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FJC is back with another finals article and with the finals most recent update, 2.2.0. I thought it would be fitting to go over what I think are the most important changes in this update, and as well, we have the main topic at hand revolving around the fcar, which I'm going to go into detail about later on in this article, but first.

I want to talk about the most important changes in the update. In my opinion, in terms of balancing changes, this update had a decent amount when it comes to weapon balancing. Fire rate increased, so if you guys do avidly play the finals, it's no secret that the Fcar has been dominating the game since its release, and I'm going to be 100% candid with you guys even after this update; it's still the number one choice for a medium in my opinion, but before we get into more detail on that.

I want to talk to you guys about the glitch grenade and trap changes. Glitch grenades and traps will now have an effective duration of 5 seconds rather than 10, and I think this is a good trade-off to have now that glitch grenades and traps explode on impact. I personally prefer having a glitch grenade that lasts a shorter amount of time but explodes on impact rather than a glitch grenade that lasts longer but has the possibility of bouncing off a dome or a mesh.


Shield: This might come to you guys as a small change, but in terms of rank and regular gameplay, this is a huge change because five seconds in the finals can make a huge difference. Continuing on with balancing, we're moving on to the 93r and Famas changes, which are pretty minor in my opinion. We start out with the Fasa's recoil pattern being adjusted to become easier, and I'm going to be honest with you guys.

I didn't find that the weapon's recoil pattern was difficult; I just found that the weapon doesn't do enough damage up close. The Famas is very fun to use, and up close I can notice its strengths, but other than that, the F car is still the superior choice, and the 93r. The fire rate increase, to be honest, was barely noticeable out of all the new weapons added to season 2.


I personally think the 93r feels the best, but the only time I can see myself using the weapon is in the new LTM, limited time mode, or just in general quick play when I'm not really trying in the game. The unfortunate part about all the season 2 weapons is in a competitive setting; they are not very useful at all.

Sure, at odd times, I can see people using the Famas, the 93r, or even the KS23. And it is somewhat successful, but one of the main issues with the finals, and as much as I love this game, it's clear as day that the metas in this game are so strong to the point that if you use other weapons, you're at such a major disadvantage, and for me personally, using these weapons in ranking, it's not even worth the time nor the effort, which Segways me into the fart change, and the main topic of the article on whether or not the balancing for the F car is enough to shift the meta so as you can see on the screen right now, they went ahead and adjusted The recoil pattern on the fard made the weapon more difficult to control, and they went ahead and decreased the damage falloff multiplier at the max range from 67 to.

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5, meaning it does less damage at long range. Now all the clips you're seeing in this article are on the updated FC car recoil pattern, and after using it for the entire rank session I played yesterday and a little bit during quick play. I can confidently say that there is much more of a skill gap now to use the F car than there was before the updated recoil pattern added more horizontal recoil to the weapon, and at longer ranges the horizontal recoil is definitely more noticeable.

The longer you shoot the gun, unlike the Lewis gun, the weapon recoil doesn't increase the more you hold it down, and on screen right now, you can see a long range and a short range full mag dump on the new Fcar recoil pattern, and you can see now that the F car's recoil pattern kind of resembles the squiggly bracket you have on your keyboard, and at longer ranges, the F car's recoil pattern definitely makes you pull down the weapon way more than before, and I am a huge fan of this change because it adds a skill gap to the F car, which definitely wasn't noticeable before because the F car's recoil pattern was so simple.

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In terms of weaponry, because, like I mentioned earlier in the article, the F car is still by far the number one option for you to use on the medium build, and in my opinion, until they either lower the damage on the F car or buff the damage on other weapons, we're not going to be seeing a different meta for the medium for a while.

I definitely agree with the recoil change and the damage range decrease. But I do think that after all these changes and how strong the F car still is, it's clear that it's still the dominant number one option at this stage of the game, and it's very clear that things need to be shifted. In a direction, away from this gun Don't get me wrong, getting a one-mag with an F car is so satisfying.

Because I would love nothing more than to be using the season 2 weapons in ranked but the KS23. Is it just not a viable option for heavy? The Famas is a decent option but still gets outgunned by the F car, and the 93r is probably the best out of the three, in my opinion, but still against an LH1 or an MP5.

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You're not doing too much, so I hope within the next few weeks we do see some major changes in terms of balancing and weaponry, because at this stage of the game. I think the F card definitely needs a damage Nerf, the Famas needs a damage buff, and even the AK needs a damage increase as well. And just before I get out of here.

I want to let you guys know that I multistream on both Twitch and YouTube, so if you guys have a preference between those two platforms, you can watch me on either one. Your support is greatly appreciated, and I can't thank you guys enough.

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