Complete In-depth Light-build Dash Guide For The Finals



Hey, let's get up and hit me out. The finals have been released. I've been in a gaming slump figuring out what I want to make content for articles. Game grind all the good stuff, thus came the finals. I played the living heck out of the beta, and now we have the full release. Now that I'm a light build player.

I've been seeing a lot of guides on which build is best, so we're going to be going over all three abilities and their best kits to go with it with some gameplay and breakdown. If you like the article, and if you love it, make sure you subscribe.

Best loadout for dash

In this article, we are going to be going over the light build, primarily because I want to do a specialization article for the three different specializations.


I've seen people make the best light builds and the best things that might work, but you don't know why, so I wanted to go into more detail for each specialization, weapon, and gadget that would go with it and why it works with some game-play breakdown. Okay, so my favorite one is going to be the evasive dash.

It's so much fun to play, and you definitely feel the most cracked out with it. It is one of the hardest ones, I would say, out of the three, but by the end of this article, you are absolutely going to know why it is the best, how to utilize it, and how broken it is. So with the evasive dash, we are going to be running the XP54.

The only difference between the two is that there is one more round added in ranked tournaments, and you cannot change your loadout in ranked tournaments, so when I am running ranked, this is primarily the loadout that I'm going to be using in the MP5.

The vanishing bomb stun gun and glitch grenade, so you might be asking yourself why Well, in the beta of the v95, the pistol was actually the most used weapon and definitely the strongest since the beta was released, and now that the full game is over, they have nerfed the pistol pretty significantly.


So I would definitely say the most consistent gun to get you the most results is going to be the XP54. We are going to be using the vanishing bomb because, as you will notice in the other article that I posted for the invis and the cloaking device for the specialization, the invis is so incredibly strong that I am trying to utilize both movement with the evasive dash as well as the surprise element with the vanishing bomb.

Now, obviously, using the cloaking device as your specialization, you will have it for a longer duration as well as more recharge time, so the vanishing is much more of a play. I'm literally about to make a play going inside, and I need to pop this now. The stun gun is hands-down the best gadget for light builds; it is pretty cheap.

the finals

I'm not going to lie to you if you get stunned; it is incredibly difficult for you to try to kill the person that stunned you, which is why it is so important to play as a team. Lastly, we're going to be using the glitch grenade. I've noticed that in the higher-ranked games In the sweatier lobbies, you're going to see Heavies running the bubble, shield mediums running the gadgets, and turrets running the trophy system, just giving you a lot of obstacles just to either take a point or win a cash out, win a vault, or just simply a 3v3 The glitch grenade turns it back into a 3v3 fight, regardless of whatever your other two teammates are doing.

This opens up the fight where there are fewer gadgets and obstacles in your way, and you can open up the fight into a gunfight. Some of this might be obvious. But I have learned a lot since putting a lot of time into this game. Your responsibility is to be a harasser. You need to stay healthy for your team because if there's a moment where somebody might be half-shot, Your medium or heavy gets this guy down to one shot, and you are out of the play.

You can easily get back into the game and finish that enemy. Now the capabilities of this kit are incredibly diverse, which is completely the objective. Without taking a fight that completely gets you dogged on, you can go to a point and try to go one-vs.-one heavy. The point I'm trying to make is that you're going to be a harasser, and then once that harassment has worked and you are slowly winning the tide of the fight, being able to secure that one-v-one with either a stun going invis or a dash into a weak opponent is your objective as a light player. The MP5 kind of does have an interesting recoil pattern; it does go up into the right, so whether you're on a controller or mouse and keyboard, just remember that when you are pulling down to control the recoil, you also need to pull to the left.

Tournament gameplay breakdown

Tournament gameplay breakdown

I have two mediums on my team, so it should be a little bit easier for some reason; I may get stuck with the all-light team.

Darkness descends, fog has crept into the arena, and the high notes are back and ready to drop some explosive beats. What you see me doing here is just setting up the point for success and setting up the point for a worst-case scenario. If we get pushed and there's nothing that we can do, they end up winning a fight.

You have these gas grenades that will be on the point that you can either shoot, detonate, or they might just explode by themselves. That way, it does save you more time while the teams might be cooking in the gas. Piggybacking on my last point about setting the point up for success outside of just having canisters surrounding the point itself and making sure as the light player that you set up extra lines of sight.

The recipe for success here is going to be using a vanishing bomb, hopefully a stun, and securing a kill. Now, that doesn't always work out, so just being able to gauge situations and peak different lines of sight without taking damage is the usefulness of a vanishing bomb.

Here you see me use a glitch Grenade on the turret to get it down, and then shoot it. The ultra-rares have just completed a cashout here. I'm going to have both vaults actually spawn. Right next to each other, the other teams are actually on the other side of the map, including my own. I did get away; I got to dash away, and I knew that the objective was Paramount, so I ended up starting three and four at the same time.

As I'm trying to cross the map, both of my teammates are dead. I have to avoid a team wipe, and I have the vault money, so I'm going to try to start a cash out, and they will spawn on me and start setting up their gadgets, moment of high tension here as the ultra rares are stowing away a cash box cash out.

Something important to note is that as a dash player, you have the most mobility, but in a lot of cases, you have the worst getaway. An invis player can go invis and immediately break line his sight and sit in a corner while the enemy is still standing right in front of them. Grapple Hook players have the easiest getaway because they can take immediate height with three dashes.

Welcome back contestant! In this video I'm going in depth on my favorite Light-build in The Finals. The evasive dash has so much outplay potential to 1v3, secure cashouts and vaults as well as making huge plays for your team.