Master The Gateway The Finals (in-depth Guide By The #1 Light)


Bre, it's so [__]. Broken man, it's crazy. Hello, I'm Piggy, and welcome to my in-depth Gateway guide. If you have no idea who I am, here's a little recap. I am one of the few remaining light men in the world, and I was one of the first people to reach Diamond quickest in season 2 playing light only.

First, I want to talk about the basic usage of the Gateway. So how does the gateway actually work well? You have two parts of the gateway: point A and point B. Once you toss down point A, it does nothing, but once you toss down point B, it creates a portal that lasts for half the duration of the portal icon, and that is also 20 seconds blank.

Point A never disappears as long as you are within 70 m of it; it stays up for an infinite amount of time until you place the second gate down, also known as point B, or if you go past 70 m, point A disappears. There's a way to extend the range as well. The way you extend the range is that you TOS your second portal at 70 m, and then it gets extended by around 10 m.


As long as you're less than 70 M when tossing the second portal, it will not disappear. Now for how the portal works in the game, everyone can take your portal, which means once the portal is active, enemies can also take it and follow you. That's something you have to be aware of, but you can also use this to your advantage to bait people into positions they don't want to be in, and an example of this is a strategy I have developed that is named the chimney Strat, where I bait people to take the portal into a chimney, and they cannot escape unless they use explosives.

Anything can go through the portal, like RPG Rockets mines and barrels; any object can go through it, but bullets do not go through the gateway. Now that the basic information about the gateway is gone, I'm going to talk about macro usage when talking about the fact that anything goes through the gateway, which also includes vaults.


This basically means you can steal vaults and deposit them into Casal super quick before other teams even have a chance to contest. The Vault the way you do this is place your first gateway on top of the Vault and activate, run towards the cash out and remember to stay within 70 M of the first portal, then you to your second portal once the Vault timer is almost done and the Vault just get sucked up into the gateway, and exit where the portal is but be careful teams might take your portal as well another tip if you're playing against the light that is doing the exact same that you're doing you can glitch the Gateway and steal it from the other team yes you can actually disable the Gateway by glitching it why is this so op you might ask the fact that you can deposit the first Vault before the other team puts STS in creates a Tempo Advantage, basically we already put our vault in and the other team is trying to put theirs in and it's going to become delayed.

This means we have a huge advantage with the fact that we can go and third-party the second cash out on the map and potentially steal that as well. All of this happened because we teleported the first vault to the cash out super quickly; that's only the first OP use case for the teleport. The second OP thing you can do is give a third party an ongoing cashout if they both have the same timer.

the finals

So let's say you are uncontested. On your cash out and the second cash out is fighting, you can pre-place a gateway next to your cash out, try and third party the second ongoing cash out and steal it, and once you're done, you TP back to your original cash out that you were holding and defend it. Now that you have gotten two cashouts just because you have Gap closed in the form of the gateway, next up I want to talk about safety gateways.

Whenever I'm pushing an objective, I always have a TP around the area I'm fighting, so I can teleport away if I'm in a bad spot or I need to TP my teammates out. I only use this whenever I'm about to engage a team or I know my teammates are about to take a fight. Here's an example of how to use safety getways.

Next are what I call cash-out gateways. This Gateway setup is when I'm defending cash outs. I usually throw the gateway in a corner around a point or high above the cash. The reason I have this TP is so I can cash out while roaming around it. If they try to steal the cash out, I can TP and taser the person stealing.

This would usually buy my team time to contest the objective. Strat I like doing when I have the gateway super high above the cash out is placing the second gateway, then tossing a glitch grenade so the glitch explodes on enemy sing, before I enter and try and use taser. This is going to remove dome shields and mesh shields when I'm trying to test.

Next up is using the portal to engage teams. Here we are playing against a team that is going to camp the jump, so I go in here and toss the TP on top of the head, so my heavy shotgun melts the medium, and we instantly win the fight because of that TP. The entire point of this push is that we can be on top of an entire enemy team without taking damage for walking up on them.

Nice that is pretty much everything I can teach you in terms of gateways.

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