The Current State Of The Finals


I'm back with another finals article, and today I have another discussion article for you guys where I want to talk to you about the current state of the finals and what we can expect for the future of the game. Before I start this article. And I think the main reason why people have stopped playing in the finals is because of the non-meta.

Since the release of the finals, there have been two weapons for each class that have been considered meta for the lights you have: xp54., MP5, and lh1. For the medium build, 99% of people are using the FC car with the exception of the AKM, and for the heavy build, it's the Lewis gun or the SA 1216, also known as the heavy shotgun.

Now these weapons definitely aren't as overpowered or as strong as they once were when the game first came out, but I've said it multiple times about the finals, and I'll say it again when you are not using these weapons in ranked or even casual settings. You can definitely feel it in your game. Playay, most other weapons compared to the meta weapons in this game feel very lackluster, and you can definitely tell you're doing a lot less damage to your enemies.


The best way that I can describe it is that sometimes in the game, you just definitely feel outclassed. By the weapon that you're going against, if you're using a non-metal weapon, besides the meta weapons. I think there are a lot of other factors that contribute to the player's loss in this game, and another major contributor, in my opinion, is the lack of advertising for the game for season 2.

I have seriously only seen one advertisement for the game, and my main reason for being so critical about the lack of advertisements is because Embark promised that there would be way more advertisements for the game. Following season 2, like I said, I've only seen one ad for season 2, and that was at the beginning.

And the Discord quest, in my opinion, isn't a great form of marketing for the game. Embark stated that the Discord Quest should be used as a form to show the game to other people who may not know about the finals. But when you can unlock the skin by literally just sitting at the main menu and streaming your game for 15 minutes, there's no point in showing the game to your friends.


Now, moving back to things that actually happen within the finals, the number of cheaters. And the lack of banning them is starting to get absurd, it's getting to the point where multiple days in a row I'll see the same exact cheater with the same name and no matter how many times I report them in a day obviously it's doing nothing and why this is so frustrating to me is because multiple times Embark has stated, in their patch notes that they've updated security measures, and I'm going to be serious here I think almost every time I've seen that in the patch notes the day after or the day of when I hop onto the game there's even more cheaters than before and it's to the point now where people are blatantly, cheating and they're still not getting banned for it which is absurd and one of the last points that I want to mention to you guys today is the twitch viewer count as somebody who has streamed the game since its release, it's clear as day that the viewer count on Twitch is getting very bad on screen now you can see the monthly averages.

battlefield 1

And it's kind of cut off in the picture, but the green bar represents the number of people watching the game, and the blue line graph represents the number of channels that are streaming the game. By the way, the websites that I use for all these statistics are going to be in the description if you guys want to take a look at them for yourself.

battlefield 2042

So just after the game's release on December 7th, the finals averaged. 1, 160 average viewers and 219. Average channels streaming and you guys may be wondering why I'm so concerned and so passionate about this topic if you guys have been following me for a while now you'll know before the finals I was primarily making content for a game called battle bit remastered I'm not going to go into too much detail about battle bit remastered but basically what ended up happening with that game is it had one of the best launches, ever for an early access game on Steam and yes that game does have an extremely small development team of three people but my reasoning for comparing the two games is because both of them had extreme amounts of hype on release and battle bit remastered actually took it a couple of steps further by hosting twitch Rivals events which actually showed more people the game but for the first 2 to 3 months of battle bit remastered's lifespan.

There was one gun that was constantly killing everybody and was super overpowered. And that was the Chris vector, and the reason the two games can even be compared is because there was such a strong meta in the game to the point where people ended up quitting because of it. The Meta hasn't changed at all, making it practically the same exact game as it's been the entire time, and the removal of nukes or barrels actually made The Meta even stronger by forcing teammates to stick next to their heavies as opposed to before, where you couldn't necessarily be right next to your teammates without the fear of a barrel or a nuke flying at you and team wiping you guys.

battlefield 4

On top of that, there's an article that Embark released where they're limiting tournaments to $10, 000 per year, which means if you were to run 10 tournaments, the prize pool for those tournaments would be $1, 000. And if you were to run five tournaments, each tournament prize pool would be $2, 000, which, to sum it up in one sentence, is pretty freaking bad.

Like I mentioned earlier in the article, everything that I talked about today is going to be in the description so you can take a look at it for yourself, and with all that being said, that's everything from me for today. Peace out, love,