it up close.

light build

We hit a little hip fire, and this 93r is just melting, so I like the change. Hold up we got dudes on the cash out. We're going to lock it in here for a second. Here's an example. I'm going to set it up. Gateway, here we go, need to get out boom complete reposition and look at that we get behind this heavy, and that Gateway hold up we got to clean it up first but that Gateway was why that play worked just a complete reposition completely threw him off he had no idea was behind him, and I think this Gateway is going to make for some awesome plays the better I get with it, so we're going to go ahead and clean up cash out B here so as I was saying they Nerf the heavy the Dome Shield doesn't last as long you can only carry one C4 now instead of two C4s before this guy probably is chasing me we're going to hit him with a, nade just weaken that Shield hit him with another nade fake him.

light gameplay

I was trying to dash behind him unfortunately I don't have any more, dashes, yeah we'll just clean that kill up do not want to get close range against a light using this pistol it AB absolutely melts, now we're going to head on over to Vault number four so some another huge change is defibs got nerfed so now when you defib you do get more health back you get 50% instead of 30 back but there's a delay, so when you hit the defib there's going to be like a 3 second delay you'll see like a icon of a character appear and then they come back after 3 seconds it's not instant like it used to be I also really like that change because defibs were pretty broken before gas grenades.

Just gas in general got in this update, where we were going to see, okay, so now they do damage; they do more damage over time, so before if you got in gas grenades, it just melted you instantly. Now they do more damage over time, so it'll hit you a little bit and then increase the damage over time.

I thought that was out of bounds; that's why I didn't go grab it, throw it up, and throw it. Up, we're going to go ahead and defend cash outc here, but yeah, that's really it for the major changes. I didn't say they got rid of recon sense completely, so that ability or specialization does not even exist anymore.


recon sense is completely gone. I really like that decision. I think it just wasn't good in this type of game. Okay, hold up time to lock in, so right here I'm going to throw a gateway here and a gateway deep now I can fight this angle. I need to get out because they're going to push the boom. We hit the gateway, and now I'm literally behind them completely and can deal a ton of damage.

Unfortunately, my teammates went down there as well, but I'm going to be able to defend this cash out; hopefully they can get a respawn. Now, teammate number one just spawned back. Like I said, I'm going to put a gateway here to come back to, and then I'm going to throw one in this room, and I'm going to play for it.

Gateway, nice, so now if I were to be taken a lot of damage, what I would have done is boom, just hit the gateway and completely got to safety. I could peek from here or I could go ahead and just leave the fight if I needed to, so right there we just bought time for our teammates, and now that we covered all the major changes in the update.


I'm going to focus more on what's going through my head as I'm playing like in that last situation, and just talk about how I'm making this new light build work with the Gateway and the new 93r pistol, so like I said, you really do have to play close range. I think close-range hitfire while jumping and moving around, kind of like something like this, is really good with this 93r pistol and using the gateway to create ins and outs; it's going to be really strong.

I saw somebody close, so what I'm going to do here is go Gateway deep. Go ahead and fight this. I would like the gateway to be a little closer to me. I think I'm throwing it a little too soon, but we're going to have to get a little bit better with it still pretty brand new. I'm going to try and help my teammate out here.

In this The Finals, YouTube Video, I have another The Finals Gameplay where I give you guys The Finals Tips throughout the entire video! However, this is the first The Finals Season 2 Gameplay after The Finals Season 2 Update! The Finals Season 2 just came out today and this is the first The Finals Light Gameplay going over the Best Light Build in The Finals Season 2.