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this is the final game show where you get to show off your flare while impressing the many sponsors of the show in this virtual reality Battlefield. Dazzle your opponents and stand out in the eyes of many around the world as you not only dress to impress but fight your way to fame and riches in this dynamic, ever-evolving arena.

But the dust has settled, and we have had a jam-packed season as we make our way through the second season with the introduction of the hacker group CNS and other content. Let's take a look at what the future has in store for the finals. To the uninitiated, the premise is simple: get some breadth coins or lock boxes and cash them out.


It takes time to finish, so you might have to fend off some onlookers looking to steal your payout, and it doesn't even take 10 minutes, usually. Whatever they were looking up in in-bark studios sure was season to perfection. As everything about this class-based objective-oriented shooter is fresh and oozing with flavor, just go in and take the money and bring it to the cash out station, all while engaging in some fast-paced Twitchy shooty action.

Take your pick from light, medium, or heavy contestants, each equipped with different weapons and abilities to suit a wide range of play styles. You're never going to get the full Vinals experience anywhere else. You can argue that if you're tired of valerant, you can play CSO, DOTA, and league, but with the finals, it's so fresh and unique that there's nothing quite like it.

They might closely imitate certain aspects like Apex trios or OverWatch abilities, but it's not the whole deal; it's that special hole in the wall food place. They have that special sauce, that secret family recipe, A recipe only Embark Studio has achieved, and you can find it anywhere else. This is probably why it's hard to describe what the finals are without using existing games in comparison to different aspects of the game, such as a slightly watered-down Apex-style movement trio squads with OverWatch-like abilities fully destructible like Battlefield and a highly competitive playing field similar to valerant or CS.

Surprisingly, the game performs well even with all the hardware demanding destruction. The static baked-in lighting looks really pretty without you needing a supercomputer, but there's always the option to turn it on and make the lighting dynamic. The game looks gorgeous either way. The aesthetic might not be cohesive at all or not as strong identity-wise, but you can't argue against the rule of cool in a VR game that's also a game show that justifies why someone is in an alien jumpsuit and shooting someone in full cowboy.

The numbers

The numbers

Here , but it isn't always sunshine and rainbows in this virtual world, much like the many sponsors of the game show people lose interest when there's nothing to be interested in. From version 1.0, a new hip and trendy shooter is free to play, and free to play means free to check out. The massive numbers are most probably due to the novelty of a new way to play a team-oriented, class-based shooter, and as time and, on average, concurrent players on Steam have been on a steady decline, a few reasons come to mind.

Friends can't play a local game with each other for fun. If I had three friends online down to play the finals, we couldn't even do a 2v2 custom match with each other, and that's a bummer. Is there any desire to host local tournaments for higher levels of play in a theoretical eSports scene? It is bad to focus on fun and not promote high-level things such as tournaments, Not really, but having the option isn't a bad idea.

apex legends

They also seem to have been holding back on content from us until the arrival of the second season since there has been a lot of early focus on balancing out options in the game from guns to utilities; a lot of them have changed throughout the Liv so far. This means that most meaningful changes on the gameplay loop are less about new content like guns, maps, utilities, or abilities, but rebalancing things to make them less frustrating to play against ends up feeling like a waste of some since they're not letting this game play out and developing degenerate strategies and counter strategies like C4 plus canisters or nukes.

The focus on nerfing strong things instead of buffing weak things to even everything out across the board feels out of place in a frantic, fast-paced shooter that borders on the absurd. The focus on balance can end up watering down and limiting player options and creativity, which may have been what got them hooked in the first place.

The changes in the Aimbot are huge, though with the added complication of an ever-changing environment in mind, it is crucial to have the Aimbot ton down. It's practically a built-in aimbot if you're playing on a controller, so having it go bye-bye is a sign that the developers listen to the player base and are doing what they can to keep this enjoyment up for comparison.

The updates

The updates

It's still a problem at Apex. So while the game may have issues with retention and keeping the momentum at a healthy pace, it isn't all that bad since they have been listening and providing.

Season 2 is here, and no one could have predicted what was in store. We've gotten everything we've asked for and more. Embark: When it comes to delivering, it's great that the developers are very open about communicating what's been going on behind the scenes without giving away too much information.

It's mostly reassurance that everything is fine and that there's more to come in future updates. This eliminates any uncertainty that most life-service gamers have, and it's getting their game discontinued. There have been games with communicative and passionate devs that still ended up with the same fate so while it sounds we are telling you two things at once get excited and be careful it would help to be carefully optimistic, just as the divs intended with their no road map approach we only need to wait for updates, and skeptically waiting we did they have kept it varied enough to keep some people interested the expectation for it to become the Apex and fortnite killer is why, but they managed to hold it down and stand on business, the exciting chalk full of events in season 1 and going beyond the expectations with season 2 is more than proof enough that the devs know what they're doing Whenever the developers are asked in interviews or through their official Discord if they have any sort of road map for the game in the coming year, they respond.

The future

The future

Nah, we don't want to overpromise and disappoint our fans. Many see this as a negative, but is that such a bad thing? It keeps them from overpromising anything that can further disappoint this diminishing fan base. However, this can be a problem because it keeps everyone in the dark, no matter how good you are at communicating.

A diamond in the rough free-to-play team-based shooter THE FINALS, took the internet by storm. It brought to us fresh ideas in how to approach the genre.
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