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We will speak about team compositions, abilities, gadgets, and weapons that will help you go for that. I will fundamentally explain some principles that you are messing up, and ultimately speaking, this leads to you losing a cash out. I will go for interesting strategies and ideas that I picked up from playing with and against the best players in the game.

Overall, this is going to be a very helpful article, no matter if you are playing light, medium, or heavy. Let's get started. Fundamentally speaking, there are three team compositions that can work at a higher level of gameplay. Of course, when we speak about ranked matches, everything can work. You can play triple light you can play triple medium with turrets, and still win tournaments if you are mechanically superior to your opponents, so we have heavy medium light.

Heavy medium, and heavy medium compositions When we speak about heavy, medium, and light composition. I feel like it's going to be the worst one out of three of them, but it has a rock, paper, scissors element to it. When you are playing Light Glass, you are very bottlenecked by enemies that are running Recon and Scar, especially if they are on controller.

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It is super easy to one-clip lights; it is super easy to see them through walls, and all of your elements, surprise, are just never there. Every single time you would want to defend the cash out, every single time you would want to steal the cash out, you would run into a medium with Recon. You would run into a person who's playing heavy and nuking you.

You would run into a person who's stalking you and double-tapping you on the shoulder. And ultimately speaking, when we talk about the main goal of this game, which is to defend or steal cash outs, light class is not about that at all, so heavy medium light is going to be the weakest team composition you can run when it comes to defending or stealing the cash out.

A few tips I can give you if you are playing light in that composition are: Is to, especially if the timer is low, go for the stun gun at the end, so you want to make sure that you are not picking a fight; you want to make sure that you are not brawling your enemies, but instead, waiting patiently until the person will start.


The steal, so then stun gun him, maybe invis, or reapo if a second person wants to steal. This way, you will be able to give your team a few important and valuable seconds. When we talk about heavy medium composition, you want your medium to have resonance and heal at the same time. This is going to be the strongest one because double heal is going to be severely out of position every single time because Recon users are going to take better spots.

They will always know where you are, and there will be very interesting surprises along the way. People might spawn camp you without you knowing, and people will be able to completely destroy you and make your life miserable. So when we talk about heavy medium, one guy is playing Recon, and one guy is going for healing beam.


It's incredibly important to understand that he will always lose to double-head compositions because they have nukes, shields, and bubbles. And there is not much counterplay for it, right? So fundamentally speaking, stealing or defending the cash out against double heavy medium is going to be infinitely difficult because, let's imagine the situation where you are low on timer and you are defending enemies throw two bubbles and two shields, and their medium is Crouch spamming the steel on the cash out.

It is going to be infinitely impossible to do anything against that. In that situation, you don't have any glitch grenades to get rid of shields. If you are playing Scar plus AK, it will take you ages to get through the first mesh plus bubble, and there is a second one as well. And not only that, but they are also body-blocking their medium.

So, fundamentally speaking, right now, before the meta changes, it is going to be infinitely easier to play double heavy medium composition for you to defend or steal the cash out, so when you're playing double heavy, especially with shotguns, you never want to pick a fight, so you want to play inside.


Of course, it depends on the type of cash out, but when we were playing with them, when I was playing with them, we were playing. Monaco and multiple-story buildings are right, so how would they set up when they were double-heavy? One guy would place the C4. The ceiling below the cash out, so this way it drops one floor.

Fundamentally speaking, you don't want to kill enemies; you don't want to pick a fight; you just want to waste as much time as possible without even wasting your resources. Fundamentally, this game is very third-party and fourth-partyish, which means that even if you successfully kill one team, there is going to be another wave of Plants versus Zombies that will completely devour you alive.

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So when we talk about ways to prolong our, like, you know presence on the bo, and of course dropping the cash out one floor below is going to be enough for you to drop the cash out one more floor below and enemies would constantly have to drop. Where do you play in that situation? You can always play one floor below and then perform a window climb if it's possible, or if it's not possible, you can play the first floor and then quickly use the medium jump pad in order to jump up and surprise your enemies from above because it's fun.

Mally speaking, this game is all about high ground presence. The person or team that's staying on high ground will have an infinite advantage over the team that's playing below because the team on high ground can choose the engagement timing they are hiding their body behind, the natural cover, and they can pick off enemies that are trying to steal again.

Even if you can mesh on the same floor and you have to like shoot the shield, it's going to be a little bit tricky trying to mesh a person that's stealing below right because there are multiple angles that you can peek from and you can always see the enemy head depending on the angle you choose, so you want to.

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Make sure that you are dropping one floor below every single time and that you are keeping the rotation of your C4s. This way, you will waste as much time on your enemies as possible. Another thing that can massively help you with increasing your chances of success is going to be gas barrels, so when you are setting up, make sure that one of your teammates is actively looking for gas barrels in order to place them under the cash out.

Ideally, you want to place the gas barrel on the floor, which you initially planned to blow the cash out of. Imagine that you are playing in a four-story building, and you are dropping the cash out on two floors. This means that your gas barrel has to be at the final destination of the cash out in order to be useful because if you proc it above, it's going to be useless; if you proc it below, it's also going to be useless.

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