I Found 3 New Crazy Movement Techs On The Finals. Teleport, Turret Launch, Surf


So what you're going to need for this launch is a guardian turret or an APS turret. The guardian turret is slightly better for controlling your launch and less likely to break the prop once you land, unlike the original turret launch in season 1. Not every single prop is going to work, but there's an easy way to tell which will, plus I'll show the ones I find work.

Pretty much every prop that has two layers to it, like certain plants or this outdoor heater, will work. The higher you can place the tur on the top layer of the prop, the better the launch will be. You want to try to place the tur flat and not on an angle, because if you do that, it'll just weigh the prop down and make it fall, but once you're on top of the turret, you just pick up the prop, and it will launch you for a faster, more forward launch.

Look forward pretty quickly after picking up the prop; for a higher launch, look up a little. Teleporting, for this you need a guardian turret and if you want to be able to do it on your own you need a frag as well if you don't want to run a frag you could still do this if you have someone who will break the prop for you this only works on these outdoor heaters unlike the turret launch so pretty much wherever you are when you place the turret on top the heater this will be where you teleport back to then when you're at the place you want to teleport from you need to be mantling while the proper, this is why you use a frag or have a teammate break it probably sounds like you need some perfect timing but you really don't I promise it is very easy there's no limit on how far you can do this as you can literally see me teleport across all of Monaco.

Instantly, and it's not going to teleport you to the first place you were when you put the turret on, so if you decide you want a different place to teleport back to, just pick up the turret and then put it on. Building and placing the turret sideways is less consistent and will often just put you somewhere randomly in between the original location and where you're breaking it from. The only thing I couldn't teleport through was the brazed area of Skyway, Way, now moving on to prop surfing.

Outdoor heater prop surf

Outdoor heater prop surf

To do this, you use pretty much the same technique as the turret launch, but it's only on this prop. Any class can do this, and you don't need any specializations or gadgets. But if you're doing this on heavy.

I recommend using a goo gan or barricade because you can't climb up from the same height, and you could use either of those to hop on more. Easily The faster launches, where you look forward more quickly, seem to be as consistent and get you the same distance as with the tur. You can also get on top of the heater with a single goo, but doing it twice allows you to get closer to the center, which ends up saving you more time because of the top and how slippery it is.


Higher launches where you look up slower can still get you pretty high, but not as much, and it's way less consistent than with the turret. When the top part is broken, you can go even faster and farther; it's just a little bit harder to do. Control: during low gravity, you can jump on top of the heater from the same height as you go further, and your bee hops out of it are insane, but anyway, I hope you all enjoyed this tech guide.

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In this movement tech guide, I will show you how to Create a Teleporter as a medium build, Turret Launch 2. 0, and a gadgetless prop surf.