How To Climb Ranked The Right Way The Finals

Intro :)

Intro :)

Back with some more final content, this article is going to be tips on how to climb the rank ladder and how to improve yourself. Quickly before the article starts, I want to ask if you're new here and haven't already. I hope you have a great day and catch up on the next one.

Finding people

So Starting off, I cannot tell you how important this is.

Some of you may need to step outside your comfort zone, or maybe some of you don't need this tip, but personally. I'm highly against people playing solo queue, and I highly encourage you to get pre-made done before you play ranked. First, if you have friends to play with, I definitely play with them.

Second, if you know people who are interested in FPS games, I definitely recommend this game. Doing so allows you to gain a teammate. By doing this, you'll gain someone you know on a personal level. I encourage a friend, as it's kind of hard to talk to someone you don't know rather than searching through endless discords and gaining an lfg person, and if some of you didn't know already.

However, if you don't have the ability to play with people you know, then I would turn to looking at LFG's by heading over to the main finals. Discord Go to channels and roll, and make sure you select lfg. This Discord consists of top-rated players that are there to play and that are able to help and hone your skills, so come check it out.

Characters and team style

Characters and team style

Once you pick that one that you like. I would then sit in the practice range learning how to control the recoil of most guns in the specific class you chose to get a very good visual of how to learn your recoil.

Simply hold your fire button down and shoot at the wall in the practice range. This gives you the best visualization of the recoil pattern. I would then sit there long enough to not necessarily master the recoil pattern but to get a basic understanding of it because, as you naturally play the game, you'll increase your skill level.

Now that you've selected your class, which is light, medium, or heavy, and gotten a good understanding of how to use the weapon you chose, I would gather two people to play with. I would then ask myself in the class that I chose how well it fits with what my teammates picked. For instance If I pick the medium class, I have the option between three gadgets.


That being Recon sensus a more aggressive style of play maybe you want to be more supportive as a teammate and use the healing beam, or maybe you want to go back in time to your childhood, and role play as a tf2 engineer with the turret but regardless of what you choose always keep in the back of your mind how does this help my team but if you're asking yourself the question of is this working I would try changing it up once you have fit yourself into this role I would then move on to getting a second character, and again asking the question does this work with my team as I've learned from other games that having a secondary role is always important just in case something happens to your primary role that being changes or different additions to the game, and so forth, for example for my team in the finals.

I'm the main heavy player out of the three, and I've dedicated the majority of my time to playing this character and learning the ins and outs of it. Learning your character to the highest degree allows you to adapt to better scenarios. However, there's lots of times where you get tired of playing this one role, myself included.

That's why you need that backup character, coming from a heavy main My secondary role would usually be a medium, or playing as the light class if I really want to have fun. By changing off your primary role, this allows for your teammates to give your roll a try, and it opens up the road for your team to develop new team strategies and compositions.

Mental and communication

Mental and communication

That's probably one of my biggest reasons to get a secondary character. After putting many hours into this game and getting into the top 250, with these main two tips, the last one is usually overlooked. The last overlooked tip is communication. What I've personally noticed and seen from other professional players is the mentality and communication factors.

I've even seen it firsthand. With me and my team, there's many instances of someone on my team saying something, and it's bringing the entire mood down. With that, lots of things start to fail, such as how we move as a team and how we take individual gunfights. Not telling or listening to important information from one another and basically structurally falling apart, which will lead us to not playing well or winning our tournaments, so even though it might be a little hairy throughout the whole tournament, try to keep yourself in a positive mood.

With the mentality Factory complete. I would then move on to a set of communication skills, personally for my team, coming from a background of other FPS games that, being CSGO Apex, etc., allows for the development of simple call outs or phrases, so we don't have to question or what the other player is trying to communicate, for example, on the map soul.

We have multiple call-outs for multiple buildings already, just so we know the idea of where people are. Most of them are self-explanatory; others are not for you; those call-outs are such as hospitals; another is called office billboards; and much more personally, the creation of call-outs, at least for my team. This allows for a better flow of communication and understanding of one another, but this was essentially.