The Finals - Community Event Over. In-game Name Changes. Patch 2.5.0


The final version just got a brand new patch, 2.5.0. We'll go over all the details with that, as well as some of the recent community complaints and concerns. We also have some developer updates around anti-cheat as well as server and Q times. We got the brand new store bundles and items that came with this update and even a further update with the community event as well as some other development-related comments.

We have a ton to talk about. It's Utopia back in with another article. Today we're checking out all things final. Okay, so first up, as always, let's jump into those opening statements again. We have one for the Discord as well as one with the attached notes. The first opening statement here over on Discord is by Oscar with 2.5.0.

He goes on here to say that today we're bringing an update with some balance changes as well as some comments on future changes to both the stun gun and the cloaking device. Now, first up, let's go over that community event update, as they do discuss that here, but on an almost more important note, you completed the community event.

It was kind of close there, with the second-to-last date being around 80%. However, we all accumulated over 15% with that second day, which led us on to 95%, so we only needed 5% more with that last day there or those last 12 hours.


Obviously, in my previous article, I did a bit of guesstimation there, but it seemed like we were going to complete the challenge, and yeah, we did, but it helped with that last day getting that 15%. Then leading on to 95%, which led us to that 100% completion where he did go on here to say that you can expect the boom box to appear in your inventories.

Before the end of the week, keep an eye on the server announcements for that and the last t-shirt winner when they do announce the boom box being out and in player inventories. I will let you guys know obviously we're already in the middle of the week so we are going to expect that sometime soon jumping over to the patch notes we do have an opening statement with some different things here of course we have that 2.5.0.


Video that they always drop with recent updates as well as the new store bundles, they did actually go on here to give a special shout out to goo and sludge for pushing the platform and astounding, 185, km, this was the number one on the leaderboards, there pretty cool to see a shout out for a player that did above and beyond for that also you may have noticed that the switch to using in.

ID as your main display name in Game so they finally have switched things over with the 2.5.0. Update again this seemingly only applies to the Steam player, obviously on the consoles. I'm pretty sure it's going to use your gamertag still, but for PC and Steam, you will notice that now it is your Imark ID.

All you have to do is navigate to this tab here, where it shows display name, and hit edit, and then that will allow you to change your name. You can actually do this every 10 minutes, which is fairly quick and, in fact, one of the quickest I've ever seen. I think most other games and most other platforms, like Epic Games and a few others, only allow you to do it once a month, once every 6 months, or once every 2 weeks.


The fact that you can even do it every day, let alone every 10 minutes, is really nice. You definitely should do that now, as I don't know if that cooldown will eventually get raised. However, right now, it takes only 10 minutes to change your name, so you can do that fairly frequently. There are numbers after the name, seemingly to denote how to add people, as people can have the same username.

I assume these numbers are random, as if you do put in a random name, it will just give you random letters and not 001. Basically, a k to Discord allows you to pick that 00001. Number; however, with this, it seems like those numbers are completely random again, so if you're seeing a different name when you log in through these steam clients, that is why, because they finally switched over to the MD, that I covered in an earlier article on the xual changes for balance changes, we did have the data reshaper have its range increased.


Another article that I covered that grenade diffusing that's going to make that a lot better as well. That's also to account for the increased range. and it might have made that a little Op with the grenades now the stun gun has a big Dev note here where they said they are aware of players frustrations around the stun gun and being stunned by the stun gun they're planning some changes here to get a better place however these changes will require more testing before they deploy them so that will be in the update 2 six again more than likely next week on this Wednesday same thing we had quite a massive and I mean massive Nerf to cloaking device I've tested this a little bit this morning, as it's a light main.

I definitely felt the Nerf on the cloaking device; it does feel a bit harsh. I hope they kind of fine-tune this one just a little bit, as the amount that this requires to actually activate is just a bit significant. They increased the activation cost by 14%. To 33% which is just over 100%. The increase seems like quite a wild increase there again.


I definitely felt that one. I know people really don't like cloaking devices, so we'll have to see how it plays with the meta, and I'm willing to give it a chance. However, you definitely will feel it on the cloaking device. The Nerf is quite significant; they made a dev note here that this does not change the maximum sustained time but makes it that the drain faster when toggling on and off too frequently.

They're also looking into changes to the visibility of cloak players, but that will not be deployed until 26. Again, the cloaking device seems like it's being nerfed into the ground. Obviously. I'm not too happy about it because I do like cloaking devices, but I understand the frustration there by other players definitely not opposed to meta changes So I would like to see how this fares in the coming weeks.

Shield also saw a pretty significant Nerf as well if they had its health decreased from 1, 000 down to 750. We also saw the KS23, Get a buff, which I definitely think it needed, especially from the private play test that I got to experiment with this weapon a lot. The KS23 head's bullet dispersion was reduced from jumping, sprinting, or zooming in to make the weapon more accurate, which I definitely felt in the private test.

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