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The goo gun is extremely underrated in the finals, from the ability to traverse the sandbox environment to denying access to cashouts and freezing the opponents in place. The goo gun is an unstoppable force with this build. The build consists of the goo gun specialization paired with the sledgehammer RPG bubble shield and the C4 explosive.

When traversing through the arena, you can use the goo gun to create stairs along the sides of buildings, allowing you to access an advantageous position. Another notable tip is that you're able to catch yourself falling off a building by shooting a shot of goo at the wall. As you fall, you're also able to tower straight up using the goo gun.

To do this, you'll have to look straight down and time your shots at the peak of your jump to avoid getting stuck in the goo. While running the sledgehammer, you will face fights from a distance, leaving you ineffective. To combat this, the goo gun can be used at range or nearby to block their line of sight.

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To avoid getting gunned down, the goo can be shot directly at the enemy, stunning them for a few seconds. When doing this, it is best to aim for the head to shut down any chance of shooting back. Once they're frozen in place, you can move them for the kill to maximize the effectiveness of the sledgehammer.

There are a number of combos that should be used for each class when finding a light; either one right click or two left clicks will suffice. With the medium, due to their larger health pull, a right click will leave them on low HP. The best combo is to use two left clicks and a melee; with a heavy, it'll be most effective to get a right click off followed by a left click and a melee.

The goo gun can be an essential tool when setting up defenses. To best protect the cash out, you'll need to block key access points such as windows and doorways. This will greatly limit the entry points for enemies, which helps create a funnel for your mediums, mines, and turrets. The opponents will either have to push the booby-trapped entrance or force their way in using explosives once the point is set up with the goo.

I found that playing the four below or above will put you in a position to catch enemies coming in off guard while remaining within range to deny any cash out. That's all for the tips. Let's jump into the clips.

Goo gun clips

Goo gun clips

Now, yeah, it's coming. Me, him, it's stealing from me. Sorry, me; I'm late.

The Goo Gun is UNDERRATED in THE FINALS | Goo Gun Tips Clips. This guide will give a number of tips on how to effectively use the goo gun specialisation alongside the sledgehammer. With an array of clips to showcase the potential of this build.
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