How To Have "zero" Recoil The Finals


I'm going to teach you, yes, how to have zero recoil in the finals for season 2, and quickly before the article starts. So getting started, there's two recoil patterns: first, the hit. Fire, this is Bloom, and it's pretty much random all the time; however, you can get a sense of the general area when using your cross here.

Next are ads; this is going to be your standard set pattern, so for the MP5, it's up and to the right again up to the right, and generally every single weapon in this game will have a set pattern for the ads. I'm going to show you this for pretty much all the Met weapons, but for the XP54, it's up to the right, as you can see up to the right, then again up to the right.

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This is a Clos range, so counter this and control The recoil goes right and left. Down again to the left, and down controlling The Recoil once you get that, it's pretty straightforward at any range on how to control it at least for the xp54 so moving on to the lh1 it's a little bit different since it's single fire but you can see if you spam it it's pretty much up and to the right it does this curve angle so the counter it you're going to be curving and going, down maintaining that as you can see but do be aware if you spam it really fast it's going to be a little bit harder to control and it's always good option to aim for the neckline with this weapon it's going to give you hit detection.

To the head, if you miss the head hit box, you're going to get the chest hit box, so again, to the side and down next. I would say is not necessarily a metal weapon but a fun weapon, so the M11 recently fixed the recoil pattern, but you can see it's up right left right, so to counter it, go right to, left then left to right then right to left then down, so to control it.

I'm not the best at it since they have updated. So, you see, it's still the center area, but it can definitely be improved. Next, people have asked me on my sniper Aim, so just at the practice range here, we're going to aim at the neck level just in case if we don't get a head shot, we get an ad shot at, at least, but pretty much this is aiming clicking heads.

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However, you can do quick scopes at a certain point, and the bullet will register as an ad shot, but halfway through, so you're able to use that ability. In terms of no scoping, it's really hard to tell, but the best option is to like Crouch and try to keep the center crossair on the target. Usually, you'll land with no scope, but there's an OD chance that you will miss it.

Next is the medium class, so the F for the metal weapon for the recoil pattern is up and then to the right kind of curve, so you're going to go down left and then straight down, so down left straight down. I would say the F car is by far the easiest recoil to control in this game, and again, it's up and right, so the counter says you're going to go down left, then straight down, so down left straight.

Down is pretty straightforward to control and probably the best option. I don't know if you classify the AKM as a meta weapon, but I'll show you anyway. So the recoil pattern is up, so it's curves to the left curves to the right straight up, then evens out top left, counters it, evens out pull down, left and right, into the center.

Mass, so again recoil, pattern, kind of curves up, kind of curves right, up, and evens out, so we're going to counter it even out, right, left, and down. So that's pretty much it for the AKM medium and light classes, so for speed control with the heavy class, it's mainly just going to be the L gun.

Recently, they've changed the recoil pattern. I'll show you, so just holding it down against the wall, they show you the pattern. It's up, slight to the right, slight to the left, slight to the right up and left, so counter, it's going to be right left right left, down, so right left right left down, and since they made this change, my recoil pattern control on this has been kind of awful, so right left down right.

Yeah, I can't do it as well as I used to, really, because they changed the pattern, so it's a little more difficult. So now my last and most important tip is called recoil smoothing, or movement with aim, however you want to call it or describe it. It's essentially moving one direction, and in whatever direction you're going, you want to move your mouse to the opposite direction, so for example, if I'm going to the right and holding D.

I want to move my mouse to the left. What this allows you to do is cut out some of that horizontal recoil control so you only have to worry about vertical. For example, to show you this. I'm moving left and aiming right, moving left and aiming right, shooting, moving right and aiming left, shooting, moving left and aiming right, then moving right and aiming left.

I highly encourage you, if you don't know about this already, to sit in the practice range and practice it. This is one of the best ways to aim in this game, similar to Apex and other shooters. I definitely encourage you to learn this now. Hopefully all of this information helped you to try to get better aim, and I just want to quickly run through some final tips for you all.

There are a couple tips that are best suited for a 1V one situation, such as techniques such as mirroring and anti-mirroring. Crouch spamming and strafing are all falling under these categories in terms of helping you win a 1v1 situation, so coming from lots of games, the technique of mirroring is copying the same movement as the enemy player you're shooting at.

This allows you not to necessarily move your aim at all, just following the movement and aiming style of the enemy. Another time of anti-maring, but a lot of people refer to this as counter-strafing. Essentially, what it means is countering the enemy's movement; if the enemy is going right, you would go left, and so forth.

Doing this makes you a harder target to hit, and you should be able to get your shots down target better. In the end, I hope all these tips I have given you will help you become a better player in this game. If you haven't already, please like and subscribe, as it greatly helps me out, and I'll catch you in the next one.

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The KS 23 is the new weapon added to the Heavy class in THE FINALS Season 2.