How To Dagger The Finals


But anyway, on to the article. So getting started off when using the dagger, you have two attacks. The left click is the quick melee, and the right click is the backstab, so for the left click on a medium, it's going to end up being five left clicks or five quick melees for the light class. It's going to be three quick melees, and then for a heavy, class, seven quick melees, it's going to be in your greatest interest to backstab someone, so for a medium, it's going to be one backstab, for a light, it's going to be one backstab, then for a heavy, it's going to be one backstab, then a quick melee.

Keep in mind that while you're using the quick melee, you can also dash in the quick melee, carrying momentum, and the damage now is the evasive dash. Right now, the evasive dash is, of course, the dagger, the stun gun, Gateway, and Vanishing. Bomb, the evasive dash just gives you more momentum and allows you to outplay enemies better now that, when using the dagger, you can pull up to an enemy and right-click.

Start the animation and then dash for a backstab, so you start the animation. Dash and backstab, so you're turning your mouse or your controller, dashing and backstabbing again, you're starting the animation of the backstab, and then dashing and turning your mouse, so starting dashing and then meleeing.

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This technique works for all classes. You can dash away, then Quick Melee. Another thing you can do is dash through your enemy, or it's essentially dashing close enough that it looks like you're going through the enemy, so again, you dashing through and you kind of bounce off of him so you can start the animation of the right click, so right click, dash, and then backstab.

Another thing to keep in mind is that for some reason the dagger has an aimbot, and when I'm left clicking. I'm not moving my mouse at all, but I left click, and it pulls your mouse, so you can try to keep this in mind when using the dagger, as sometimes it can mess up your aim as well as there's a lunge mechanic with the right.

Click there i didn't tap W or anything; it just lunged at me. So you also have to keep that in mind when using the dagger. Typically, I will do the dash with the right click on the animation. So starting right-click animation, then dashing, you want to dash to the middle of the animation. To have the best chance of getting a backstab again.

Again, it doesn't always work. But it's something to keep in mind that you can be off to the side and still get the backstab. In my eyes, the best thing to learn is the dash-right click.

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So again, you're going to start the animation and then right-click and dash. So again, start dashing, and then hit the backstab. Dash is the core mechanic of using the dagger and something that you should always practice. So again, right-click. Dash is then the fastest way to eliminate a heavy with the dagger, so right-click Dash, and then you can dash back in Quick Melee by getting the back stab off of a heavy.

You can then Dash away, keeping yourself a little time, and before they regen Dash back in Quick Melee, but that's pretty much my quick little guide on how to use the dagger. I'll cut to some more clips, but again, right-click Dash. Hope you,