Ranked Tips For Season 2 The Finals

Intro :)

Intro :)

But anyways, I hope you sit back, relax, and let's get started so quickly with our first tip.


I'm going to highly emphasize to you getting a pre-made three-man I know some of you might say I don't have friends to play with for this game, or you know people who have quit the game. If you don't have any friends to play this game with in my description, below will be three different discords that each have a lfg for you to play in the finals.

Now let me tell you why you need a pre-made three-man. This is typically a competitive game; you need communication.

From what I've seen, if you're playing solo, it's very hard to utilize this first tip, and again, I know some of you like to play solo, but please hear me out. Getting a team will cause you less stress and easier wins, and with playing with a team, you can rely on each other, which also allows you to mix and match with classes that can blend well, but again.

I'm here to give you my tips.



not tell you how to play the game, my next tip is to try to get good with at least two classes. As for the ranking, some classes are utilized a lot more than others. The first class you want to get good at is the one that you enjoy playing the most and that you personally feel that you play best with.

Once you get very proficient and comfortable with your first class, that's when you're going to try to start practicing the other class that you've selected. Although I did say only two classes, once you feel that you're proficient enough in both of these classes, go ahead and slap on the third class, because by being able to play all the classes, you have the most flexibility for your team.

While staying on the topic of classes, make sure you use the extra character slots. This allows you to swap between gadgets and weapons before the game starts, although they slightly changed it.



My next step is to learn how to use gadgets the proper way. Starting off with using your defibs as a medium class Starting off, if you're using a light medium heavy comp, you're always going to want to prioritize, your heavy when def fibbing, and try to always full res the light cuz when you revive a light.

I believe they only get like 75 hp. At that point, it's not worth wasting your defib for one light, and when you defib a heavy, they have a higher chance of living than the light player. Although it's a little disappointing for the light player, that's typically the best course of action to take.


Now, let's say you're playing a heavy-medium-comp setup and both your heavy and medium are down. Some more gadgets to look at are turrets. Starting off with the aps turret, you're always going to want to place the aps turret in front of you, never sitting inside of the circle, because from what at least I've experienced, if you sit inside of that circle, many projectiles and nukes still do damage to you even though you're inside of that circle, as well as if you're playing against a smart heavy that reaches the aps turret and is still dealing damage to you.

I also see a lot of times where the nuke will still carry the damage even though it goes through the PS turbine now, in terms of heavy gadgets. I already have a lot of articles on how to use the heavy gadgets, but going over a quick summary of The Dome Shield specifically. You're always going to typically use a dome shield for the cash out using it to protect people that are resing, and simply using it to close distances and gaps and if you want to learn how to heavy the right way my heavy articles are going to come up top right next at least for lights and pretty much all nades you want to try to figure out how the nades actually work and bounce, as usually when you throw a glitch nade at a bubble it typically bounces off so usually you want to throw the glitch nade at the ground having it bounce once closer to the Dome Shield or simply throwing it right before it lands at the Dome Shield making sure it doesn't bounce off and you compare the glitch nade with a regular frag as a light throwing a glitch nade in a frag grenade, so you get maximum damage output starting off with the medium class for specials.



Probably the best special to use for the medium class right now is the healing beam, and this current meta is probably the best option out of the three to play, but if you don't feel like healing, you could probably get away with using Recon, although they nerfed it by reducing the range. It's still a very good special that you can still use in terms of weapons for the medium class, although the medium class has a ton of options.

You're primarily going to be looking at the F car and the AKM, and as the F car is the better one out of the two, I suggest you use the F car; however, some people still use the AKM. Although the akm is fun to use. I still lose too many duels against the F cars, but this upcoming season might change things up as the medium class is going to be the heavy class in terms of the specialization.


That the heavy if you're playing as the only heavy on your team, the mes shield is going to be the priority of what to use. However, if you're playing with two Heavies on your team, you could probably get away with one of you running charging slam and the other running M shield, but if we're focusing on playing only one heavy, the M shield gives too much utility not to use blocking incoming damage from people getting the cash out and utilizing it to close spaces as a team.

In terms of the best weapon to use on heavy, for me, it's going to be split between both the shotgun and the loose gun. If you're playing the loose gun, it's going to excel both in medium-range and long-range fights, but once it comes to close-range fights, if you don't have amazing tracking, typically, you're going to lose those fights as a heavy gun, and although the heavy shotgun only gives medium- to close-range kill potential, it's by far probably one of the best weapons that Heavy has and, in my opinion, the best weapon in the game.

season 2

In my opinion, I still don't know why it's not nerfed again yet, and if you made it this far, please make sure you subscribe. Now moving on to the light class. Your best two options for the specials are probably going to be the cloaking device and the evasive dash. I would say to choose one over the other is all based on how you play, and for me personally, when I play a class like the light.

I like to be very evasive, so I like using the dash, but again, the choice is up to you and what you prefer in terms of the weapons the light has. I would say they're all decent options, but probably the two that stand out to me the most are the XP54 and the LH1. The xp54 is going to be medium to close range, while the lh1 is going to be single fire and medium to long range. I would say both are very good, and again, it's all about how you prefer to play the game in terms of the medium class.

With Season 2 right around the corner I am giving you my tips so you can climb the ranked ladder.
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