How To Use The New Ks23 The Finals


What I got for you today is my thoughts and opinions on the new shotgun and how to use it, but quickly before the article starts, I want to ask if you're new here and haven't already. The damage is going to be fairly high with the fire rate being Modera. Lively is low, the range is medium, the accuracy is medium, the max size is four, and the reload speed is five.

Now, what I thought was interesting was that it is a slug shotgun, meaning it can shoot pretty far, but this weapon is a projectile, not a hit scan, meaning you are going to have to lead your shots from medium to long range, and projectiles are weapons in this game. I would say is on the harder side as the movement in this game can be pretty sporadic, but when you do manage to land your shots from medium to long range, it is very satisfying, but those were just my thoughts on the gun now and how to use it.

Let's get started with what the best special or ability is to use with the KS23. Similar to the SA26 or the other heavy-shot shotgun, the mesh shield is going to be the best option as it gives the best gap and distance. When using the mesh shield, you're able to animation cancel the pump with the shotgun, allowing you to shoot just a little bit faster, although I'm not 100% certain on this in terms of other viable options for the specialization.

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I would say the only other option is charge and slam; it's okay, but it's not on par with the mesh shield. However, you're able to do one shot at the shotgun and then a charge for a medium, which is pretty good damage. So getting started with how this performs at range since it is projectile not hit scan at Targets 20 M or greater, you going to have to lead your shots a little bit more rather than 10 m or closer, as there is a bit of a drop off or a change in the projectile.

Although I'm not the best with it yet, you can see at 10 m it's fairly hit scan, quote unquote hit scan, but at 30 m, you're going to have to lead a little bit more than usual. Now, when it comes to damage, this gun is going to be two shots in a melee for a medium; it's going to be one shot; and a melee for a light; it's going to be one.

The KS 23 is the new weapon added to the Heavy class in THE FINALS Season 2.