How To Light The Finals


YouTube: How to Duck You're doing duck films here, and today I'm going to teach you, yes, how to light the right way in the finals, but quickly before the article starts. I'm going to ask if you're new here and haven't already. So getting started on our specializations, for our light class, we're going to primarily focus on the cloaking device, as it is the most used and probably the best in the meta currently.

However, on the off chance that you do want to play a different special, I would highly recommend Evasive. Dash is now moving on to our weapon slot; it's definitely going to be the XP54 or the LV1. With the LH1, you're going to have single-fire long to medium range, and the XP4 is going to be medium to close range.

In my eyes, both are very good options right now and are both super easy to learn how to use for their first gadget slot. I'll be looking at the gateway. I would use the gateway in the first round, second round, and third round of a tournament, as it's super easy to move cash boxes and your team from one spot to another.

Now, finally, in your third slot for the gadget for light, it's going to be the glitch grenade, as now on impact it explodes, meaning that when you throw it directly on a mesh or a bubble, it immediately glitches. It and all around the glitch grenade are super useful to have now looking at the reserves.

how to

I would definitely use tracking Dart in the final round of the tournament, replacing the Gateway with tracking Dart, and in terms of breach charge and frag grenade, you can interchange them as much as you want, and then I would have the LH1 as a backup weapon. Now getting started with the MP5, you're going to have 30 bullets and a spray pattern of this up curving to the right then horizontal to the right so counter it horizontal and, down again you go to counter it you go to the left then, down, it's again left and down then for the lh1, it's all about pulling down and shooting as fast as you can, so if you're not controlling it but shooting it as fast as you possibly can, all it does is goes straight up, so you can shoot as fast as you can and pull.


Down, now do keep in mind that the headshot multiplier with the lh1 is two times, so for the headshot damage it's going to be multiplied by two, so for instance, a body shot, it's going to do two bars or head shot, we do four bars now I would say when using the stun gun, you can get away with stunning someone about 10 m or a little bit less than 10 m so this is, 6 M you know a little closer but should be able to stun, sometimes you're able to push that number to about eight or 9, so roughly you should always have the stun gun then for the gateway, grenade I would say it's still super useful even after the patch.

Before, you'd be able to go an infinite distance when using it, but now it's restricted to 70 m, which I still believe is very good. But just to show you, if you go past 70 M, the gateway will not be able to be deployed and will disappear. However, you can still go beyond that time, so about 68. You'll still be able to throw it; as you can see, it's now blinking when I'm at 69, 68, and 67.

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