The Finals Lack Of Variety Season 2


And the casual state of the game, and I honestly want to attribute the meta being so strong now because of the removal of barrels. Towards the end of season 1, nukes in the finals were in their most balanced state, which wasn't too balanced at all, but it was in a way better spot than it was when the game first came out, and in my opinion, while nukes were in the game, it was really the only way to counter a heavy shotgun heal combo.

With season 2 just releasing a couple of days ago. I do understand that there's going to be future balance changes, but the one gun that I really wanted Embark and the majority of the community wanted Embark to balance was the SA2. Or the heavy shotgun, and it wasn't even touched, and I have some stats to talk to you guys about that.

Do me a favor, guys. Drop a sub on his channel and go check out his articles. We have all changed our names to remove SA2. Or game Dead, and just for the memes, T changed his name to buff sa2, or game Dead. Just because the weapon is so strong, if we take a look at the average damage per second or DPS per class, you have light at the top with 195, medium at 152, and heavy at 173, and the heaviest DPS without the SA2 would be 143, which I believe is where it should be.


There is no reason why the medium class should have less damage per second than the heavy class. I do understand that the medium class is also supposed to be a support build, but in my opinion, the class that has the most defensive abilities, specializations, and specializations, and special Iz ations, and the most HP in the game should not have the second highest damage per second and should be the lowest.

If we take a look at the heavy shotgun stats, you can see that it does 91 damage per shot, meaning that you could kill a light in Just Two Shots, which is insane, but in total, you could see that you can kill any class in the game if you hit every bullet without rotating the magazine and once again.


I'm going to credit AO for this as well, because when he told me this on my live stream, my reaction was crazy. It's very clear that the heavy shotgun has the highest damage, second in the game, and the second highest damage per second weapon in the game is the M11, and even if you're only hitting head shots with the M11, the SA2 still outguns it, and the stat he informed me about that really freaked me out was the fact that the SA2 has 41% more damage per second than the M11, and that's absolutely insane to me is the fact that one, this weapon is on heavy, so a class that is already the most forgiving and has the most defense abilities, and two, it's outgunning, weap weapons that should have the highest DPS in the game.

The reason why so many people like to play the light build, and I personally like to play the light build, is because it's a high-risk, high-reward build where yes, you can die very quickly, but the weapons that you do use are pretty strong, and in my opinion, that's completely fair. Yes, you have the lowest amount of health in the game, but you can output the most amount of damage, and that's the trade-off that you get.

battlefield 1

What makes the weapon even stronger is that when you combine it with the medium heal and the mesh shield, you're almost unstoppable. And it's so broken to the point where half the time I'm playing the heavy shotgun and I know my teammate is healing me. I rarely have to pull out my mesh because I'm an outputting, so much damage, and I know that if I close the distance between me and my enemy after around 30 m and below.

I'm killing him 100%. And this is pretty upsetting to me because the majority of the finals community, including myself, thought that there was going to be at least a small change to this weapon or that Embark was at least going to address it in the season 2 patch notes that they'd be nerfing the gun in a future update, and in my opinion, what makes the final so unique is the versatility.

When it comes to gadgets and weaponry, but especially when it comes to ranking, if you're really trying to win your tournament with anything other than a double medium heel and a heavy or a double heavy with a heal, you're at a disadvantage. And in my opinion, it's more present in this season way more than the previous season, and I know a lot of people, including myself again, had hopes that the new weapons would kind of stir up the meta.

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On day one of season 2, the boys and I were running light-medium-heavy, and within the first 5 minutes, we realized that we had made a grave mistake. Duck was trying to use the burst pistol on light, but there was just nothing he could do because he would get run down by a heavy pocket heel meta. I was personally trying to use the dmat and Famas, the dematerializer.

But there's no point to using it when you can just hit the hit the W key at enemies and just hold down Mouse one and I know for a fact I'm not the only person in the community, that feels this way but once again there is no reason why the class with the most HP in the game and the most defense abilities should have the best gun in the game but like I said earlier in the article what makes the weapon so strong aside from the damage it outputs is the combination, of a mesh shield and a heal beam in my opinion I think the mes Shield's HP should be cut in half because the mes Shield is currently being used as an offensive ability more than defensive.

battlefield 4

I see more teams using it to push rather than defend, and maybe just lower the amount of HP that the heal beam gives you per second, but 100%. SA2, or heavy shotgun damage, has to be reduced. I think reducing it from 91 to around 40 to 50 damage would put it in a much more balanced state, and it would allow lights to close the distance on heavies after stunning them without them dying in two shots.

I myself am turning into the number one LS gun heavy on the game, and even when I use the Lewis gun. I only use it if I have another heavy on my team running the shotgun, which shows you how powerful this weapon is once again. I want to thank APO for all the statistics he gave me and provided in this article, as well as any balancing developers at Embark.

If you're watching this article, please guys fix this shotgun. It should have been changed for season 2. I personally just want to use the new weapons without completely being at a disadvantage. So I'm confident, and I have high hopes that within the next few weeks, balancing changes will come out once again.

Peace out

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