The Finals - Dev's On Contract Updates. Grenade Defusing" Arc Raiders & More


The finals just got some brand new developer updates as well as those pertaining to bugs and contracts. We also got some brand new movement tech and even some things with the data reshaper that you probably didn't know. We got some more information on the new rank status, as well as a pretty extensive stat tracker and a whole bunch more.

It's Utopia back in with another article, we're checking out all things final, okay, so jumping right into it, we do actually have some developer updates as far as the contract stuff goes and the bug stuff as well. This pertains to Y contracts as well as even melee stuff, so currently, even after the recent update, we do actually have a contract bug, which was dealing 250, 000 structural damage using contested equipment or loadouts.

I think I've had a few comments before about the hit registration as far as melee goes, as well as even with the Famas prior. It seems like with some of the recent recoil fixes as well as some of the fire rate with the Famas that was mostly fixed, we do still have some hit registration issues with melee weapons, but we did have Embark.


They said that yes, the team is looking into it. They want you to keep sending articles and other descriptions of how the game feels when you play, all in this section here under bug reports for the melee, and they said that all that good information will help them figure out the root of the issue and the best solution.

It seems like this was a very widely talked about bug, as there's been a lot of replies in this section, so for those who do play melee, hopefully hit detection and hit registration are addressed sometime soon. I assume it'll be done fairly quickly, as the Famas stuff was addressed pretty quickly.

This looks like a very widely known bug, or at least a lot of people are discussing it. There were a lot of emotions under this message as well, so there was a ton of discussion there as well as just that itself. On a side note, here are the last of the developer updates. We had this comment here from Dusty that was quite interesting to me overall.


If you've been following Embark as well as some of the stuff that they've been doing, they're actually working on another game that's called Arc Raiders. More than likely, I'm also going to cover that game as well as when the finals used to have a partner program or a content creator program. I do believe that, as far as that is concerned, now that's been shut down, or at least been MIA for the most part.

However, there was Arc Raiders listed under that, so I do believe when that game comes around or there's a lot of beta tests, there's going to be a lot of stuff there, so I'm definitely going to be covering that game, as I really liked EMB Bark's first game here, and I had already planned on covering it previously when I saw the trailers.

Again, we'll have to wait and see about all that. I will eventually give some updates on that game. Now we do actually have some new movement. Tech with the goo again. Again, you can launch yourselves. You don't need a barricade this time, and any class can do this. This was shown off by the ruler of measurement over on YouTube, where you essentially place a goo in front of you and put a few bullets into the area where you're going to be jumping.


Because yes, you will need to jump onto the actual goo. You'll drop a grenade somewhat near where you're going to stand when you want to launch yourself, then proceed to jump on top of the goo, and once it goes off, it will launch you, and you can do a last-second jump that will push you even further.

It was a little bit difficult to get this one going, but with some further practice, I was able to figure it out. There's some really cool movement stuff with Goo, and we've had a ton of launching stuff and floating things of that nature. Just some even more movement mechanics with Goo, and there's a lot there, obviously.

Just when you thought the goo couldn't get any more powerful, it keeps seeming like this is kind of becoming meta, at least as far as launches go and that kind of movement. Tech is still really cool to see all the variability, but with the game overall, we will have to wait and see what Embark does end up nerfing or changing with some of the movement.


There's been a couple things, like teleporting and stuff, so I'm assuming that's probably going to get patched; however, with these launches. I assume they probably won't get patched because there's so much setup to them and they are a bit niche in some aspects. We also got some stuff about the data reshaper.

Which is just cool stuff that not even the trailer showed, or I didn't really see anybody even discussing, where we had a post here from King Tex over on Reddit who went on to show that you can diffuse. Live grenades have a data reshaper, so yes, if someone launches a grenade at you, you can actually use a data reshaper to completely change it; however, currently, it doesn't seem to actually change it into anything; it just kind of disintegrates the grenade or essentially diffuses it.

That is some really cool tech here. I never thought I'd see anything; I never heard anything during the private event. I never heard anybody talk about that or any of the comment stuff, so there are definitely some cool, useful tips there, which definitely make the data reshaping actually more viable.


Moving on, though, we do have that new stat tracker or a stat tracker for the finals now. Of course, you can check the leaderboards online and some of the things there; however, there is currently a final stat tracker app. It took me a while to get to it; I forgot to mention it a few times, but I did want to include this here again.

This is from one of my subscribers, Do6. Who ended up leaking me this page, which showed me that there is a stat tracker app? Currently, this app is only able to be used on Windows. It looks like there is no iOS or Google Play version as of yet. It looks like there's a broad range of things that you cannot keep track of.


There are different player cards that you can change and that you can share with other people as well, but again, just to preface, this is an unofficial app that is not officially linked with Embark. However, as far as I can tell, they say here that the app only uses game data that is visible to the player on the game screen, so the same calculations can be done by simply using pen and paper, so it doesn't seem like they're doing anything crazy; there's no usage of hidden data or manipulation.

There, and it should be fine with the antiche, but I do want to prefer that. Just beware that this is an unofficial app. Still pretty cool there. I think this is a pretty decent way to at least track your stuff. You can also track your match-to-match stuff, which is really cool there. Again, a ton of stuff there.

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