Ultimate Movement Guide For The Finals



Well, you're going to need some good movement, which is why I put together all of the best movements. Tech I could find and put them all in this one article. All of these should work with both the mouse, keyboard, and controller. Subscribe if you're enjoying the final, so.

Important settings

When starting out in the settings for mouse and keyboard users, you want to make sure you rebind shift to toggle the sprint instead of holding the sprint.

Then, for your controller players under controller behavior, make sure you have your sprint. Behavior is set to toggle a lot of the movement. The tech I'll be going over requires you to Sprint and in the finals toggle and hold the Sprint work a little a little bit differently so when you have toggo.

Sprint it allows you to activate it while you're in the air or on a zip line then as soon as you hit the ground or jump off the zip you'll be sprinting, now if you want to slide you have to be sprinting, first it doesn't matter what angle the surface you land on is or how fast you are moving if you are not sprinting.

You can't slide.

Running vs. slide jumping

This makes Toggler Sprint much better, so now for the movement. Tech I'll go over and explain all of the general techniques, and then I'll break away into some build-specific movement towards the end of the article. So slide jumping doesn't actually help you get around the map faster, and sprinting normally is usually better, but I would throw in a slide jump or two every once in a while to help throw off the enemy's aim.

Edge boosting

Edge boosting

Then there's edge-boosting. Whenever you get to the edge of whatever you're on, slide, and it will give you a speed boost.

It's the same speed as a normal slide, but you don't lose momentum because you are in the air. Instead of dragging your body against the ground, you can either do a standard. Edge boost for extra speed, and then sprint once you hit the ground, or you can keep holding on to slide and get an extra slide boost.

If you do decide to do the second slide, it will probably make you harder to hit, but it is a little bit slower than going directly into.

Bunny hopping

your sprint, then there is bunny hopping, which helps you keep some of your momentum. After building up some speed, all you have to do is jump every time you hit the ground.

After building up some speed, it will help you hold on to it for as long as possible. After a few bunny hops, your speed will start to slow down, so when you feel yourself getting to around the same speed as a normal sprint, you can stop bunny hopping. It's also worth mentioning that I find it works best on angled surfaces, where you can keep a ton of momentum with bunny hopping.

Air strafing

and then we have air strafing. So air strafing allows you to change directions while in the air. It's super easy to do; just hold down the directional input for whatever direction you want to go, and then slowly move your camera in the same direction. You can choose whether or not you want to hold your forward input; if you do, it will take you further, but the air strafe won't be as exaggerated. And do always keep in mind that when you are air strafing, you are cutting out how far you will go, so if you're padding over the edge of the map, be careful so you don't fall off and turn yourself into a trophy.



Then we have arguably the most advanced movement tech in the game Super Gliding, so full credit goes to Nava on X for the superg gliding clip you just saw, and their content helped me learn this superg gliding tech so I can teach it to you all now.

So the first and easiest method requires a goo grenade, which, thankfully, every build has. Then you want to throw another nade at the ground, like, get on top of the goo and then throw another nade at the end slightly. Off to the right, you should be able to destroy this part of the goo while the 2x2 piece on the right stays sticking off to the side.

Then, for the superglide, the first thing you want to do is jump and mantle. The second step is to press W and D while moving your camera so that you're looking straight into the goo beside you. The third step is to turn your camera back in the direction you want the superglide while letting go of W and D and holding on to A to make it more consistent.

You want to make sure your hand doesn't come out and make you start climbing; as you can see here, it just doesn't work. Instead, you want to make sure your contestant keeps his gun out while mantling to hit the superglide, and to do this, you want to make sure you're at the top of your jump height before you start the mantle.

The other method is to do it on Windows. It is the same idea, but I find it a bit harder, and it requires your building to be destroyed in a specific way around you, making it very rare to pull off in a game. Gliding is not easy to do whatsoever. So don't be too hard on yourself if you're struggling to master it.

Mantle higher

Mantle higher

If you want to mantle something up high, all you have to do is look up before jumping. Using that trick can help you with.

Window hopping

The next movement is window hopping, which allows you to climb up buildings by scaling the windows.

To window hop, all you have to do is look up and walk backwards out the window, then you want to jump and hold your forward input to get to the next window. This movement technique is really useful as it allows you to get up a building without needing to use the stairs, making you unpredictable.

Stairs speed climb

And it is much faster than taking the stairs , but if you are going to take the stairs, I have a movement technique for you to use them faster.

What you want to do is get around the middle of the stairs, then jump mantle, do a 180, and then repeat. If you are medium or heavy, you can still do it; you just need to move over a little bit to the side before jumping. If you take a look at the side-by-side comparison, this stair climber is much faster than running.

Zipline boost

Up the stairs, another simple movement trick: you get a quick speed boost if you jump off a zipline early, and you will also go further. So normally, when you take a zipline, you get placed at the end without any additional speed or distance, but if you jump off the zipline before it's finished, you will go further and faster.

Now, when you do this, make sure you wait a second between the time you interact with the zip line and the time that you jump off, if you jump off immediately.

Zipline strafe

Zipline strafe

After attaching, you won't get any of the speed or the distance, and once you get that down, you can learn the zipline strafe. This is a perfect movement. To help keep yourself alive on a zip line, all you need to do is attach yourself to a zip line. Wait a second, then jump off, do a 180, and reattach.

Wait another second to build up the speed boost again, and then repeat. You can also do a similar sort of thing on horizontal zip lines to make it a little bit harder for enemies.

In this video I compiled all of the best movement tech in The Finals and explained how to perform each one. I also have light, medium, and heavy build specific movement tips and tricks towards the end of the video.
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