The Finals - New Leaked Cosmetic. Discord Updates. Patch 2.3 & More


The finals just got a brand new 2.3.0 update. We also got some Discord changes and some Discord updates with the server, as well as a leak by Imark. Rob, we have the new circuit drop as well as the new store update, some additional updates with that Discord Quest, and a whole bunch more. It's Utopia back in with another article today, we're checking out all things final.

Okay, so first, let's just jump right into the patch notes. We'll get into all the details with that first up, though we do have some opening statements to go over on the Discord that give a little more insight, so this is from Embark. Oscar, on the Discord, wanted to say here that this is a smaller update, but we've added a visual indicator at the end of a ranked tournament to show how you've progressed in ranked up or down.


They do want some additional feedback on this new feature, but I can't see why an additional visual indicator would be a bad thing. And if anything, this does seem to be feedback from people wanting to know more about their rank status. Now they did note something here, though there is currently a bug that will cause you to see an incorrect league ranking screen the first time you boot the game after this update they said that don't worry your league has not changed we didn't want this bug to block you from the feature for another week it's pretty cool that they pushed it out even with the minor visual bug at the beginning, so if you did see your ranked go up or down this actually is just a visual bug at least the first time booting the game so not to worry there they also want on here to say that the CIS Horizon has now been permanently added to Powers shift and you now have more than one week to complete the bunny bash, which will allow you to earn those brand new cosmetics that we saw with 2.2.

And jumping over directly to the patch notes now, as they said, these patch notes are fairly brief. However, they did have another opening statement here about the Discord Quest as well as some other things there. They said we're excited to announce our very first Discord quest. You can earn the skill issue set by streaming your gameplay to at least one friend on Discord for 15 minutes.


It's available on the PC version of Discord and will work in a private DM. You can even invite your friend to play with you from there, of course. I know there's been some controversy over this cosmetic, as you do need a PC to stream it and to actually have it verified. I've also noted from comments and some comments on Discord that GeForce Now does not actually work with this if you are using GeForce Now to play the finals.

Currently, it is not being tracked through, which means it is a bit unfortunate for some people there. I know a lot of people wanted to earn this cosmetic. There's some stuff on eBay about people selling cosmetics. It is unfortunate when a feature or a skin is actually linked to or kind of exclusive to a platform.

However, I really do think this one is on Discord and not necessarily Embark itself. Now I get that they tied a cosmetic to it, but they really want to do some more promo work, and I do think this is the best way to go about it. Discord just launched this brand new feature, and this is kind of being pushed to everybody right now.


Getting the word out about the finals, I think, is a primary cause of concern, especially for the player count. So even if there is a single cosmetic and just one that people cannot get because they aren't on that platform. I do think that kind of cancels out with them being able to promote the game even more, so sure, it does suck for those platforms that can't get this right now, but again.

I really do think this is on Discord not being able to track those platforms because there is Discord available on Xbox and Playstation. However, with their current system, they can't track that, so there are some issues there, but overall. I still think this is a really good way for embark to promote the game, as there haven't been any Discord quests as of yet and the feature is brand new.


I'm almost positive there's going to be plenty of other games that use this promotion, so there really shouldn't be any controversy. As far as being a Discord ad, however, I do get how unfortunate it is to just lock that one cosmetic to one platform now; of course, we did have that 2.3.0. Update with the store, so there are some brand new cosmetics and bundles for you to grab there, which did include that new spirited Vixen that we saw from the original promo trailer for this season as well as those new bundles for the glaci and camo skins, which are separated by light, medium, and heavy currently, so a decent store update there for those brand new cosmetics.

Now the patch is pretty brief overall, but we will go over those. Balance changes, so first up, the Famas got its increased recoil curve delay from 68 to 8. And with the increased recoil recovery time from 8 to 1, there was a dev note here that went on to say that these changes cause automatic recoil recovery to kick in slightly later than before a player finishes firing.


It helps prevent an issue where players who press the fire button slightly slower than other players feel they see a very different recoil pattern for the gun, so overall we're seeing the weapon perform more well-rounded. Across the board, it seems like they're finally getting the Famas in tune, and I'm actually starting to really like the 93r.

So I'm really happy with the buffs they've done with the pistol. I remember so much from the private event that The Recoil was basically non-existent. Powers shift did get the CIS Horizon added to the M Pool officially, it's not just in the bunny bash you'll be able to play that in the actual Powers shift mode they said that they've enabled a new HUD assuming that pertains to the powers shift mode here's an interesting one the platform will now deal damage to players that are squished underneath it however this isn't just to like add an extra element this is to fix the issue where you could be pushed through the ground when trapped, which I could see some issues there with that and players getting completely stuck and then not being able to get out so it's good that they've done some fixes there with that overall, there was some minor UI fixes like the revive Tab and respawn coins were swapped on the scoreboard.


They also fixed a minor issue here where the career circuit page would appear smaller after viewing rewards on the ciles, and they also fixed an issue where the banket rabbit bundle couldn't be purchased via the outfit screen, so it's almost like you had to actually purchase the outfit through those DLC means that we went through before, and then for rank, they added that new end screen match indicator.

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