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So you're here because you want to learn how to be a better heavy, so I'm going to give you all my tips and tricks that I've learned that helped me reach the top 300, and quickly before the article starts. Hopefully, these tips worked for you, and let's get started.

Class setup

Starting off, you first need To look the part of a heavy, you got to have that intimidation.

Factor: Since my preferred play style is more defensive, we're going to be using the mesh shield paired with your choice of the Lewis gun or the sh gun. Personally, I prefer the ls gun, and then we're going to be using your standard dome shield. Rpg7 and the C4, in your reserve slot, it's really up to you what you have personally.

I would choose your second weapon that you're most comfortable with, and then the rest can be whatever you want or so desire.


so when you first start the game you're given the M60, which has 70 bullets and decent damage in manageable recoil control, and once you've progressed far enough I would then either purchase the Lis gun or the shotgun which is going to essentially be the upgrade from the M60, if you choose to go down the Lis gun route I would say it has a high skill cealing due to the large recoil it has as you have a high chance of killing enemies at range and the ability to multi frag, so with the loose gun your spray pattern kind of looks like a question mark and I would greatly emphasize there's more horizontal recoil than vertical that's why if you're on mouse and keyboard I recommend the Lis gun and if you're on controller I would stay away from the ls gun quickly showing example of the ability to multi with the loose.

Gun, nice i'm pointing i'm pointing next up is the SA 1216, which has the highest DPS of 242 damage per second in terms of use of the shotgun. It's definitely on the easier side to use, and I would say it's harder because you need to know when to choose your fights.



Then gives a rundown of the best ways to use your gadgets as a heavy So for the dome shield, there are two ways to use it: defensively and offensively. So for the defensive place, you're typically throwing your bubble to save someone or to try to help them win a gunfight, and to use it offensively, typically I would hold a nuke, so if I get RPG.

I'm safe, and if you're looking to push. I'll throw it up ahead to save the health of my mes shield for later.

I would say to use the RPG in the way that it makes most sense to you. Next up is every heavy favorite gadget or for anyone else. Public Enemy Number One is C4, which you typically make a nuke with, and these nukes don't require any chemistry, just one brain cell. Typically, what I do is use the red barrels, which, for some magical reason, go through shields and meshes, and typically I put two C4 on them for the orange barrels or the flame barrels, and two C4 on them for the gas.

Barrel: typically, I put 1 C4 as 1 C4, plus the gas is usually enough damage to kill one medium, and it gives me a second C4 that I can use whenever. Although I'm a heavy player, I am totally for nerfing barrels, and I think the ability to fully on-shot a team by yourself is completely overpowered. Hopefully they either heavily reduce the C4 damage or just remove the ability of C4 to be placed on barrels, but until it's changed, the M is nuked or gets nuked.



Next, we're moving on to movement tips and tricks, which I believe is the most important skill set to have in this game. Starting off, we're going to be using window jumping, which is essentially being in the window seal and doing a 180 into the next window.

From there, you jump onto the edge and mantle up to the roof, which is simple yet very important. Next is map-specific. As a heavy, you can squeeze through most church windows, which I see a lot of tutorials skip on. I wouldn't say there's any advanced technique; you just kind of squeeze your body through.

I tend to get a lot of kills this way, so it's very useful to know. Then again, on the mon church, simply climb up the side instead of taking the ladder, a zip, or a zip or a, Jump. In terms of movement for the heavy, I feel that the window jump is practically the limit, but you can do a lot with momentum in this game.


By now, a lot of you should know what the momentum is in this game this all could just be placeable and I'm just crazy but I feel when I hit an angle jump pad or just a jump pad in general my barrels tend to fly further, so typically I ask my teammates for a jump pad usually angled or just a normal jump pad this allows me to get an opening pick a lot quicker than normal and with that I would say comes a lot of basic momentum moves, such as sliding into pads for more distance jumping at the end of the zip lines to go further, jumping from pad to pad getting more speed and distance, the momentum is a fundamental part of this game so hopefully this section helped you next.

Tips to know

Tips to know

Heavy Tips and tricks Maybe you didn't know some of these. Maybe you did, although being scuffed on the screen is a tip. Maybe you didn't know that with your meshup, you can still melee, which you can block and still do damage. At the same time, a lot of people miss this, and I think it's very good to know.

Instead of dropping your barrel and meleeing to break glass, simply drop your barrel by pressing right-click and then picking it back up. This allows you to move in one fluid motion and avoid the barrel rolling away from you, although it is not necessary. Know that with your mesh shield still activated, you can practically still do all the basic steps of movement, such as sliding, crouching, mantling on walls, opening and closing doors, repelling on zips, and much more, although with very basic knowledge.

I wish I knew this when I first started playing the game. As a character with the most HP in the game, I feel a very overlooked task is body blocking, with or without the mesh. Your job is to sit on top of your teammate while stealing, absorbing as much damage as possible. I would say that 98% of the time, we succeed in getting the cash out.

I would say this is the most optimal way to utilize the heaviest HP. That would do it for my quick tips.

6:28 outro :)

6:28 outro :)

This has been a duck film, and I hope you enjoyed it.