How To M11 The Finals


fjc is back with another finals article, and today what I got for you guys is a tutorial on how to properly use the M11 in the finals ranking, and in this article specifically. I'm going to be going over what gadgets and reserve items I use as well as giving you some tips and tricks to help improve your gameplay with this gun.

First, I'm going to go over the gadgets and items that I use in my reserve. Obviously, you guys can swap this around, but this is personally what I find works for me the best. We start out with the specialization, and for me personally, I always prefer running the cloaking device over the evasive dash; however, if you are a dash player, you can go ahead and throw this on.

The three main gadgets I use with this setup are the glitch grenade, stun gun, and vanishing bomb. Later on in this article, I'm going to go into more detail on why I use these three gadgets specifically, and I'm also going to give you examples of when I use them and how I use them during the game. As for the reserve items, these are the main two items that I use.


I usually swap between the frag grenade, and this season I've been messing around with the gayway grenade a lot, which is extremely useful, so if you guys haven't tried this out already for the light build. I highly recommend you do so now that the sonar grenade is moved to the light build. I also recommend you guys use this for further information for yourself and your team.

The last item that I have in reserve is the breach charge for obvious reasons, either rigging a cash out or throwing it at an enemy to cause extra damage. Now, when it comes to the M11 and the light build specifically, you definitely don't want to be the last person in the fight, but you also don't want to be the first person engaging in the fight, and you kind of want to play off your team's information to give you an advantage.

As a quick example, if your team calls that there's an enemy team sitting on a cash out waiting for you guys, it probably isn't in your best interest to run in there straight away, as you have the least amount of HP and they're going to wipe you out even with your invis, and to help counter you dying so quickly, you want to really focus on using your gadgets, especially now that the glitch grenade explodes on impact when hitting a dome or a mesh shield.


You really don't have to focus on lining up the glitch. Perfectly so it doesn't bounce off the mesh shield instead throwing it directly at the heavy, and the majority of the time when using the light build or the M11, you really don't want to be one vs. oneing a heavy unless he's already hurt or you land your glitch grenade followed up by your stun gun.

These are just a few things I do to help minimize the number of times I die when using the M11 and light build. So now we're in the practice range, and I want to show you guys a few more tips that may help you when using the M1 in the finals. The first small tip I can give you guys is to learn the M1's recoil pattern.

To do that, you're just going to let the M11 spray for a while you're aiming down. And then, to counter this recoil, you're going to want to do the opposite, so it goes up right left right, so you're going to want to go down left right left, so down left right left, and you can see that's in a much better and more closed pattern.

battlefield 1

After the first one, the next tip I can give you guys is understanding the M1's range and damage. The M1-11 is in no way a long-range weapon, so when you're choosing your fights and your battles, you definitely don't want to be engaging.

And you can see that even at 10 m, it still kills them relatively quickly now. One of the last tips I can personally give you for this setup is the combination of gadgets that you want to use in terms of when to use them, so for example, usually I'll start out with my invis. By this point, I'll see my enemy.

I'll run up to my enemy and stun him and shoot him in the head, and I think this is a key reason why people don't tend to use the M11; it's because you have to close the distance between you and your enemy to maximize the amount of damage that you output, and especially when going against a heavy build, it's kind of high risk.

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High reward even after the sa2. Nerf you can still die pretty quickly as a light so you definitely want to make sure you're moving around the heavy even after the stun he can still shoot at you so you want to make sure that you're at a good enough distance probably here the 10 m Mark to where he won't do, as much damage to you but you could still maximize the amount of damage you output to the Heavy's head so just as an example if I wanted to attack a heavy oneon-one which, isn't usually a smart idea but sometimes you need to make a highrisk high reward play so for example if I see the heavy at range and he hasn't seen me yet I'm going to pop my invis and if I don't have my invis this is why I run the vanish bomb cuz it allows me to buy a couple of seconds of invisibility.

Before the heavy can see me, I'll throw my vanish bomb and try to find an angle to throw my glitch. Slide around and stun the heavy. Shoot him in the head, and that's the combination of me using all my gadgets, and that's why you want to prioritize your gadgets on light. Running at any character without your gadgets on light is kind of a death trap.

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I mean, the most even fight you're going to find is a light against a light with no gadgets, but if you're running at a medium or a heavy without any of your gadgets or your invis, you're probably going to die relatively quickly. Now, the final tip I want to mention to you guys is regarding the M1's hip-fire accuracy.

There are a ton of situations with the M11 where you want to prioritize using HipFire because it's so accurate and so good. Obviously, you're not going to be hip-firing people across the map, as it's pretty inaccurate and sporadic, but when you're up close to a medium or a heavy target, that's when I would personally use the hip-firing.

My personal method when using the hipfire is to pop my invis first, finding the heavy, running up to him, stunning him, hip firing, and using a combination of both the hipfire and ads to maximize the amount of movement I can have and the accuracy. This is, in my personal opinion, the best tips and tricks that I can give to use for the M11.

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A lot of people during my live streams asked me to make a article about this gun because I'm one of the only people to use it, apparently. I would definitely like to see this weapon used more in ranking, as it does serve a purpose. It's just not the best gun to use for the light, obviously, but that's everything from me.