The Finals Sniper Rifle Is Insanely Strong For Solo Q

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I wanted to make a article like this for a very long time. The ranked system is in complete shambles. It feels exceptionally pointless. It feels incredibly unrewarding and very unfair, both towards extraordinary players and the players that just started playing the game. I have more than 300 hours of rank tournaments, screams, and actual tournaments competing with and against the best players in the game, and what would happen is that my scream stack would end up queuing up against bronze and silver, and we would have to stomp them over and over again.

If you want to be at the top of the leaderboard, you would have to do that for 10 hours a day for 90 days straight without being paid, given the fact that you are not a Twitch streamer, but still, it is an absolute slavery that some people are placing themselves into deliberately. Unfortunately, with this.

I failed to find reasons to play ranked anymore, and I always gravitated towards having fun rather than being a sweaty one because, at the end of the day, if I'm not getting paid for something. I don't see the reason to. Be serious about it, right? The games were designed to be enjoyed with friends, and you might be wondering why the hell are you saying all of that?

For exactly this reason, I found out that I absolutely like, absolutely love, absolutely adore, and enjoy playing the sniper rifle in the finals. I came to the realization that all the meta-builds that I was constantly revolving around were bringing me nothing but emptiness inside of me. I wanted to farm clips.

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I wanted to have a good laugh with friends, but unfortunately, every single good friend of mine was ditched. I ditched all of them. I had to leave them all behind in my pursuit of greatness, but in the process, I forgot about the most important component: being social and having fun. This is what computer games are.

This is what article games were supposed to be, and I feel like we live in such a toxic hustle culture that, really, enables you to fight your demons to overcome stress, and it was just way, way too much for me. The first time I picked up a sniper rifle, something clicked in my head. I realized that I absolutely have no desire to continue grinding, rank up until the season ends, or if they would change something.

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I highly doubt that developers are going to do that because the game is designed for casuals. Unfortunately, all your casual experience is being stomped on by top players when you are in bronze, but this is a topic for another article. I decided not to grind rank leaderboard anymore, and every single time outside of Screams and tournaments, if I were to play, ranked with friends.

I would, deliberately, tell them that I really don't want to sweat; I just want to have fun, and a light sniper rifle build is going to be absolutely freaking great for that. I understand that this game is not designed to have kills; it is designed to play around the objective, but this is when, to get the most fun out of that.

I will continue farming clips on the sniper rifle. This is going to be my little villain, Arc. Perhaps after 3 days I will get back to my grind, but excuse my ADHD. This is exactly how I was built by Mother Nature. Thank you very much. So the sniper rifle was an absolute blast for me. I picked it up first, and I realized that this is like everything that I ever wanted from a computer game: I wanted to farm clips.


I wanted to be flashy. I wanted to out-skill players, not because I abuse something, but because I play a stronger weapon because I have a mechanically higher skill ceiling, and a sniper rifle is an absolute perfect weapon for that. Not only that, but I happen to have pink skin, which makes me an opponent.

I burn their asses in anger when I kill them, which makes it 10 times cooler when I'm playing Sniper Rifle. I realize that I don't have any obligations to win the games to hyper-carry games for my teammates; I don't have any responsibilities. In that regard, if I am playing the game, the main goal should be to have fun, not to have the most cash outs, not to have the most kills, or the most damage, like not being the best player in the world.

I couldn't care less about that, and when I found out that, it made me so much happier that I let go of this desire. This is one of the insights I also got from this little journey. I realized so much that playing the sniper rifle is actually crazy. So, next time you feel like ranked has become dry, ranked has become, yeah, uninteresting.


Perhaps you need to switch something up. Perhaps you need to stray away from Meta and do what makes you feel good. Play what feels nice to you. Maybe it is going to be a riot shield with three mines and a guardian turret. Maybe this is going to be a grappling hook plus a sniper rifle. Perhaps this is going to be heavy with a goo gun and a sledgehammer doing some silly goose combinations, because again, at the end of the day, article games were created to have fun just to be plagued by these demon Slayers that are trying to overcompensate for the lack of success in other areas of their lives.

Make sure that you have fun with your games.

Hey everyone, The Finals has been out for more than a month and ranked became a bit dry. Way big of a skill gap, no skill based matchmaking, no purpose in grinding the ladder for 12 hours a day 90 days straight, so I decided to have some fun trying silly builds and let me tell you, sr-84 sniper rifle is by far the most fun weapon in The Finals right now in my personal opinion. Enjoy. Watch My Ultimate Beginner's Guides.