The Finals - New Game Mode Leaked. Community Event #2. Patch Update 2.4.0


The finals just got a major brand new update, 2.4.0. And with that, we have a brand new community event as well as what looks like a potential new game mode. We also got the new store refresh and some new bundles, as well as some major changes to Circuit Mode that you're going to like, and even the way they're changing ranked for PC and console.


We have a ton to talk about. It's Utopia back in with another article. Today we're checking out all things final. Okay, so as always, let's just jump right into the patch notes. We'll get into those opening statements. Now as always they have a Discord opening statement that is slightly different from the opening statement on the patch notes so here we do have Embark Oscar giving us that Discord opening statement, who went on here to say this week we're kicking off our second Community event we're challenging all of you to push the platform in Powers shift 10 times around the world in addition to the event we're bringing you an update full of quality of life improvements, and a new contract highlight feature, solo banket is now in private matches and they're including a lot of bug fixes, and actually with the patch notes there isn't much of an opening statement here more so just jumping right into the community event where they went on here to say it's time to work together as a community for a special prize, and again they reiterate that they want you to push the platform around the world 10 times where they do show off this historical high-f five boom box that you can wear in the arena I'm guessing this item will be like a pet and go on your shoulder.

At least that would be what I would seemingly guess for all the skins. Of course, it could go on your back or your hip like a backpack. Obviously, there are some different options that might be potentially possible. There are super-highly detailed items; this is going to be really cool to grab. They do go over a little more detail on the Discord about this event.

Well, they go on here to say the high-f five boom box is the same as the hot pink color scheme as the wielding helmet event from last time, so obviously this hot pink theme will definitely match with other items. It seems like with these community events, all you have to do in order to participate is make sure your team is pushing the platform.


Again, I assume that as long as you play one game of Power Shift, you will be able to participate in this. And of course, they did say here that your individual performance is based on how far it travels while your team is in control of it, meaning that if it travels 1, 000 M while your team is in control, you get 1, 000 M added to your personal score, so that is a team collaborative effort there that will apply to your actual ranking and actual score.

Jump over to the patch notes. There is a statement that they do have above here where they go on to say that players can now track five contracts inside the game. You'll find this option in the settings menu, and you can determine how much or how little information is displayed. They also said that you'll see improvements on the back fill settings on the Powers shift.


They removed that glitching UI when it was eliminated, so I won't be getting that now. That was a bit frustrating. Really cool mechanic at the beginning, or at least a cool gimmick at the beginning, but it did get a little tiresome. It also includes a smarter battle pass that will jump to the current page that you're on now for gameplay.

It seemed like some people were able to interact with the goo, but now the dematerializer won't be able to actually interact with the goo; they also fixed an issue with MES Shield while emoting and a deployment preview of placeable gadgets while you were being revived.

Another major change here was that they fixed an issue where Guardian turrets could target a player that was being defibrillated, who is immune to damage. It seems like more of a buff to the turret as it won't be targeting a player who can't take damage, at least a slight one. This is a massive one that people have been looking for.


They added functionality, allowing projectiles and weapons such as grenades, RPGs, the CL40, etc. to pass through friendly teammates. There was a dev note here saying this change is to address the issue where players would damage themselves if a teammate passed close by them or right in front of them as they fired.

Weapon It's a pretty massive change. I haven't seen a lot of games actually allow for that, so that's actually kind of cool to see in action. Another big one here is that they fixed an issue where players using a riot shield would not trigger mines, which is just an absolute, massive Nerf to riot shield, although it was kind of an exploit bug there, and then the anti-grab.

Cube, was sending up barricades that could travel too quickly for the modes. We've already gone over both things, like the power shift getting a better backfill and the solo banket adding private matches. Practice Range also had an issue where mines would not be triggered by bots. It's some general map fixes, but nothing too crazy there.


The UI saw some quality of life updates; we've already gone over a few of those, like the tracking ability for five contracts and some UI polish for the scoreboard. We had a general fix here for frame rate, but this only applies to laptops for new installs, where they change the default frame rate limit to 60 FPS.

The note here is that this will prevent thermal issues causing heavy stuttering on some laptops. They also updated FSR 2 to 2.2.1. The big one here is that the contract changes were applied now, so one of my last articles and basically all over Reddit people have been discussing this win-one tournament contract that was essentially causing a lot of problems with people that weren't able to get it completed, especially now that they removed the unranked tournament playlist.

They actually went ahead and changed that, so there was a remedy there that I kind of went over, which seems like a super easy one. They changed it to 750, fire damage to opponents that's in circuit one, stage three. They also did a pretty big 50% Nerf here to deal 5, 000 damage. Grenades is now down to 2500.