Make Light Great Again. The Finals Guide For Season 2 Build


Welcome back to the podium today we're going to cover my new light build for season 2 and this one really is out of the bounds of what light normally does but it will help you qualify more now me and you both know that light has been given a bad name you know people think that we're trolling when you know we choose this contestant but I promise you if you focus the objectives the eliminations, that you crave will come now remember that solo queuing will literally half your odds of success embar are really kind of tackling this area to kind of encourage you to play in a team scenario more but if you're like me you know some s we just enjoy solo playing my guide is obviously compatible, with all weapons so even you m players are out there can also use this guide but first of all we have to think about the problem that it is that we have to face well obviously as a light player we have very low health and we need to rely on our teammates to actually control, or support the objective, so basically.

We need to as lights be able to get in Deal damage and get out, but obviously when you might be queued with teammates who kind of don't have that knowledge or they just don't do that, you know, especially in Solo Q, dealing, you know, burst of damage for us light players just won't really cut it right, we have to worry about shields, we have to worry about heals, revives, defibs, and all that stuff, so I've basically been spending some time kind of working on how we can fix this solution.


And I do actually think that my season 1 solo guide is still pretty strong to date and when I do make a guide I do try and kind of future proof it as much as I can but for season 2 I do actually now have some adjustments, so we're going to need utility that will be able to basically help us maintain some control as well because personally I do think that it's kind of the weakest aspect of players overall in the finals, if you're playing you know with a team or you know maybe you're just duing with a friend then obviously you can adjust the gadgets which I'll mention later on but you're going to essentially become the carry God while secretly having some control, of the objectives 2 obviously limited by lights gadgets starting off with the specialization.


I actually prefer to use the dash this season because it can actually help you escape certain situations. Move around the map faster and also confuse your opponents when you're taking one-vs.-one fights. You've also noticed that players are starting to use more of the ignite grenade. More of the gas grenade as well and obviously if you're invis, that can obviously just completely take it out so being able to dash out of those situations is way more helpful this season obviously this pairs well if you're a s player or M player you know the dash is probably a bit more obvious to you and we will combine this with a bit more gadgets later on as well the first actual Gadget is I guess more of like a flex slot depending on like what who you're queued with I mainly use, the vanishing grenade if I'm playing solo so we don't miss out on that strong aspect if I'm going to take control on move across the map, but I do actually prefer to opt to use the glitch grenade if I'm playing in a duo or team, because obviously the strength of being able to instantly take out some shields.

For example, it's just way too strong to, you know, not have that, so we're going to combine these gadgets with the second slot, which is of course the Gateway grenade. Of course, it's a new thing that's been added to season 2, and there's a few tech ideas that I've actually seen other people talk about, and I've actually tested them myself, and I do approve of them.

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Finally, of course, the stun gun is basically an essential for light. The ability to basically be able to stop cash from being stolen is just so useful, especially when utility is in the way of that. Okay, so what are we going to do with these gadgets? First of all, for the early game, your objective is to essentially take the vault to the cash out as fast as you can.

That's pretty obvious. If you're playing at a lower rank, then you can set up the gateway to basically be automatically teleported towards you, but I do feel that it kind of leaves your team quite exposed alone if you don't communicate that information, so what I like to do instead, even if we're at the higher ranks, is actually start off by setting up the first gateway towards the cash out, then go towards the vault, and once the vault is around 50% or so, place your second gateway down in a hidden place where opponents shouldn't really see it, then use your vanishing grenade to essentially run in that vault, and then bring it towards the teleporter.


Be aware, though, that obviously the Gateway has a range of about 70 M, so try to place the Gateway as close as you can to this range just to basically maximize that efficiency. If this plan doesn't work out because you know this is the finals at the end of the day, then just simply allow the other team to take the vault towards the cash out and regroup with your team for the offense.

What I see too much of right now is that once the team has taken the vault and, let's say, you lose that initial fight, you delay the team by bringing it into the cash out, which is just going to screw you over because on the other side of the map, for example, the other team might pace it very quickly and they'll be cashing out way faster than you.

Okay, so in the best-case scenario, you took the teleporter, you've deposited it into the vault, and how do we defend as a light player? Well, it's obviously important to note that you should not be taking overly aggressive fights, but at the same time, you should obviously support your team in defending.

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Remember our problem at the start of the article? Well, obviously, now we have to basically rely on our team to support and control light. Light does have the ability to kind of, you know, produce a lot of setups when you're in a team, but obviously this is kind of a closer match to that solo guide or duo guide.

our focus is essentially going to be on that like kind of Last Chance Insurance, to basically stop attackers from stealing the cash out something that I've seen other people do in test it myself is actually setting up the first gateway near the cash out you're defending if it's in the open I actually prefer placing it above in the sky because a lot of people kind of miss out on that then you're going to essentially, fight from a safe place to basically support your team where then obviously for example you can use Dash to escape, maybe even you could take some weird angles or hold from weird places and distract your opponents, however it's important that you do not take extended fights and you keep your health at least above 50%.

Light players have become "looked down" upon in this game, and it's time to change that. Today we are going to focus on balancing between our strengths of dealing damage and our abilities to protect the cashouts.
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