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We won from wall, hacks, to wall hacks, wall hack, Yo, it is abop, and in today's article, I am going to go over everything that is now live in season 2. I will be going over in detail all the new weapons, all the new gadgets, and the brand new specialization. Of course, I'm going to go over the brand new 55 game mode.

I'm going to touch on private games and custom games. Let's go, but I will even be talking about some of the smaller changes, such as the defibrillator change, the C4 change, how they moved some of the gadgets around, and even things like player cards, which kind of exist. I'll show you now that there are chapters, so feel free to skip around or find what it is that you are interested in, so let's get started with the most interesting part of the article, in my opinion.

Quick opinion

This update has exceeded my expectations. I almost can't even wrap my head around it. It's very hard to compare it to any other game by any other developer. It is such a massive update; it feels like a new game, so let's.

Career tab

Career tab

Briefly talk about the new career page. Now we have a bunch of challenges that we can complete throughout the season to give us cool and unique cosmetics. A lot of these challenges and cosmetics will not be unlocked until later in the season.

In my opinion, this is a huge step in the right direction towards giving us something to grind for after we have already grinded out the battle pass levels and possibly even ranked Speaking of ranked.


I am very excited for some of the rank changes they're making. There are now placement matches.

You will have to go through eight placement matches before you get your rank, and you will be going up or down from there. And yes, this is supposed to be a more skill-based, ranked system, so hopefully we can really start to see strategies, evolve, and really see where the game goes. Now there are even more cosmetics for ranking, including charms.

There's a gold M60 skin, a platinum skin, an Xp54. MP5 skin, and lastly, a diamond Fcar skin.

Private games

I will ask to 3v3, now it looks , like there are player cards.

Player cards

Player cards

Yes, if you customize your cosmetics, whatever you do, whatever poses you change, they will reflect on this little card. As of now, it doesn't look like we can customize borders or add stats, but this is definitely a start, and I would not be surprised if there's much more to come.

5v5 game mode

Future , so the brand new 5v5 game mode is very fun. I love the way the platform moves and bounces around as you're on it. It has a lot of physics behind it, and it feels really cool, but the most important part about this game mode I believe that this will be a good spot for solo players because when there's more people on your team, there's less pressure to perform super well, so having those larger teams in larger battles, it'll just be about the battle and the destruction and not so much pressure on winning, but then you add on the shorter respawn times and the ability to switch between classes, gadgets, and specializations, which makes it a much more enjoyable casual experience for those that just want to hop in the game and have fun even by themselves.



I got emoted on my developer; now let's start digging into the good stuff. The wall hack The dematerializer is the new specialization. On the medium that replaces, recon sense Thank you. So now you are hacking walls instead of wall hacks, and this is actually really unique, pretty cool, fits the game well, and is very powerful because it allows unique plays, unique flanks, and unique escapes.

It's very simple to use; you just left-click to open the wall and right-click to close it. It has a ton of potential, and you will see that it does have a very few drawbacks, such as visual distortion, but it looks pretty cool. I can't wait to see the plays that people pull off using this new creative, unique specialization, but Let's talk about the gadget that I'm most excited about, the Gateway, with this new gadget.



You throw one gate down first, and you throw the second one down, which creates a two-way teleporter that your friends can go through, enemies can go through it, and even things that you are holding, but there's more to that. You can cook a grenade, teleport through it, drop it on the enemies, and teleport back.

If you thought that was spicy, it gets so much better. You can throw objects through the gateway, and they carry momentum. This includes the vault and grenades. Barrels I haven't tested it, but if it works with the heavy grenade launcher, this could be a game changer. Throw the gateway into a building, and then have your heavy spam grenades.

Into the gateway, but it does work both ways. Another interesting thing to note is that you will be facing the same direction that you were facing when you entered and exited the portal. If you are facing north, you will always be facing north. Now I can't wait to see how this gadget evolves. Also, I'm wondering if it will even start to replace the jump pad and zipline.

It does have a very good light on your team, and it does have a range limit. The only thing about the gadget so far that I don't really like that much is that the range limit is not obvious; there's really no indication that you're too far. It will simply start the first gate over again instead of opening up the second gate.

Data reshaper

Data reshaper

this next The gadget is called the data reshaper. This changes objects into other objects, but typically they're turned into barrels. This can be a great counter to things like C4, mines, and turrets on the objective, and it can probably come in pretty clutch when you need some utility on the fly.

So I didn't really use this gadget that much because I was mainly playing the more casual-style game modes, but I do believe similar to the aps that you will see more play in ranked because it will be more useful in those situations where people are actually denying and actively setting up near the objective.

Anti-gravity cube

The last gadget is in the heavy class, and that is called the anti-gravity. Cube, this gadget is great at buying time and setting up traps. It's also really good at denying the steel on the objective. Even if it doesn't completely take them off the objective, it'll make it much easier for them to be targeted and taken care of.

You can throw it on dead guys to make it harder for them to be revived, and another good thing to do with it is set up traps. You can put it into choke points, and when an enemy goes through them, it will limit their movement, making it much easier for them to be trapped and hopefully granting you a kill.

Season 2 is NOT live yet! Sorry . This video goes through and showcases everything that I have found or noticed so far in Season 2. Thank you to my two great teammates.
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