The Finals 7 Secret Tips & Tricks. How To Get Better At The Finals

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Family guys, listen up in today's article. We're going to go over some very important tips for the finals, and all of these little things, these little interactions, will make a huge difference in the way you play the game. If you're trying to get away from an enemy, stay alive and push those things.

The first thing I want to talk about is that you can actually preactivate. For example, in the Flaming one, if you pick it up and then melee it twice, it will set on fire, and then you can just wait for a few seconds to throw it and pretty much turn it into a bomb that just blows up instantly.

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If you don't do that, and if you throw it just regularly, you guys can see that it has like a few seconds, then you have to wait for it, so if you're trying to catch the enemy of guard, just meleeing it twice and just turning it into a bomb. Is absolutely amazing and it's super fun to do same goes for this one right here but for this one it's a different technique you just let go, and then catch it right away, and that will activate the barrel you see that right boom and then you let go and it explodes on the spot so it doesn't bounce off, or it doesn't have any kind of timer you're pretty much just cooking it in your hands and then letting it go, now let's quickly talk about the zip lines cuz these are a very important part of the game and a lot of people don't know some techniques for example you can jump on the zip lines, as you see in the game play it makes the travel time much faster and it makes it much harder for your enemies to land shots Let's take another look.

Boom, you get on the zip, just jump, and you just get across so much faster. It's very cool to know this tip, and I've been using it pretty much all the time in all of my games. While we're talking about movement, let's talk about the jump pad. A lot of people use the jump pad, but then do not destroy it, and then the enemy players can use it again to get to you, so if you are in a situation where it's getting intense and you just jumped up to the spot and you have enemies chasing you, just turn around and shoot the jump pad just to make it harder for your enemies to track you down.

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Now let's go over the buttons. There are a lot of these buttons that you see on your screen right now. You're just running up and pressing them, but you can simply shoot them. This can be a game changer when you're trying to get away from someone or you're chasing someone, for example, on an elevator, so make sure to use this mechanic whenever you can.

It's a really cool one; you don't have to always run up to it every single encounter. Now let's talk about the cache. You don't have to run up to it, guys. As you guys can see right here, you can grab it from pretty far away. If you're sprinting and then using it, you're going to throw it further, which can be very strong in many situations.

These little things will help you get the cash in place much faster than normal. The next thing I want to talk about here is the medium class. A lot of people don't know this, especially new players, and if they just place the turrets in very simple spots, you can put the turrets wherever you want.

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You can put them on the ceiling, as you guys can see right here, and it catches the enemy players off guard. Right Everybody usually hears the turret; they're looking for it on the bottom corners. As you guys can see, it covers all of the area right here, the perfect spot, and things like this will catch your enemies off guard.

You can even do some sneakier placements, and at the end of the day, that's what it's all about. And finally, a small bonus tip: if you want to see your battle pass skins, they're literally in the practice range; you can see them right here, really cool addition to the game. Actually, I really like the fact that we can see this, even some of the emotes.

I believe that as an emote with the fire in her hands and everything like that, so yeah, overall, those are the things that I quickly wanted to go over. I will be uploading more tips, guides, and builds for every class and everything like that for all the people that don't know. By the way, I stream here on YouTube, and I'm also going to be streaming on Twitch.

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I got a really cool team with me; we got a perfect setup of heavy, medium, and light, and we are going to be going for that diamond rank, and on top of that. I am going to be helping viewers get to the diamond rank, so if you want those beautiful diamond skins, you know where to find me. Let's go, baby.

Let's go i mean, we literally have the best community of all. Time, he got no scope.

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