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And also, if you just improve your movement overall in the finals, then this is going to be the perfect article for you guys. I'm going to be covering everything from the basics and explaining how each basic individual. Movement Tech works so that it's easier for you guys to. Understand them, build upon them, and implement them into harder, more advanced movement techniques.

There's a lot to cover, so make sure that you guys stick around for the article. After we cover the general movement in the game, I'll be going over some class-specific tips for each class, but really quick before we start the article. On a scroll wheel, and you also want your Sprint on the toggle. This is really important to have because a lot of the movements in this game are dependent on Sprint.

I'll go into detail on that in just a minute, but make sure that you have those three keybinds. That's all you need; the rest is personal preference. So first. I'm just going to talk about sprinting a little bit, then we're going to get into slide jumps and be hopsmantling, zip lines, etc., but I just want to explain the significance of sprinting in this game, which basically means getting fast and consistent.

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Slides in this game are based on something that I'm going to call Sprint queuing. That's probably not the correct turn for it, but that's just easy to understand for me and probably for a lot of you guys as well, so to explain it a little bit, basically, to perform a slide jump. I have to sprint first.

You know, that's kind of obvious; that's how it is in pretty much every game. I'll show you real quick what I mean by having Sprint queued, so I'm going to hit this jump pad and I'm going to try and slide out of it. This is without a sprint. See how I press Crouch and nothing happens, but now I take the same jump pad, I press Sprint once in midair, and I press Crouch, and now I can slide after it.

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It's the same thing with zip lines too, so watch as I come out. I don't sprint, but when I press Crouch, nothing happens, but this time I jump off and press Sprint. And I can slide afterwards, it's really important to make sure that you always have your Sprint enabled before you do one of these movement actions otherwise it's going to lead to what's known as a dead slide and you're just going to be sitting there expecting to slide and nothing's going to happen that's potentially a big reason why I think the movement feels kind of clunky for some people in this game because in other games like Apex things are Velocity based so once you cross a certain speed threshold, it doesn't matter if you're sprinting you can still slide, but that's absolutely not the case in this game it's just important to remember that a lot of movement texts and chaining text and keeping your momentum, is all related, to sprinting in this game now that you guys understand the importance of sprinting we'll go over slide jumps real quick so slide jump is basic you know you sprint.


You slide and you jump but in this game to get the most potential out of it you want to slide for that extra Split Second longer than you think you need to so you can get the max distance and velocity out of your slide, slide jumps are just really good for getting around the map a little bit quicker, it's also really good for catching your opponent off guard especially when you add a be hop at the end of it and it's pretty easy to break people's cameras if you do it right next to them you can also look in different directions while you slide and it won't mess up your momentum so you can look backwards Ward while you slide you can look to the left you could look to the right it can just be helpful if you need to get a little bit more information, while being hard to hit it is important to know that there is a cool down on slides you can't just Spam it repeatedly.

So I'll show you guys what it looks like whenever I try to spam it with no cool down slide jump, slide jump, slide jump on that third one you just end up doing nothing you're just crouching which is going to make you really easy to hit it's going to feel like you got a dead slide so what I like to do is space them out a little bit so I'll do like slide jump one two slide jump one two slide jump one two it's really important to practice and take mental note of this timing so you're not just spamming it uncontrollably.

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And then you lose all of your momentum. Another thing you can do is jump into a slide like this, but you do have to have your Sprint action cued; otherwise, it's not going to slide; it's just going to look something like this. You're just crouching; nothing's happening. You're just going to be an easy target.

You can also jump into a slide going sideways, so like this, I'll do it to the right, and like this, I'll do it to the left. And then the last thing for slide jumps is that you can also 180 out of a slide jump, so basically you just slide and 180, and at the end of your slide you just do a normal jump, and it's going to give you some pretty good momentum in the other direction of your slide.


The next thing I'm going to be covering is bunny hops. Bunny hops are really good for Ching, another player. A lot of the time, speed boosts and heights are going to catch them off guard and throw off their aim, but you also have to understand the limitations. On flat ground, you can really only get two jumps out before your velocity starts slowing down with a speed boost.

As you can see right there, I had two good jumps, but then after that, they're just little baby jumps. Because you're not getting very high and you're moving very slowly, you're actually going to be an easier target to hit than if you were just strafing left and right, but those first two bunny hops are really good.

You can get more hops if you come out of something that gives you a speed boost, like a jump pad, so I'll just hit the jump pad and show. You, and there I got about four before I really started to slow down, and then you can actually chain hops and slide jumps together, and I'll show you guys that real quick, so I'll just be hop.

Slide and you can see now that I can make it pretty far before my momentum starts to slow down. It is going to start to slow down after that third slide. Next, we're going to cover zip-zip lines. Zip lines actually play a huge role in this game, and there's a lot of different movement tech that you can do on them.


So the first thing is that you can actually get a pretty good speed boost when you come off zip lines by jumping off early. So this is what it looks like if I just go up the zip line regularly.

The BEST movement guide for THE FINALS to improve your movement. open for more info.
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