The Finals Is Making The Right Changes


FJC is back with another finals article, and today we're going to be talking about the finals latest update, 2.1.0. I'm going to be talking about all the changes that happened in this update and whether or not they actually impacted the game. I want to start by talking about the two most important changes that happened in this update, and that would be the sa 1216, or heavy shotgun Nerf, as well as the glitch grenade and trap buff.

We start out with the SA 12's fire rate being reduced from 230 to 200 RPM, and the damage per pellet decreased from 7 to 6. Now, the changes to the SA 2 are definitely very noticeable in terms of the amount of shots or bullets that it takes to kill an enemy, but it still It takes two shots to kill a light and four shots to kill a medium, but it now takes five shots to kill a heavy.

The damage change was definitely needed and has helped the gun become less overpowered. If you throw it on any surface, other than a mesh shield or a dome shield, it won't explode on impact. Now, personally, like I said earlier in the article, I'm a super big fan of this change. Prior to this change.


I died a couple of times because a heavy was holding his mesh up, and I would have to run out and throw a glitch grenade, and the medium would be shooting behind it, and it would take a couple of seconds to trigger. Would actually cause me to die more often than not, or it would directly hit the Heavy's mesh shield and bounce in a complete opposite direction far enough away to where it won't affect the team at all, so I'm super happy about this change because I can confidently throw a glitch grenade at a Heavy's mesh shield, and I know for a fact that it's going to go down, so those were the two most important changes in this update.

In my opinion, now we're moving on to the rest of the changes that were made in this update, and we're going to start out with the bug fixes and additions. We start out with the private matches, and players can now select the map when starting a private match, which is a great change in my opinion.


Players will also no longer be stuck trying to join the game server after leaving a private lobby. They fixed an issue where party members with different crossplay settings could be unable to leave private match lobbies, and they've also gone ahead and fixed a bug where players could bypass the crossplay on requirement for private matches, which resulted in a soft lock for you console players out there.

The next set of changes are specific to the power shift game mode on Monaco. They fixed jump pads clipping into the streets on low, medium, and high settings, and they've added a short zip line to the closed alleyway next to the cathedral or the church to make traversal smoother. And they've also polished their placement and orientation.

Of spawn points on Skyway, they went ahead and added a jump pad outside the construction spawn area, and they've also tweaked spawns to sit less close to the edges, and lastly, a general change to the PO shift mode. They fixed the objective count score on the summary screen. Next, we're moving on to the map changes, and I still don't know how to pronounce this map, whether it's CIS dollar sign Horizon or just CIS Horizon, so we're just going to call it Horizon for now, but they've gone ahead and done some performance and polishing on Horizon.

battlefield 1

They've adjusted the collision on the ceiling blocker to prevent players from getting stuck above the library when using the Gateway gadget on Horizon, which I didn't know was an issue personally. They've also gone ahead and moved a spawn location in the corner of Monaco near hotels that was creating imbalanced scenarios in some game modes.

They fixed incorrect destruction effects on trees in Horizon, fixed missing destruction effects on concrete fences in Soul, and fixed missing destruction effects and multiple assets in the tutorial. Moving on, we are moving on to weapon and gadget changes. We started out with a bug being fixed with inconsistent damage when multiple explosives were triggered at the same time by C4S and breaching charges as opposed to multiplied melee damage, which I'm going to be 100% honest with you guys.

battlefield 2042

I have no clue what this means. The first half makes sense, but the second they started talking about melee damage. But they've also gone ahead and fixed an issue that made recoil on burst weapons not behave as intended. They fixed gayway ammo not being properly refunded when being thrown into an APS and fixed hovering objects after transmutation.

Block transmutation on friendly carbs, improve zipline Behavior to better match the intended exit and direction of the player improves the dematerializer's ability to dematerialize and SL rematerialize. Objects: when multiple objects are close to each other and they remove the ability to equip the mesh shield during the defib revive, which was a change that needed to happen because defib somebody should not be able to pop their specialization.

As they're coming up in the hologram, something important to note is that every other specialization that I've played with personally It still works, that's including the charge and slam and the invis for the light, but the mesh shield was definitely the most broken one and one that created the biggest advantage.

battlefield 4

Embark also made some minor changes to art that included updating the shoulder-length hairstyles to avoid clipping, and a pretty big one that I didn't even know was an issue was that they fixed the oversized ORF sweater to prevent the sleeves from blocking ads, which is actually a pretty big thing.

One of the last sections we're going to talk about today is changes to the UI. They start out with social syns not being excluded if a user is already logged in; they also fixed a bug that would cause carriable objects to weigh more if they had an active ping marker attached to them, which is a huge change; they fixed incorrect text on certain contracts; and they fixed overflowing text and item tutorial articles, which isn't the biggest change.

The last two sections for changes are really small and brief, so I'm only going to go over them quickly. There were two changes made to the audio: they fixed the seek to start time not working, and they also corrected the audio for the season Viet. Anyway, guys, that's everything for update 2.1.0.

I am definitely in favor of it, of course, but I do think there still need to be steps in the right direction when it comes to the heavy class. Peace out, much