This Needs To Change The Finals


Sure, you see the occasional model 1887. Player, but for the most part, N9 out of 10 medium players in ranked will be using the fard; a medium not using the fard in ranked is about as rare as my bank account having money. Assuming you hit all of your shots with an EF car, you'll kill a heavy player before your magazine is even empty, and even if you do miss a few bullets, the reload time is generous enough that you can finish the job in under two seconds.

Don't get me started on what the F car does to light blers because if you aren't amazing at playing light, the F car will absolutely, [__]] on your life in like five bullets. The F car user could have the shittiest aim known to mankind, but if they hit at least 25%, Of their shots on a light, the player is going to be reduced to coins.

This is probably the reason why I don't see as many lights in ranked since to get the most out of that class, you have to play extremely well because if you make even a single mistake or if you're not positioned correctly, you'll die, and if a person with an F car takes you by surprise, you'll die before you even have enough time to react.

That stinks and all, but my biggest issue with the Fard being so goddamn powerful is that you rarely ever see any other mediums using any of the other weapons. There's a total of five guns in the mediums kit, but people only use the F car since not using the F car is just putting yourself at a disadvantage.

the finals

The AKM is a peashooter, and even if you have a sexy aim, a mediocre gamer with the F car will still take a sloppy [__]] on your life in seconds, and then you have the Famas. And despite this gun getting buffed recently, the F car is still way better than this gun. Then you have the revolver, which isn't really reliable either since I personally don't like the ads and it feels weird whenever I shoot it, and the revolver will be easily outdamaged.

By the F car, the only other medium gun that you'll see in rank is the model 1887. Since it does massive damage, but it's a shotgun, and you need to be in close range to use the shotgun, whereas the F melts people at close, medium, and long range. The F car isn't just the superior medium weapon; it makes nearly every other gun, excluding the 1887.

No matter how good you are with positioning or your aim, you'll lose most gunfights to fard players, even if they're much worse than you are. I don't know about you guys, but I hate this. I want to see every medium gun have play time and be useful on ranked, but this obviously hasn't been a thing since season one.

If you go into two ranked with anything but the F car, you will be punished, and ideally, every single gun in the game should be useful and strong, and that's the case for the heavy and light classes, which is great, but I need to see more balancing for the medium class, and the best way to go about that, in my opinion, is to Nerf the F car.

Now you might be thinking Bernard the Fard just got nerfed a couple weeks ago. Well, my fellow gamers, I don't really consider that a nerf, and I think the gun needs to be nerfed again. Sure, the recoil is a tiny bit harder to control at times, but it's nothing too dramatic if you've been using the gun consistently for a while.

The recoil changes are easily adaptable. So I'd like to see a Nerf that addresses the damage up for the F car, whether it be damage drop-off or if the general damage output of the gun is decreased. Either of these two would be a huge Nerf and give other guns the chance to be useful and ranked. If anyone watching this doesn't agree with the Nerf to the Fgar, then at the very least I'd like to see every other weapon be strong enough to compete with the F car and ranked because the finals is a beautiful game but it gets pretty stale, playing medium when you're forced to run one gun since the others are poopy butt cheeks in comparison.

I love using the akm and the revolver, but there's no point in ever bringing these guns into ranks since the F car is the superior gun in literally every single aspect, and I'm a competitive gamerman, so I'm not going to knowingly put myself out of disadvantage by bringing in anything other than the F car into ranks.

No matter what approach the developers decide to take, we need to start seeing every medium gun being viable and ranked. I want this Fcar era to be over because it's been going on since the beginning of season 1. I'm not saying the gun should be nerfed into the ground to the point it's almost useless; I just want to see people not be punished by bringing in other weapons.

I want to see variety. There are five guns that could be used, but there's only one that's ever been used. I know metas will always exist in games like this, but a single gun should never be more powerful than any of the other guns in a class. With that being said, remember to stay hydrated and to keep