The Current State Of The Meta The Finals


What I got for you is another discussion article where I'll be discussing what I think needs to be added to the game. Let's get right into the article. Starting off with what needs to be changed or what Embark should do, at least from a rank player's perspective, is that they definitely need to shift the meta or some type of meta change.

Now, what you mostly see in ranked or just normal casual play is two primary weapons for each class. For the light class, it's going to be the XP54, which is one of the most used light weapons for medium to close range, and the other primary light weapon that's going to be used is the lh1. Being super effective at pretty much all ranges, there's essentially no reason not to use this gun when you're playing in a light class.

Now I'm not saying to completely neerf these weapons to the ground, but I am saying to some degree that it allows you to play other weapons besides those two, but some people might say Hey Duck I can use the M11, for instance, or the 93r in rank, and I do just fine now. I'm not saying that's bad or anything when playing other weapons, but you could definitely see a factory of your wind lash or KD, for instance, by using those two weapons instead.


Another big item that the light has that needs to be changed, which I believe was changed while I was recording, is the light special, the cloaking device. I cannot tell you how long this special terrorized the game. Now, from talking to people who quit this game, there's quite a handful of people who said they quit the game because of the cloaking device.

Most of them, in quotes, said that the device was too strong for what the light could do, although I do agree to a certain extent that the cloaking device was a tad bit too much. It definitely made sense why the light class needed this. The light class's HP was low enough that it needed some type of escape besides the evasive dash and grapple hook.

Now again, I'm not saying to Nerf it into the ground, but to maybe make some type of change that allows players to see it a little bit better or even reduce the cooldown times. Now, when it comes to the medium class, we can all agree that there's one specific weapon we all think about when we think of the medium class, and that is the F car.

the finals

If you haven't been playing the finals or anything, then you wouldn't know about this weapon, but in the current state of the game, the F car is probably the most dominant weapon in the entire game. In the past, they've tried making Nerfs to decrease the damage, and they even reworked the recoil, which was still not enough to fix the gun now, just like in my light class.

I'm not saying to Nerf this gun to Oblivion, but they should Nerf it pretty hard so some weapons like the model or perhaps even the Magnum can be used more in the game right now. When you're playing the medium class, there's very little reason to not play the fard, as it's pretty dominant in every scenario, at close range, medium range, and even long range, and the fard definitely rewards players if you have pretty decent aim.

For instance, I believe it's around about 15 head shots or so with the F car to completely kill a heavy, with the heavy being the class with most HP. I would hope that it would be able to survive at least one mag of the F car, but unfortunately, they can't survive it, and when you think of the medium specializations, most people think about the old Recon, which was horrendous, and I personally believed it should have never been in the game, which I'm glad they removed, but now we all have our attention set on the healing beam.

If you play the finals, you know exactly how strong this special is, to the point where there's really no reason to play any other special in the medium class besides the healing beam, although the healing beam is definitely a cool concept for this game, and I believe it definitely fits very well. Again, I believe there needs to be some type of change to the healing beam.

One way might be to increase the amount of time it takes to heal somebody to full HP or just reduce the amount of HP you can heal in general. In my eyes, you shouldn't be able to heal a heavy from pretty much zero HP to full HP, but that's just me. In my eyes, there needs to be some type of middle ground or another reason to be able to use the turret or the demat ability.

I think both of those abilities are super unique and should have a place to shine now. When it comes to the heavy class, there's two weapons. You can only think of the first weapon as the Lewis gun, and the second weapon as the SA 1216, otherwise known as the heavy shotgun. Now I just want to quickly touch bases on the sa 1216 or the heavy shotgun, and saying I'm glad that the devs kind of nerfed it but prior to the Nerf the heavy shotgun was absolutely dominant there was pretty much zero reason to use any other gun on the heavy class again prior to the Nerfs you could pretty much one tap of light two tap of medium, and about three to four shots to take down a heavy now even after the Nerfs the heavy shotgun is still in a super good place for the meta to the point where if you can't control the Lo gun recoil just use the heavy shotgun in my eyes the heavy shotgun is still super strong and useful to players that play Heavy in ranks or just in normal game modes in general, now in my eyes this could be a little bit of a biased opinion but I personally thought the ls gun was okay before the Nerf of it as prior to the Nerf you pretty much always see players using the heavy shotgun rather than the L gun which I personally liked as I was pretty much one of the only players using the L gun at that time but with this quote unquote L gun nerfed.

It was just pretty much reinforced. The meta, as it currently is, is players playing Super huddled up together, and pretty much no roaming is allowed now. I believe another reason why the sa26, or heavy shotgun, is still super strong is that the specialization, that the heavy has the mesh shield, is still in a super good spot.

Although they have previously changed the amount of HP, the mesio gets 1, 000 HP, and the ability to gap close while using it is still a very strong technique to use now. I'm not saying to Super Nerf to bring the mesh shield to the ground, but to make some type of change to where you can't bring it up as fast, maybe reducing the HP to maybe even 800 HP or just doing a complete rework of it in general.

Now there's one thing I really want to talk about, especially in this meta, which is the statement on nukes or the ability to throw 2 C4 on a barrel and make a nuke, which allows you to instantly kill a team or at least one player of a team, or so on. I want to know when we were able to use nukes prior to season 2.