The. Current. State Of The Finals


YouTube: How to Duck You are making duck films. Here, what I got for you today is a discussion article on the current state of the finals. But anyway, that's enough for me. Let's get straight into the article. As someone who makes content for this game. I've been watching the Steam chart since release and the Twitch viewership, and just so you know, this article was inspired by fjcs articles, so make sure to check them out.

On screen now is the steam chart from when the game was released until the current date, which is 421. When the gamers released the player count was roughly over 200, 000 players on screen is also the percentages of players lost or gained and although the player count is staying at an average of about 20, 000 players daily it's still a drastic change from that 200k player base now this trending decline can be tied into what the meta is as there's a lot of people I've talked to that quit the game because the meta didn't change, now for quite a while most of the people I knew would get nuked in the beginning of a match and just leave the match right away which resulted in lots of players just quitting the game outright cuz nukes were completely broken on top of that you had things as the medium Recon ability the non- nerfed heavy shotgun or the sa 1216.

the finals

And other various broken weapons; all of this was a core feature of the meta, and I believe, like many others, that the changes that were made were too little, too late now. As a heavy player. I definitely did abuse the nuke, but I also understood the problem with this as it wasn't really fair one-shotting an entire team in about 1 second, like many others.

I spoke for trying to Nerf nukes, and we did eventually get the nuke Nerf, as only a little of the damage was reduced and the velocity and speed of the barrels were slightly adjusted. This is all prior to season 2. Now, when season 2 came out, they completely removed nukes from the game. You were no longer really able to nuke anybody, as the time to detonate the C4 on barrels took longer and the trajectory was completely different with the barrels.

However, removing barrels or nukes definitely reinforced the meta much more. It became much more apparent how overly powerful the other classes and gadgets were, as we all know that the current meta is heavy, either another heavy or a light, and then a pocket healer. The heavy would just run around with the heavy shotgun, tapping people while not losing any HP and getting constantly healed.

In my opinion, this is what really killed the player, based on the fact that you have a new season and new weapons, new abilities, and new gadgets, but none of those weapons or gadgets changed anything about the meta of the heavy shotgun. The F car, the healing beam, and even the XP54 and the lh1 were all completely broken still, and as season 2 progressed, playing against the same classes and abilities every single game and every single round definitely ruined the fun of the game to me as you weren't really able to mix and match with the new weapons as the quote unquote Meta weapons were heavily dominant and ranked in other game modes.

Another issue I've come across is matchmaking, and although the matchmaking is a bit better than getting placed with the same ranks, the outrageously long queue times and other issues occurring were definitely a turnoff on playing ranked, as although I was playing with diamond and plat teammates. I was still getting placed against golds and bronzes.

And also the fact that you weren't able to know how much FP you were gaining or losing meaning when you could rank up and d rank was completely unknown. Lots of people would be coming into my chat asking how I rank up, and my simple reply was, I don't know how this works. Some witchcraft was going on, and now another major factor in the player's decline, and I think just not getting people's attention is the lack of advertisement.

Now Nexon's and memb Bark's Court's statement was that they were going to be dumping tons of more money into advertising, which, looking from an outsider's perspective, seems like this is going to be amazing; they're going to have more advertisements, maybe even Twitch rivals or something like that to try to draw more attention to the game, but I can honestly say I've only gotten like one YouTube ad or one Twitch ad about the finals, and it's nothing like a new advertisement showing the new game mode or guns.

Another big turn-off to this game is the cheater problem or just playing against the same players in general, and I can honestly say that besides, say. CS Go. I've never played against so many cheaters in a article game before. In most of Embed's weekly updates for the finals, in the patch notes, it always says security improvements.

And going off that. I always think they finally updated the anti-che, and lo and behold, after updating my game to improve the security, the amount of cheaters I will end up running into is crazy, the amount of hard Aimbot and shooting through meshes I see after these updates is hysterical, as well as the fact that I don't really see people get banned.

It's just a few weeks ago that I played against one cheater, thinking the next day that he would get banned, and lo and behold, that guy was still there cheating, so I'm not really sure what happens with this anti-cheater, if it even really detects cheaters. Just like FJC and many other content creators.

I've been streaming this game since its release, and I would say that once the game first released, the viewership was very good and it was very promising. I would say upwards of maybe 10, 000 active viewers. But as time went on, and as I recently checked, there's only an active 300 people viewing it now for me, coming from a game like Battle Bit that had a super sudden decline in players, and just like that, the game was dying.

I see the same fate that's happening with Battle Bite and other games in the finals now. I can only say that hopefully it doesn't end up that way, but on the current path that's taking it, it looks like it now. To summarize all the key issues that I found in this game, it's going to be the meta not evolving or changing due to the addition of the new weapons and gadgets to the matchmaking or ranked game mode in this game, the lack of advertising to the majority or just advertising in general, and the cheater problem that is taking place.