The Finals: How To Actually Improve Aim


This i highly suggest you watch the article to the end. I'm assuming you clicked on this article because you feel like you stink at aiming and you have come to the right place. I'm going to teach you everything that I know in terms of aiming with all the different experiences I have accumulated over the years.

I've been playing games like Quake OverWatch. Team Fortress 2, and Apex for the majority of my life, and I would say that I specialize in arena shooters, or fast-paced shooters technically, which is exactly what the finals are; it's a fast-paced arena shooter, so let's get started. First of all, I want to talk about.



Sensitivities: there is nothing called the perfect sense; there are different senses for each game. For example, let's say you're playing CS Go. The movement and how the player models react are a lot different compared to how the player models in the finals react.

In the finals, people move around a lot, and they're taking jump pads and zip lines. They're strafing; they're doing a lot more. While in CS and valerant, people are mostly just walking in a straight line or strafing left or right, so your sense doesn't really need to be high, while in the finals it needs to be a little bit higher compared to other games because of how the movement works and how people move.

So in the finals, I would recommend a sense between 32 cm per 360 and 42 cm per 360. Personally, I use 35 CM because I feel like that's a sweet spot for me personally, but that also depends on what kind of mouse pads or mouse feet and mouse you're using; it's a lot of V variables.

Aim training

how to

Next up, I want to talk about aim trainers, and aim trainers help a lot, like a lot if you do it correctly.

What I mean by correctly is that a lot of people new to aim trainers just go into a grid shot scenario and just click dots, and that doesn't really benefit you at all or do anything special for your aim. What you should be doing is practicing and improving the things you are lacking. For example, if you are lacking in tracking, you should practice tracking.

Let's say you are struggling with target switching. You should practice target switching. There are a lot of scenarios you can practice, but you should mainly be focusing on practicing scenarios you would find in the game. I have a playlist in Coov that basically replicates every final scenario, and the code is in the description.

And if you're new to aim training, I would highly recommend you join an aim community like Voltaic. They have a lot of resources on how to improve your aim, and there's a bunch of good people in there, so just join it and read and just learn after you join the Discord. I would recommend you do the Vol Take benchmarks; here you will kind of see what you're lacking and what you need to improve on.

I'm also going to leave a 2-hour podcast down in the description where they talk about aim and aim, Ms., and it's just super, super good when it comes to aim, and just watch it. I recommend it next.

Settings you need to change

Settings you need to change

There are some settings you should change immediately. And the first one is deactivating pointer precision, which is enabled in Windows. So what this setting actually does if it's enabled is give you, like, really, really bad mouse acceleration. That is on by default; you should just turn it off.

It's super bad, so the way you remove pointer precision is what you go into. Mouse settings, then you go to more Mouse settings. After this is open, you go into the pointer options, then you uncheck this, and then pointer precision should be off. Next up is basically disabling the mouse Ming that is enabled by default in the game, and you can disable this by pasting a command in the game file, and this is how you do it.

You basically go and type percent, app data, percentage, go into this you go to app data you click it then you go to local then you go un type. Discovery then you go to saved, config, then the windows client then you find this game use settings in you go into edit with notepad if you have notepad, and all the way at the bottom you basically just paste this that I have in description, and then you save and that should be that should disable the mouse buing that is enabled by default.

The next setting I feel like you should change, in my personal opinion, is basically turning mouse focal length sensitivity scaling off. This is basically going to make it so you have a one-on-one sensitivity, so whatever you advertise, it's safe, in the same sense as when you hit fire. This helps with being consistent pretty much.



Next up, I want to talk about some in-game things, mainly recoil smoothing, so if you look at XP, this is it. Recoil, right if you strip left or right, the recoil becomes less. As you can see, it doesn't really do anything weird, and if you move your mouse while strifing, you essentially have no recoil, while if I do nothing, it goes up.

If I move my mouse left and right, I have no recoil. This is what recoil smoothing is. It basically helps you aim when you strike. You should use this to your advantage. You can pretty much just use this in every single fight. If you're fighting someone far away, you can basically strafe right, so like strafe right, and compensate that with recoil, like you can make your recoil.

the finals

Less If you strafe right This works for every single gun. fcor, for example, has a really weird recoil right while if you strafe it's going, gone. I'm not really controlling my recoil; I'm just strafing the right side. As you can see, I don't really have any recoil, and you can apply this to targets from range.

It's a bit different with f-cor, but you know you can apply the same strategy with f-cor and every other gun; you just strafe right, and the recoil becomes a lot less recoil, if that's a word. Next up, I want to talk about how you can actually try and participate in recoil, so let's take XP as an example.

This is the recoil you can see at the top; it kind of flattens out, so you just have to control this part. After you know this, you just start learning the pattern. You pull down a slight, like a bit, and then you stop pulling down. This is the same thing for every gun, and what I like doing is just practicing from super far away, trying to learn the recall pattern without moving, and after a while, after a while, you start getting the pattern down, and then it just becomes easy.

Since I've played XP since the start, I have spent a lot of hours on XP, so the recoil is super easy for me, right? But if you take a weapon like the M1, for example, this gun has horrible recoil.

Movement aiming

Movement aiming

It's essentially the art of just mirroring the opponent's movements to make it easier for you to aim, so let's say you're standing still right, and these guys are just moving like crazy people; you just have to like you have to aim at them. Bye-

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