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Yo I'm not going to give some half-fast introduction to the article, so I'm just going to get straight into it. I'll be spitting out a few tips and tricks I've learned so far while playing the finals, but I'm going to try to keep this article as short as possible, so anyway, let's get straight into it.

Starting up is a pretty simple one, but make sure you shoot out the zip lines around the cash out you're defending. Shooting these things out will force your opponent to try to get to you by an alternate method, wasting some of their time. Another thing I like to do is, if my teammate is in the process of stealing a cash out and it's absolutely necessary we get it as soon as possible.

I'll use my body as a meat shield to give my team a couple extra seconds in hopes that it'll get us the cash out. This works out if your equipment is on a cooldown and it's essential your team gets a cash out, but it's not always a guarantee that your teammate will get the cash out in time. It's a last-stitch effort if you're outnumbered and/or surrounded and need the cash out for the dub.

the finals

Something else you should be doing is utilizing the canisters around the map. Use the pink canisters. For the foam inside the block doorways and vents, you can use the red propane tank like a [__] to blow [__] up, destroy structures, and create more opportunities to get inside a building. The grayish ones are basically like smoke screens; the orange and green canisters do a lot of damage, so use these to force an enemy out of their hidey hole or to defend your cash.

They're all very useful for certain situations, so get accustomed to them and try to use them accordingly. One other thing I notice people do is that even though their team is in the lead or in the process of winning, they will try to cash out a vault instead of defending it. If you're approaching the last minute of the round and you're already in the lead, there's no need for you to cash out any more vaults.

The best thing you should do is camp the vault and try to stop anybody else from taking the vaults and attempting to cash them out. I've had people on my team pick up these vaults despite being in the lead and running over the cash. Even though the game is already near completion, throwing a vault into a cashout will cause the game to go into overtime.


Extending the match by another minute until whenever the cash out is actually completed, so basically, if you're in the lead and the game is about to be over, don't try cashing out the last vault; instead, defend the last vault until the game is over. If the vault gets into the cash out despite the game nearing its end, it will extend the game by another minute, creating an opportunity for the losing teams to move on if you have defibrillators.

Equipped, save them as much as you can if you have enough time to just revive your teammates manually, do so if you're pinned down and there's multiple people around you and you need the extra support as soon as possible then you can use your defib but remember the defibs have quite a long cool down and they're pretty important, depending upon your situation so do your best to use this wisely if you can get away with a normal revive just do so in quick play you have unlimited respawns but you still always want to respawn as soon as your timer hits zero because if your entire team is wiped your respawn timer is extended by at least another 20 seconds which can cause you a game but in tournaments and ranked tournaments you're granted limited token responds, so be mindful on how you use them whenever you're playing a tournament and you spawn at the beginning of the match there will be two available faults you always want to go for the vault closest to you and this will be easily identifiable.

As the lower number, you do this so that there aren't nine people fighting over a single vault, which can get pretty chaotic. This is the same case for a cashout after you respawn. From getting wiped, if there's two active cash outs, go for the one close to you. Aim your crosshair over the cash out to see the distance, and if the distance is a lower number than the other cash out, go to this one.

I know this sounds self-explanatory for some people, but I play this game with mostly randoms; a lot of them don't know about it. If you go to the wrong Cash Out rev vault, you'll end up fighting three teams over one cash out while the other team is just chilling, and this one goes out for all the thick boys.

You can place your barricades in front of vents to prevent midgets from getting into the room. This is only useful if people aren't blowing the [__] out of the walls, but it's still useful to prevent an ankle-biting assassin. Chihuahua from [__] brings you another self-explanatory tip, but don't let your points Stay full; you can use these points to purchase equipment, and if you let them run out, you're missing out on getting more points whenever you reach around 2,800.

I like to say, just start buying some random [__] even if you have no intention of using it. Another tip I have for you is don't shoot any mines on the cash out if you're about to seal it. If you want a team fight for the cash out, now it's time to go into the steal. Try not to trigger or shoot any of the mins you shoot a mine, and if it happens to be a gas mine, it'll linger for like 15 plus seconds, which can interrupt the stealing process because you can easily die from the gas if you're not being healed if you happen to not have a Healer on your team.

Triggering these mines will mean you have to wait to start stealing the cash out, and before you know it, while you're waiting, another team can show up and [__] your [__] up, so basically, try not to mess with any of the mines in the cash out, do not shoot them, and do not trigger them. Simply go in for the steel and ignore them.

Another thing you should know is that you can cancel your reloads in this game. To do this, simply switch to any other gadget you have equipped, and then switch back to your gun. This will cancel your reloading animation. Moving on, you can either drop stuff at your feet or launch it. You can launch [__] by pressing the same button you use to shoot your weapons, and you can drop [__] at your feet by pressing the same button you use to aim your weapons.

I'm assuming this is the same case for a controller, but I don't know. You can do this with everything you can pick up in the game, and also, dropping the canisters at your feet will not ignite them, but throwing them will. I usually like to drop the green and orange canisters around on the cash out for extra defenses, but I do not launch them because they will ignite.

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