The Finals: Dramatically Increase Performance / Fps With Any Setup

The finals best settings for fps gameplay (the finals benchmark)

The finals best settings for fps gameplay (the finals benchmark)

It's Panino here, and this is the ultimate FPS increase guide for the finals. In this article, we'll be covering all of the best in-game settings optimizations and other tweaks you can apply to your system to ensure that you get the best gameplay experience possible, the lowest input latency, and the highest FPS.

There'll also be a few different optimized presets to ensure that you can dial in the settings that you're looking for, whether it be ultra-high FPS or just a mixture of decent settings without giving up too much visual fidelity. We'll quickly be going over a few very basic Windows optimizations that you definitely want to be utilizing when playing , Finals.

The finals best settings info and basic windows settings for more fps

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Start by navigating down to the bottom and searching for games. Space mode Selecting game mode settings and ensuring Windows game mode is switched on next up, navigate down inside of Steam. Find the finals, right-click on the game, go to manage, then go to browse local files. A folder on your desktop should open up.

Go to the top of the navigation bar, double-click highlight, and select the entire directory where the game is installed. Right-click and select copy. Exit out go to the bottom, this time typing in GPU. Space settings and selecting the graphics settings panel never down to browse Go to the navigation bar at the top, remove everything inside of here, right-click in the blank space, select paste, then press enter.

Go down to {10} and select Add. Scroll down to {10}. go to options, then go down to high performance, and select save. Scroll back up towards the top to change the default graphic settings and ensure that hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling is enabled on your GPU if it's supported, and optimizations for window games are set for everyone, even though you may not be planning on utilizing window mode for the finals.

The finals are a DirectX 12 title, meaning it doesn't support full-screen exclusive modes, and all DirectX 12 games technically run in windowed modes anyway, so that's a great option to have enabled for any direct X12 game, a very small and extremely basic optimization. But what can be done in some cases is to navigate down to the Windows button, search for Power Space Plan, then select Edit Power Plan.

Go to the top of the navigation bar and select power options. Go to Show Additional Plans, and you'll have a few power plans available on your system for those of you on desktops and PCs. I would at least recommend trying out the high-performance power plan. Go over to the power plan and select the small icon next to it. If at any point you decide you want to go back to what you were using originally for any reason, just simply select the old option and exit.

Gpu driver important info & the finals stutter fix

Gpu driver important info & the finals stutter fix

Next up is to update your GPU drivers. This is incredibly important, especially for those of you on Nvidia or AMD Radon drivers. The previous two NVIDIA drivers actually had a bug that Nvidia has fixed inside of those, so you're probably going to want to update your GPU driver anyway.

The reason you'll want to do this now is that when you do reinstall your GPU drivers, they typically clear out your shader cache as well, which is very important because Unreal Engine games typically don't pre-render shaders, so when you play the game for the first time, see a new map, or see new models, you'll get those really bad stutters.

That's because the shaders are being cashed; these stutters will go away the more you play the game, and in really basic terms, you can think of this as the GPU learning the game in which you're playing; the more it learns, the more cash it will build for the game, leading to Silky Smooth performance, so whether it's Intel.

AMD, or Nvidia. I would definitely recommend downloading the latest GPU drivers. Additionally, for those of you looking for the absolute best performance possible, it is highly recommended to debloat and customize your very own Nvidia driver to strip back the features you're not planning on using and see a decent performance uplift.

All of those articles can be found here.

The finals settings guide

The finals settings guide

Before we jump into the in-game settings, it's highly recommended that you take yourself over to play, go to practice, and go into the practice range. This way, we can make changes to the game settings in a live instance, so you can see immediately how the game's performance and visuals Once you've booted into a live instance, if you want a quick and easy way to monitor FPS in game and you don't have a custom setup like the Statistic Server like I do here.

If you're on the Steam version of the game, press shift and tab. Go down to the bottom and click on the settings icon. Go to the top left to in-game, go about halfway down to the in-game FPS counter, turn this on, and put it in any location. Once you're done, press Shift. Tab, and in the top left-hand side, you can now see a small FPS counter first off jumping into the ingame settings.

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Press Escape and go to Settings. Then start off with gameplay. I would highly recommend that you spend a little while just adjusting the default crosshair. You can change the color, the size, and all the different options inside of here to get something that you are comfortable with. Once completed, go over to the mouse and keyboard.

One setting you may wish to experiment with is mouse focal length sensitivity scaling. If you turn this off regardless of whether you're hip-firing or scoped in with any weapon, you will have the same unified mouse sensitivity. If you don't like that and you prefer having a slower mouse when zoomed in, then you would want to leave this on a really good quality of life setting.

I like to adjust by setting all of the enemy colors to one uniform. You can do this inside of accessibility, options, where you can find team colors, and turn this off. Pair this up by going down to color blind mode and adjusting it. I like to have it so the enemies all show up in orange. This is a personal preference, but in my opinion, it does clean up the image a lot and makes it a lot less confusing.

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Once completed, head over to article windowed mode, which is going to be set to full screen unless you need to use borderless. Resolution should be set to the highest resolution available, which should be your monitor's native resolution, which it is set to for me. If you do have the option for NVIDIA DLSS frame generation, we'll be skipping this for now as it's not recommended, and DSSS frame generation does increase input latency, and if you're on a GPU that supports this technology, you can typically get a good enough frame rate at the base game anyway.

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